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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Allensexyface~HAI GAIYZ. I keep saying that, sorry. Anywho, I am back from my vacation, yes..Molly told me to stay away from the comp, and I have a bit. Exam week is over, YAY. But then its back to the regular hours and it sucks, no more sleep ins. Heh. I haven't done much but study like a mofo.

Other news, my sister, Grecia is moving out of my room and into my dads other house. This is good and bad news. First, the bad, well..I won't have anyone to talk to and all that jazz. She's really cool, and not when were arguing. We wake up in the morning at the same time, and so now I will have to put my alarm and make sure I don't sleep in. I am going to miss her, she's incredibly funn. The good news, when we argue, it is serious. And the thing she loves and is best at doing is being the victim and I end up feeling like shit, so yeah..I hope things now will clam down. We both speak our minds when we do not agree, and so thats one beginning of a few arguements. She's awesome, but she's really got to stop using her sad past agaisnt me and move on. Okkaayy, that's pretty much it.

BLEACH OMG. FINALly back to the manga, I cannot wait to see all the arrancars in the espada cause they kick some serious butt in the manga. And finally my husband Grimmy, YAAYYYA. I'm about to read the recent manga chapter right now, and see Chad kick some ass. What else news, I finished Curse of Darkness last night, awesomely awesome. I loved it :DDD

That's it from me!

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