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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hidan, got mad love and hate for you~Hello all. Short update, I'm still alive and thriving. Nothing so important besides cosplay progress for Debit. Pants are almost done!! and finished reading Blood and Chocolate Easily one of my favorite books now, heh. I love fantasy, like shape shifters, yeah. Anywho, I don't have the Hawaii pictures like I said, next time. Hahah.

Been playing some more Castlevania COD, cause..Hector's just sexy and even more is his voice actor, Crispin Freeman. Ahhaaa, I'm officially nuts for him. Stopped being an icon whore, for the time being of course, I dont feel like going on the laptop for photoshop and instead new computer. Laptop's been used greatly, lets give it some rest. I'm glad everyone likes the theme :D Saw the recent BLEACH episode, good stuff. Seriously Hiyori and Hirako? My OTP. Finally sat my bum down and read to catch up on Naruto, goshh, Hidan's a hott man. Yet, he's under the fire and is wished to be killed *tears*
I'm off to read Bleach now.

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