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Monday, January 15, 2007

Yeah, She's Hott~Good Monday everyone, Happy Birthday, MLK too. Anywho, I didn't go to school today because of that, so I got another day off, tomorrow is another exam day. I've got to take my Algebra exam tomorrow morning around 7 and will be back home by 10. I'm not confident I'll do well cause, I'm a complete idiot in math.. I played Curse of Darkness more yesterday, very interesting, I enjoy it. I saw a couple of movies Saturday night, The Descent, Scary Movie 4 and 2046. My friend had told me about 2046, and Maggie Cheungs, in it. I loved it! Really good. The Descent was a good horror movie, it reminded me alot of The Cave.. Scary Movie 4 was quite pointless. I also stumbled into Best Buy yesterday and got The Matrix Reloaded: The Album I am happy out of my pants, I love this album, and I am hoping to get Revolutions over at Amazon. Am I still obsessed? Pretty much.

I'll leave you with icons I've made. Oh and Teri, I'll PM your those icons ASAP, sorry for the long wait >____<

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