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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Time to update again, woo-hoo. Hehe. Well I got my progress report yesterday, it aint so bad but I know I can do better.
Matter and Energy-C (I hate that teacher, and I think she hates us too, she doesnt seem to want to teach us)
Algebra I-B
Intro to Film-B
Spanish Honors III-C
Honors English-D

And like Hinaru said, I take four classes a day. So yep. Well..it's what I'm up to now, not too proud. Yesterday the school day was alright, nothing special, I miss my old friends. After that I headed to Borders and reach manga. Read Volume 5 of Tsubasa, Hellsing volume 2, I found out that the second OVA is based on that XD. God dammit, I love Alucard, son of a bastard. Read Paradise Kiss volume 1, Death Note volume 1 and met two fellow otakus. In the same ile as me. I got their AIM..heh it was so random and awkward but I think AIM will be better. So other than that..I've been progressing my cosplay. I finally cut out the moon designs for Souma, continued Gidget. I'm quite happy that I'm progressing. Also, feel free to check out my cosplay in my portfolio, I uploaded more photos of both Rukia and Yoruichi. If you want some more of the Yoruichi one, head to my cosplay gallery, its on the side links and check them out. Just when you get there, click on my Yoruichi icon, and look at the bottom photos, their the new ones. I did a photoshoot, and shall upload the photos soon. I'm not sure what else to add XD I'm getting kind of tired of school, waking up is such a pain for me now.

Oh yes! Last but not least, I've gotten on track in updating my Bleach story at FanFiction.net, though you're still alittle ahead from the chapters I've posted. I'll definitely let you know when I've posted. And if you'd like feel free to see if I've picked up where you stopped reading. It's on the side, my fanfiction link. Yes, I'm still in love with Eureka SeveN, Hinaru what episode are you on? You're my E7 buddy-to-be as well. *grins*

Oh yes, I'm back into reading fanfics..any kind. *bwhahah* C'mon..must feed the perverted side.. That was uncalled for, you may now return to your regular visiting.

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