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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Listening To: Snow Patrol - Wow
Well Trish and Dad are going away today, until Monday, and Paige is being dropped off at her aunts. So free house for me! You should have seen how much stuff my dad bought o.O He must think i'm guna starve to death or something. And the amount of drink he bought >.> 12L worth of coke, 3L of apple juice and theres still the normal squash. I swear hes guna leave and not come back XD

I submitted a wallpaper ^.^ I think its quite good for my first one, but it has to go through an 'approval queue'. Since its only Chobits i don't think they're guna find anything wrong with it XD If they do, well they're just being picky haha.

Me and Mai were talking a few nights ago, and then she suddenly got very serious o.O I thought it was bad news, "Josie, can i tell you something..." I was like o.O 'Whats wrong, whats wrong' but she just said "When i can, i'm guna come over to England and Marry you, like i promised". She scared the life out of me! I thought she had bad news! So looks like i'm offically engaged XD Ahh the wonders of youth.

Anyway, i'm going to play more in PS7. Enjoy Seto/Joey. And yes, he is clipping his nails. I think small silly things like that are cute.

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