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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Memoirs of a Geisha~Lights go out and I canít be saved~

First, finally god damnit, Snow, you took a long time to get over here. It's finally snowing folks, happy thing. I dislike winter, it is too cold, but snow is beautiful to see. Other happy news, I GOT A NEW COMPUTER!!

Flat panel and desktop, I'm so fu*kin happy right now. Photos will come!! Also, I just mailed one package for late Christmas, I will get to everyone soon enough, I apologize that I am terribly late. Also, sister is out of the room, and I think I'll move to where she was. Photo of new room will come as well. I feel very arty right now. To open or show some graphics or photos, I'm feelin chirppy now.

Beck-I love this Yoruichi figure!! Arigatou!

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