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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Listening To: Placebo - Black Eyed
Sorry about yesterday's post >.> it was kinda just a huge rant haha. Well i watched Last Samurai last night. Alot better then i expected it to be honestly. The one i dubbed Smiley got killed ~_~ Which i wasn't happy about. Why they freaking kill Smiley for! And that old man! Hehe, you ever realise that old man is in the like BG for nearly ever scene?! Amy was making a joke of it saying he wanted more money so he kept sneaking onto the screen. Anyway, tis a good movie, i recommend it to those who haven't already watched it.

Well what else was i guna say? Ohh yeah, what i did on Saturday, since you people never heard about it (you probably don't wanna either, but this is my site >.>). We were meant to be going to a party thing, thrown by a big company. But, like men do, we got lost haha. Ended up just driving for hours and hours, which honestly doesn't bother me, i like just driving.

But the sucky thing, i had Paul amd Mic with me, which meant only one thing, arguments. You can grantuee that they will argue at least once, and usually over stupid things. Mic was complaining to me saying Paul has been an asshole to her lately. But i'm not sure weither to believe her or not, sometimes she seems the one being really mean. But, i ain't guna get into their lovers tiff, so i just nod my head.

Ohh ohh and this moron could have killed us o.O We were driving down the motorway at about 60mph, and this guy pulls over in front of us, obviously doing out speed, maybe more. And guess what he does? Puts his fucking car into REVERSE!! All you heard was this huge CRUNCH!! And then he nearly crashed into Richard >.< Guy was seriously dangerous.

Anyway, thats it from me, and heres another piccy ^^ Ohh and some of you ask where i get em *taps nose* hehe you ain't finding out, they're my lil secret, took alot of searching to find these beauties.

Happy Birthday To The Fizz!!!

[Edit] I just added a new WallPaper (may take a while to show though) and i realised theres no catagory for Yami No Matsuei, or even its Amercian name, Desendants(sp?) of Darkness. Ermm, why is that o.O I thought the anime was quite popular >.> Maybe i could ask someone to add it? Or am i just being blind and can't see it?

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