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Friday, January 12, 2007

Even the emo boy needs love~Heyyy yall, haha. Well today is the first day of exams, I'm about to leave in half an hour. I'm so nervous yet excited, I studied my ass off last night and was so sleep I went to bed early. Mmmazing isn't it? hehe. Well anywho, that's all I've basically done really.

I realized I have done nothing of cosplay lately, and I really should. Katsucon is next month but it's coming really fast, so after exams, I'm heading straight to the sewing machine. I also got to see again Moulin Rouge, I love that movie, for some reason I just can't stop favorting Toulouse. John Leguizamo is one of my favorite actors, so major points for him. Anywho, that'll really what's been going on. Nothing much, weekend is almost here, that means BLEACH episodes and manga chapters, wooo!

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