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Thursday, June 14, 2007

This gun's aimed to the zombie behind you!!
Just a short update, I'm fine. School's over. But it looks like our town and around the world are still not over recovering and getting the corpses out of the way, they were crawling everywhere, while walking home from work one was creeping behind me and I nothing on my useful and so I had to run home. I ran into my kid neighbor and he informed me that Umbrella Corp. was behind all of this, that they were left unattended and they got out, here. I spent all evening trying to fight them off, like in the movies, aiming for the head.

It worked but soon enough I ran out of ammunition and had to get my zanpaktou out. I didn't want to, it's dangerous and many people were already shooting on they're roofs. But it was neccessary and with that they blew off to smithereens. Then joined me my sister Grecia who had stopped by, at the wrong time. She also informed me that Hellsing corp. was trying their hardest to send millitary aid to Silver Spring, it was relief all over me.

So those who were involved, which is everyone, how did it go, did anyone tell you about the declaration G. Bush said? I heard he spoke over TV but there were no signals, they took out the towers.

This song fits it, Keep my updated, folks!

"Karmacoma" by Massive Attack

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Monday, June 11, 2007

<33Holler guys!
Its Mondayy, I thought it was Sunday. Cause I didnt have school and you know, kinda slept in. Hahah. Anyway this past weekend was dedicated to watch more Blood+, an anime I'm watching right now and 'bout to finsh today, I love it. It's so good. Hahah, and the title gives it all, it has blood in it. Yayy. *ahem*

Anyway, but my weekend has also been dedicated to read the book, Twilight. You readers, go ahead and shoot me twice, I nearly smacked myself for not picking up this book earlier, I pulled an all night last night reading it, I love it. I absolutely love vampires and werewolves, and of course books about them, its great. Soo I watched Blood+ and had enough til one at night. So I read and did not sleep until six fourty six in the morning. Hahah and the birds were singing already, I turned off the light, closed the blinds and went to bed. I didn't wake up til one in the afternoon, how awesome. Yeah, I pwned the night.

Both things are so amazing, I strongly recommend those two if you haven't read/watched it yet. :D
And now, I must watch til the end of the series and then clean my room, its a huge mess. And then the horror of studying for my history final tomorrow. Boo. Anyway, thats all, I'm gonna visit you all now.

Here have a song thats been doozing me for a while, I should give songs of the days, now that I have time and whatnot. Later guys! <33
"I Love You" by The Bees

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Friday, June 8, 2007

Yeah, sonHAY GUYZ.
Oh man..I'm SO mad right now. I just typed out my post, and then it got delete, FU FU FU FU MYO.

Anyway, today is the first day of exams, I was there for mostly the whole day til 12PM when we could leave school. I took my English and Biology exam, I think I did pretty good. Then on Monday I dont have exams so I dont have to come to school at all. Tuesday, I enter at 7AM and leave at 10AM for my History exam, which I've been told its super super supppperr hard.
Wednesday I enter at 10AM and leave at 12PM. OMG Exam week times is effing amazing.

And then..I ARE DONE! Yayyyy
Bring on the summer, baby.
Ew never mind, its 100 degrees outside right now, I am getting fried, I am dark, I am hott, I hate summer. I want winter or fall.

Anyway, lately I've been ..studying and just watching anime, Blood+ clearly. I haven't done much cosplay progress, thats bad. Otakon in less than a month n a half. Ohhh man. Gotta get going. I really want to see Knocked Up and Ocean's Thirteen we'll see if I can see it this weekend or something..
Just an update :D

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

This Jack pwnsHello all, How's your Saturday?
Mines very..full of angst. I need to watch Pirates 3 again, I am today, but dear god, never in my life have I felt this need to see a movie TWICE in theatre's. Well..that was with LoTR, but of course thats an exception cause those movies effin' rocked. I love Pirates 3, and I think I might consider it being the best of all three, I love it, yes it's confusing and I'm sad the critics on Yahoo! or MSN are giving it 3 stars or grades below a B. I'm going to have wahhhmbulance. Oh well, I liked it, you should too :DDD

But ohh man, so now that I guess mostly everyone's seen it, CAN SOMEONE JOIN IN MY THE BARBOSSA LOVE. I mean seriously, the only one who was sane and didn't switch sides 392803093283940 times. Yeah, spoilers, but you should have seen it by now. Okay. Yeah. Punch me. I'm seeing it this evening with my cousin, who hasn't seen it, I won't tell him. And this time I'll bring my glasses.

I don't think I told you all, but my glasses broke in half. My sister accidently stepped on them and so I have been SO FUCKING BLIND. You guys have no idea, in school, its horrible cause my friends wave to me in the hallway and I don't see them, then they think I'm mad at them and bunch of BS. But I've seen movies at home with them on, TAPED TOGETHER. HOW AWESOME AM I?
So I shall do this at Pirates, cause..no one will see it, it's in the dark anyway. Haha, I'm a nerd.

I don't think I'll get glasses in time when school ends, sometime during the summer, and for those how have contacts, what are the pro's and con's. Please do say. Anyway, have a good weekend. Sorry I haven't been visiting you all at all, I'd just like you thank you so much for visiting when I don't, I just can't help but feel bad, here have a pirate hat. *throws to you all*

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

:DDD Uugh..I crave to see Pirates 3 again, mwhahaha. Oh man, last day of May, it's been a bad May for all of us, I believe. So yay for June, just about two more weeks til school is over, thank god. I cannot wait.

Umm..not much. Posted new icons in our LJ journal, the link is up there :D
Mann, oh yes! More cosplay progress, I started working on Arashi's sword which I will show once my camera stops being mean and this is my first time actually trying to make props, I'm liking how its turning out :DD

Finally, to end this tiny post.
Thanks for the 7000+ hits!


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Saturday, May 26, 2007

:DDDSo I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World End and woah, must say in my opinion, it wasn't the best out of the three, but it was very much amazing and so close. I LOVED IT. Barbossa is far amazing and one of my favorite characters since the first, but I lav him more now. Please go see it! I shall wait til mostly everyone has seen it to talk about it, of course under a spoiler cut. HAHA, oops this isnt LJ XDD

Also, Pan's Labyrinth and Letters from Iwo Jima seem to be out on DVD, rent those as well! Excellent films. Anyway, as many noticed, new theme. Cause the other one was boring and I hated it XD;; I've been in an obsession pit with LotR and now that I've seen PotC3, I must make icons out of it, aye that would do. Fics for the soul too, haha oh gosh.

That's pretty much all I got to say here.
*runs off wearing a pirate hat and waving sword*

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rhode and Tyki gettin' it pretty tough..Room tour, is in archieves if anyone is interested!

Thought I'd pop up and say helloo and update. All this week has been glorious, entering school til 11AM and having time to sleep, EAT, shower and apparently [go out to downtown and buy Starbucks AND The Bravery's new CD The Sun and the Moon] BEFORE I go to schoool. I wish it always like this, I'd love school even more, but then I don't cause I miss my old friends. To refresh some memories, I switched to a new high school beginning of this year and so I only knew about 2 people. Now I know alot, but I just don't have that ..click with them.

I can't really tell them what's on my mind, or how I'm feeling, because its just weird. I should open up to them, but I got a feeling that they really won't understand or give a shit. I still talk to my other friends though, that I've known longer and they know me better than these do, but I can't help but think that they think "Oh well, she moved, we'll move on- HEY THAR NEW FRIEND!" cause thats how one night went.

Oh well, I'm prolly just dwelling too much, don't mind me. Here have a cosplay list for Otakon, since I think Molly wanted to see what I wanted to cosplay? Yes, no?
Ahwel, your getting it anyways!

Halibel: [BLEACH]
HAHA, the whole thing horrifies me, well..because I'm pretty chubby in the stomach and I don't think I will do her justice. But I got this urge to cosplay her anyway, and hey I might look into killing some fat this summer, like I did last year.. Too bad I gained it in the end of August. She also has a sword on her back, LOL I cannot make awesome props. HAHA, did I mention her top shows most of her boobs, that will not be fun, but of course, I ARE PROPER and shall fail at not making accurate because, I dont show half or boobs to the public, to hell with that.

If I don't do Halibel, then Cirucci [BLEACH]. But this I guess is much harder?? I don't know. Either one, but I don't know which one? But I really love Cirucci's hair style and her dress, but ahwel, we'll see XD

Arashi- [X/1999]
I started this cosplay, and have made her skirt. Her sailor fuku shirt is a little close to being done. I still need to get a wig and style it to her hair, annnd that sword will be a sweet prop. But I don't know how to make props, I AM MADE OF FAIL.

Leona- [Magna Carta]
I hope I can have this done by Otakon, we'll see. I really like the design, so it could be pretty done fast.

Thats the new ones, I'll be bringing back Woz from Eureka 7, and David from D.Gray-Man. Hahah.
I are done, I don't know what else to do. I shall visit when I come back from school.


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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Haha, he rocks all other grandpa'sHELLO. I bring you that room tour, haha. I had time today on my hands and cleaned up the room and woahh I got pictures. A little update on me, its the weekend, and I are happy, next week are HSA's and yeha..its not gonna be fun. I dont have to enter school til 11AM though. MOAR SLEEP.

I'm gonna see Shrek 3 today with friends, haha I love those movies.
Anyway, on to the tour!!
First my room is shaped like a U. Seriously, it's so huge, haha. Annnd I dont have a room 'theme'. Its very colorful and full of crap.

When you enter the room, you see this. My desk, with computer, laptop and other crap. Check out the Yaoi bag on the side.

Further in and you see this, in the empty space was where my bed was, but I moved to the otherside where my sister was.

Now standing in the empty space, you see this, where my bed is. My sewing machine on the left of the photo, RAWR must make cosplay soon.

Further moar, you see more of my side. My posters, with the Twinnies!! I want to get it framed though... My bed, my backpack and random stuff.

A single short of my bed, posters, stuffed animals, and whatnot.

Further in you see this, the closet. The clothes on the left aren't mine but my grandma's.

My bed, lalala~

My anime section, books, movies. All of that on the other side of the closet. See what you can find in there.

Better picture of that.

I read comics, yo. And Entertaiment Weekly, OH MAN! LOOK AT THE COVER! HIRO AND NATHAN. And my phone. I'm sure anyone can guess who is on my phone strap thingy.

My computer desktop, yeah. I got alot of crap on it. Haha.

--It was small, I dont know why. But thats what you get! Maybe I'll make remix and take more. Haha.

Thats all

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Komui, ilyHello thar.
Time to update >:D
Nothing much, school is school and pretty great, dispite the fact that I miss my friends in my other school. I've gotten used to this one, hehe. Saw some movies lately, like Spiderman III, Disturbia, Babel, Flags of Our Fathers, Last Kind of Scotland and yesterday began my watching of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so I saw the first yesterday, today the second and tomorrow the third, along with Shrek 3. HAHA, I ARE A MOVIE WHORE.

Sorry for my last post if it seemed emo or something, I had no sense of what I said, I read it today and I laughed at myself, hahah. But I love you guys. I haven't been on theO much to read all of your updates, check my PMs, guestbook and such. I apologize and I'll try to get to them tonight. I haven't been able to catch on the anime and manga that I left behind. BLEACH is an exception of course, haha. HOLYSHACKS, Otakon is almost right up the corner, I need to start on cosplay, cause I'm sure this con will be the best highlight of my summer. Truefacx. Umm..yeah I think thats it. Haha.

Oh and Shanny will prolly only get this, but a few weeks ago I was looking on the net for posters since I got the room ALL to myself >:D
And of course I wanted a poster that had the Twins from the Matrix Reloaded. I looked everwhere but they only had the teaser version, where it cuts off most of their faces. I WANT A FULL BODY POSTER OF THOSE TWINS, DAMIT. And I found it! >:D

On a UK site, haha. But it came in the mail today, and I are soo happy. ^___^;;
Haha, fangirl I are. WAH THEY LOOK HOTT. And its even the version where they dont hold a knife buuuut their guns >:D
Oh yeah~ [Its a glare on Twin Two's face, boowoo, but its not really there]

Expect a room tour soon enough, with those babies on the wall!
Oh and season finale of Heroes next Monday. HOLY SHIT, I MUST SEE. MUST MAKE BIG FEAST. Everyone is invited! >:D

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

I feel like I should post.
Even though I have nothing to say. I'm starting to realize that, that I just got nothing important to say on this blog anymore. Things are good and they can be bad, but it just gets normal afterwards.

I'm just not feelin' it here anymore, and only reason why I'm still around is my friends list, all of you are people very dear to me. That I learned to trust, to rely on. Each and everyone of you on that list, you know who you are, have just made me feel good. You're friends, that do care and are just fantastic people.

I just had to get it out, I ain't leavin'. just sayin'. *hugs all around*

Hmm..its Mothers day today, and I ain't got jack to give to my mom, I'm so broke and my father is an asshole right now, jeez. 3rd year, third time that I got nothing to give.

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