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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Helloo~ I'm definitely happy the weekend is here though I'm loaded with homework, I have Monday off. Yay! So it was a good freshman hell week, even though nothing much happened, our prep-a-rally was yesterday, it was very much cold but it was coool. Tonight is homecoming, I'm not going though but I am doing to downtown and hang out with my friends. Shall be fun. Also as you can see, my new theme is up, but I'm greatly disapointed in the scroll bars, I don't want any. It was about damn time I changed it to a pretty one, I got all happy listening to the music, which is the same in my site, check it out. That I just went and did the tmeme. This theme features Eureka from Eureka SeveN, of course. Cause I'm STILL addicted, hey don't blame me, blame the awesome show.

Since I'm done with that, the new anime's that I'll be watching are Egro Proxy, Ouran High School Club and continue Witch Hunter Robin aswell as X TV. I'm sad cause YouTube took them off, what the hell man. Umm..other plans for the weekend, I'll be going to our football game at 2, so I'm looking forward to that. Goo Gladiators! haha. I wont bother speaking of my new cosplay cause I'm far from finished and loook very ghetto. Okay that's it from me. I'm looking forward to BLEACH and Trinity Blood tonight.

I just read chapter 245 of BLEACH manga, its getting good. Nice to see Aizen-sama again. I need to contact my Bleach buddy..

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