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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hiro's my Hero~Good evening/morning whatever, to you all. New theme, because of winter. I took this shot, image above, when it had started snowing, it was really cold, but then again, I was wearing my slippers and a thing jacket. Anyway, Heroes!! Oh man it so rocked, me and Brandon were so fangirling/fanboying over it, and when it aired, we zoomed to the TV. Good stuff!

As promised, photo of new computer, high speed, and all, I am happy. It doesnt have photoshop, so theres a problem. Back to school and new classes, my A classes are pretty okay, I'm kinda lonely in most of them because there is only one person I know. The rest are shit heads with a GPA of 1.60 and lower. You know what I mean. I did not mention, I saw Letters from Iwo Jima, excellent film, putting aside that I love learning about WWII. Ken did a fairly good job, in my opinion. Progressed more on my Debit cosplay, I've cut the right side of her pants, now I need to do is get around to put the eyelets to tie the strings. Then I will have completed the Hard Gay pants.

Played some Soul Caliber III, and just noticed that sexy Crispin Freeman does Siegfried's voice, I fangirled at this, it made me even happier that I met him. He's hott, I wanted to rape him at Anime USA. Haha, I'm a strong fangirl of this man. Next post, remember anyone back in May, I mentioned my father went to Hawaii for buisness? He just now gave me the memory to the photo's he took over there. Let me say, the scene's and beaches are beautiful. I will share with you all in my next post.

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