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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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Sorry i ain't been around for the past few days. My stupid sister has been hogging the computer like its her only life line. OK, my sister just decided to be a bitch and yell at me for coming on this computer for 5 minutes. I'm guna smack her in the fucking jaw.

She's only acting like a bitch cos her friend from fucking Bradford is here. Lets see how tough she acts when i give her a broken jaw. No way does she have a right to just tell me to fuck off for no damn fucking reason. She better remember which one of us is the more violent before she gets a black eye.

Sorry...i'm ranting...but Lauren is seriously getting on my nerves. She talks back, gets lippy for no reason, and is just a complete bitch. Ohh and the fact that she has been coping me for the past year or so. Which is REALLY fucking annoying might i add. Grrr, the only reason i haven't killed her yet is cos of mum.

I really wanted this to be a happy post as well, *shrugs* damn asshole sister ruining my mood, now i'm guna be in a shitty mood the whole day. *Sigh* Happy Be-lated Easter to all you people.

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