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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cause Grimmy, makes me feel all fuzzy inside~It's fucking cold. I can't feel my fingers as they are frozen like woah.

Jeez, anyway, I haven't updated for while, think I should. School is school and a pain, but we gotta keep on going. I got nothing too interesting to say but:


I want to fangirl on certain guys, I've become attatched too, feel free to skip this part if you dont like it. I understand. Sooo:
Walter from Hellsing, GOSH..DEAR GOSH..LOOK AT HIM. OMG :humps:
I love Hellsing, I loove Hirano, it does me so much justice. Hahah, well srsly, look at him. Vest's on men is hott.
Tiki from D.Gray-Man. Cause he's just hott, c'mon. I instantly loved him since this chapter, and his ability, turns me on even more. Phasing? Yep. I thank Tiffany for handing him over to me, God bless you for this gift. DAMNIT.
Maxi from Soul Caliber II and III. *DROOLS* Wahh, favorite male, out of all the guys, cause YEAH. YEAH. Look. I'm pretty good at him actually, I can kick some butt, but I'm god with Taki, anyway, favorite male, and that quote! "Like that? That's called getting wooped", OH YEAH I LIKE THAT.
Hidan from Naruto, (Manga)
I LOVE him, you guys have NO idea, I dont care if he's an Akatsuki, they rock, but still, he's LOVEEE. Now with the recent chapters, I love him even more, yes I know, you can hate me for it, but its done for, exsistance is gone, I LOVE YOU. *Makes out with photo*

There, the fangirling is done, I HAD to get it out my system and share with you guys. Soo, how's life? Tell me? Oh and new theme should be up soon, if I can get to making it. Now some icons for you all (Right clicking is available if you wish to take):

[EDIT]: I need help guys, I'm starting a Matrix fanfic, cause its love, anyway, its between Sparks and my original character, cause Spark's needs love too. Anyway heres a bit of a summary:

As an operator with humor, he valued his life on board the Logos, She did not, living a low life. Unaware that being unplugged would soon open her eyes and he would show her to value her life.

I need help, I dont know what's going to be her name, I wanted it to be either Ivy or Rev, but any ideas you have, please say so, Matrix-ish too.

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