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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Listening To: Linkin Park - Easier To Run
Well, late last night about 8-ish Richard text me asking me to go out for a drive and go to a car thing. Well after making sure it was ok with my bro i went out. Then i found out we were also going with Rich's friend, Michael, and he was bringing his girlfriend. You would never guess who his girlfriend was? None other then Sarah, one of my best friends ^.^

I ain't seen her in a while, so we were chatting for hours, about what was happening in our lives now, if we've seen other people from our old school etc. It was soo great to speak to her before. Sarah has always been more understanding then Michelle, Sarah knew about my depression, and we are just generally on the same link constantly. And she doen't badger me to get a job XD shes very supportive of my choices, and its so relaxing to be with her.

I'm going out today as well with her, but i do wanna drag Michelle with us, for the main reason that me and Michelle need to get out more together. Shes always just sitting at home with Paul, sounds boring if you ask me. Ohh and if your wondering, yes, i do go to alot of these car show thingys. Because Paul, Richard, Phil are all into it and stuff, and i just like going out with them to have a laugh.

Hehe, talking about Phil you should have seen him yesterday. We were in the backgarden smoking and he just randomly sat on my lap, but i let that go (usually i punch anyone who comes too close to me) then he tried to grope me XD So i pushed him off and he was laying on the floor for about 15minutes. He looked like a turtle when they get pushed on their shell, haha. It was funny =P

Anyway, enough of my rambling, heres a Seto/Joey pic that i know you all enjoy ^^

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