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Monday, October 2, 2006

Time for another update, I've been quite lazy these past days to update and visit everyone. I do get the chance to every now and then but I don't get to everyone. Its quite depressing, I'm such a bad person. Well how did my weekend go? Saturday, I woke up like around nine in the morning and did some of my homework, from then I went to practice. Quite stressful it is. From then my mom took me home, I showered and we left to Virginia.

We had to leave my grandmother in Manassa's so after that we stayed at my aunts house for a good thirty minutes and then off to the road agian. My mom dropped me off at downtown Silver Spring and I hung out with my friends, homecoming night. But then later our friend Mike called and said homecoming was a blast. We sorta regretting not going hah. Then from then I left home and watched the Trinity Blood and BLEACH dub, I like both, I've seen how they do both, give a little appriciation for their hard work. I also watched Eureka 7 even though I'm done, I still wanted to see the dub versions.

Sunday, woke up a little earlier than usual, I had plans to go to the store so I can make my vest and get my tie for my Rukia cosplay. I got what I needed, headed back home, stayed on the sewing machine for a good 3 hours. Once finished I headed to my aunts work place because thats where I took my photos of my Yoruichi cosplay, that awesome roof? Yes there. I took the baby again, now with the butterfly and took some great photos. I'm pleased with them. I'll upload them soon.

As well as the Rukia cosplay too. I'll have some piccies for you later on. Today there is no school, yay! I finally started on my Souma cosplay, currently drafting the crescent moons and gold decorations. Since I got some tips on how to make them at cosplay.com, I'm quite happy on how its turning out. As for my money standard, I'll have to have a word with my parents if they can give me some cash. I sound greedy..don't I? Haha. Anime USA is coming up, so I must be fast about this. I still have homework to finish up so I'll end it here.

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