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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hmmm? *cleans dust off site*..Anyone remember me?

Well here I am..leeching someones internet cause right now I don't have internet.

It is fucking hell..fucking hell. I cannot live with out my internet.

I am happy right now cause I have it but it goes away, after all it isnt mine. Just a couple things...

Portugal..you meanies! Kicking Mexico's ass..I had a bad day. I was VERY mad that day..I kicked someone and now they hate me... Saw The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift...An excellent film.

That is another reason I must go to Japan. That is all because I am no longer available here on theO. I probably won't be back until next month or so...

Next month..expect a long post..

PS. Ever get disconnected from the net and your an addict..pay the bill ASAP...

Expect pictures next time next post...I really do hope no one has forgotten me..I've been away so long..I am going to kill my dad when he gets home..Fuck yes

I hope Shanny doesn't hate me for this..haha but I had to. Too many music videos of it..I love that movie so much. But I got a Moulin Rouge poster..and I am grinning hard.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

My my..I have been offline and I am missing alot of the beef no? Well I already know..a little bit but whatever. Shadow, you know we got your back and love you to hell. And you suck hard, bitch. Yeah..I know it too, you know who you are. And for other matters...I am in the corner of the real world, without internet. I've got so much to show you all but my internet is being a big dickshit and I doubt I will have internet longer before it goes off.

For Evil, sorry for leaving you hanging last night and same with Enin, my internet sucks loads. Big wave to all my dear friends, I mean everyone..yes you and you and you. All of you lovelys. Okay..I got nothing else to say..Uhh I'll post a long post whenver I find enough time. I got a camera!! So expect better visual pictures heehehe. For those who don't know it, yes I am cosplaying, it kills my boredom. I'm trying to be Yoruichi =3 Uhhh..Adrielle left back home, we'll be seeing her less now..Poor Monica had to get out of the public and cry herself out in the bathroom..but it wasn't easy with people looking at you, extremely. I started reading Nana, boy does it rock. Umm..I am getting so much fried..It is so hot and in my room, being it the last floor on the top..hotness.. I am going to fry..

Keanu baby is on the screen again..I need to see the movie, We need to see it Dany..just..erase Sandra and put ourselves as her =3 Curses for my mother..I found this cute "I (L) Yaoi" bag..it was so cute and I need it..badly. That was Weds..yesterday night my mom went to go find it, gone. The bloody thing was gone and I begged my mom to buy it for me that same Weds..but she didnt listen to me..its her fault. I mean c'mon..it says I (L) Yaoi..I really do..gosh. I've been having so much bad luck that I've been getting hurt every where. Bruises, cuts..It seems someone wants me dead... Just recently, three hours ago I poked myself with a needle on the floor.. Mexico didnt score today but also didnt lose..I'm happy and yet disapointed..Angola had some kick ass goalie.

Also..who's a newbie here? Want me to be your guide/mentor? To guide you around this lovely community?? I think all of you all are veterans..I'm not sure..Well if you're interested, send me a PM with the follow information

-Name you would like to go by as
-Why you'd want me to be your mentor/guide
-When do you update oftenly (I don't expect you to be updating DAILY)

I'll be giving my brain to you..in HTML.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Whats up with you all with the Ďwe need to talkí comments, Iím doing fine. Seriously, probably being offline is good for me, helps my eyes rest and I can do other things. I appreciate you all like..worrying but its really not needed. Umm today is ..the last day of school..I know Iíll be sad because Iím going to a new high school next year. I wonít know anyone and I get scared when that happens. Iím kinda afraid but at the same time, Iím happy..somewhat. Iím just a big blob right now cause I wont see any of my friends and I suck at making new friends. So weíll see what happens. Now plans for the summer, Iíll try and go to Canada and visit Enin and Tiffany, but seems the boardcasting of gossip in the family, has already aired. Everyone in the family knows me meeting internet people. And you know what you get? Sayings like ďBe carefulĒ, ďThey might not be who you think they areĒ, ďDonít get yourself rapedĒ, ďIts dangerous, donít goĒ and I pisses me off so bad.

What do they know? Nothing so besta keep your mouth shut. But what ever..I donít know if Iíll even go but weíll see. Obviously Iíll be attending Otakon this year and to be honest. I cannot wait one bit, Iíve already met people who are going there at Cosplay house..jesus man I cannot wait to see them. I need my camera back and Iíll definitely take pictures. Thatís some other place Iíve been flowing about besides MyOtaku. Okay what else Öuhh my mom will go to Nicaragua to help my aunts kids..who are now under care of their father. I really donít want to go cause itís gonna be sucky.
You heard? Japan lost against Australia..That was depressing XD I was even watching it in school. But aslong as Mexico keepís wininng..Iím good. Well that is all from me now, Until next time, I really need to call my dad. I have made so many icons that I need to share to you all. Plus..I have a fangirl, I love her to bits XD Well I need to go now, Iím supposed to be going a project but instead writing my post XD

Oh man...I forgot to add, I saw Brokeback Mountain..and dear god..one of my best movies I have seen yet. No its not only because of the sexness but it was a sad, good film..I'd recomend it for those oldies. Yes.there is some skin and..boobies soo unless you are known of em, go see it. Also..who's a newbie here? Want me to be your guide/mentor? To guide you around this lovely community?? I think all of you all are veterans..I'm not sure..Well if you're interested, send me a PM with the follow information

Name you would like to go by as
Why you'd want me to be your mentor/guide
Do you like pie?

XD There you have it folks..hopefully I'll get someone..I feel so lonely

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Yoooo..I haven't been here in a while and I have an excuse..since dad isnt around..who pays the internet bills? I got it cut off donno when we are gonna pay so I'm better off being offline anyways, cause I feel little with everyone and their big and pretty themes, mine is butt ugly. cause I don't feel like posting alot now..cause I got a game to watch..World Cup bitches!! Today..11:30AM EST..Mexico agaisnt..Iran..I need to watch, GOO MEXICO!! Yeah..I know wacko..heres a little updates

Adrielle is moving so Friday we had a sleepover with Monica, we saw The DaVinci Code..that movie rocked

I am now..above C in English =P
Shannon and Karen are no longer close..so we tros are over
Two more days until school
I got the year book..and people signed...
I am almost done with my cosplay
For the first time I tried Pocky..good
I am spending too much time at Cosplay house..I am losing it..much more than here..that is bad...very

And more importantly..
Alex and Vicky are no more..

Now if you excuse me..I got a game to see

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Monday, June 5, 2006

Well Iím back in school and so far, itís been hellish. I wasnít greeted too well; I got a call from my counselor to the office. And Iím on the edge of failing English. I havenít turned in 6 assignments. Hereís what I need to turn in, a retake of a little exam which I completely failed. A 7 paragraph essay about a 5 line poem, a reflective letter to my next year teachers, a big packet which was due last week. And among others, not only that but I have a C now, which is going to keep me away from the honor roll. I got one week to do this, and the week is this week. Exam week. You have no idea how crazed I am right now I have to study for exams, yet do assignments that I didnít turn in. I donít think I will tell my mom, and I pray they wonít call her either. Itís soo much and I donít where to start but I have to do it, or else I lost the credit and I fail the grade completely. But I know I can do the biggest challenge so far, I know I can do this, but it seems impossible. With only 5 days..I must do this cause I ainít trying to fail. So donít worry, Iíll begin with what I can doÖ
Fruits Basket is an example.. You are surrounded by dirty laundry and among you is a huge ass pile of it, mountains..ALOT! You have to wash them all obviously but by hand. You stress out because you look at the piles and say to your self ďCan I finish this huge pile!!!Ē And you there forth go crazy.

But for now..you must begin with the laundry at your feet, the nearest. What I can bend down and reach and do. Then once you finish, clear up all of the around you, then you can wash the piles ahead of you, around you. Right now, I need to worry and do what I need to do now, I will soon enough have to be faster and do the other things, until I am finished. Not sure if you got me but Fruits Basket rocks man. Go read it, Shigure, youíre my hero.

Well to happy thoughts, I will be doing tomorrow, 6/6/06 to see the Omen yall..just for the laugh of it. I have still yet to see The DaVinci Code, the book totally rocks my world right now. Until then

P.SÖI need to stop hanging around in Cosplay.comÖtoo much people in there but its soooo fun. For those who need some love, you know you got it from me. For those who have turned very sweet, I'm worried for you. I know this is somewhat impossible, anyone wana join me to Otakon? I know I'm gonna get no's..worth a try?

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Saturday, June 3, 2006

Well today is the day, I drive back home..and I'm not that happy or sad..no emotions right now. I haven't felt like this in a long time. No, don't go over and say "Sorry to hear that" crap, I'm not sad or happy..emotionless. I wonder if being emotionless ever existed, well anyway Friday is over and I basically didn't do anything exciting. I just was on the computer, nothing too big. I had an..interesting talk with Alex last night, we talk about anything and that is something new I got to expirience. Nothing too sad or too happy, just rambling about anything, I followed him. He's a sweetheart and I adore him, just don't take my word for now, emotionless. I don't know how I'm feeling right now but I can tell you how I felt before nightfall, yesterday. I felt like I was getting bitch slapped. Three moms, three kids, we went into Walmart. And when one kid see's the other kid with a product to purchase by their mother..that other kid wants a product to. So then two kids, walk happily next to their mom, who will buy it for them. In the corner stands one kid..with no product. She gets a product and ask's her mom and she says no. The kid walks to where she found it and left it there. A while passes..and you see three kids with atleast to fucking bags. I don't get what I want, I aint no Paris Hilton, I don't get it when I want it. I patiently wait, until I actually need it, not want it. But waiting isnt too good is it?

I waited and seem's tonight wasnt my time..I felt ..bad and sad and all that other shit. But I won't complain, those kids haven't harden yet, I am older. I don't need to be like them, but I did feel very bad. And I guess my current music for the theme, fits this post very well. Well that will be it for me.. I won't be online until probably tomorrow or late night..

Part fifthteen is up and Bleach manga 229 is out, go get and read. We see Aizen-sama in there...

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Thursday, June 1, 2006

Yoo everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, alot has somewhat happened XD Well first of all, I'm not updating at home or school..not even the libairy. My bum is up in Georgia! Yeah this time I had to go with my mom in her buisness trip. I get to skip school!! Though..the thing is, I'm leaving on Saturday..afternoon annd..This means I'll miss Eureka 7 and Ghost In The Shell..crap. Well anyway, where I'm at..its pretty big..the house. And yeah, I brought my laptop annnd extended drive..so I can watch anime, read manga XD How retarded. Well other than that, Finals start next week and I probably won't be online much as now..I know pretty sucky but like my mom said, Grades can get you to where you want to go, not a blog. So..what else is new.. Well the new theme in FINALLY up. Yes I know..its horrible. THis is a record..FIVE FUCKING WEEK's with last theme up! And yet, I didnt get bored of it..haha. Well basically since I'm up in Georgia, the sleepover with Adrielle and Monica was cancelled. Well I saw them anyway yesterday, they came over to my house, it was so much fun.

Well the ride here was somewhat rushed, I am with a chick..younger than me, I just listened to music. But we pretty much were on the road all night..I know. One thing that was bad..very bad..my ass hurt. Sitting there..it hurt so bad. It was like a balloon..the air getting out..I'm kidding yo XD
Uhh..I guess that is all.. Leaving you with a funny re-make Mortal Kombat theme XP I don't know how to bring it here so just Click Here and it will take you there.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Jesus christ man..I should reall get going and do my next theme..I'll try and get my lazy bum to change it tomorrow. For now, I've been such a busy bee, I went to the fabric store yesterday, and got more supplies for this cosplay. Which is..ahh almost done, got more though. So yeah that and I realized that there will be a gathering of Bleach..so I need my own photographer..hmmm who shall I stick around with, I'll probaby call Paola..she if she would like to come to Otakon with me. Any way I also checked out and MUCC will be going there..I love their music. Annd I hope Hinaru doesn't kill me for this, the creator of Hellsing will be around too. So take that punk! Nahh I'm kidding, I loves you man. I saw the ending of Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Gig)..some crap like that..ohh man I cried. Yess I cried..cause..Kusanagi knew who Kuze was..why did he have to die!!! Yeah, good episode and I saw Eureka 7 too..mmm Moondoggie XD That show is fucking hilarious yo. Annd the grandma is around, I'll be having a sleepover this comming up weekend, Just me, Monica, Adrielle and Shannon. We'll see The Da Vinci Code annnd after..the midnight show folks, Brokeback Mountain! Yeah..girls..in-night watching boys..and boys. Yesterday besides studying and continuing the cosplay, I read some more Naruto, Fruits Basket and re-read Bleach so I can collect more..understanding when they talked about something. I personally..love Grimm Jaw..Will you marry me man..I'll recover your arm..just marry me you sexy beast. :) Oh and those who don't know who he is, He's the dude in my icon..ohh man I love him, papito! XD

Fruits Basket is love, Naruto is woah man..I like Sai now..he's alright. Still..I really wanted to kick him in the balls..what an ass he was. Thats all from me today..tomorrow Memorial Day..pools open yall! Buuut due to some physical disturbing blobs I have..I won't be going. And that is all from my update, back to..being busy and playing Killer Instict..on Super Nintendo..yess I'm keeping it real in keeping it old

8) I haven't updated story because I haven't typed anything..plus..I want to make yall suffer with the..pulling the triger suspense..yeah right I suck at writing. Much love to all <3

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Heyoo..just quick update before I leave for school. Haha, anyone like my icon on the side..it makes me grin man. Well anyway, my cosplay is up on theOtaku, for all to see if you'd like. I'm incredibly lazy to post the link but I must. Click Here if you'd like to see my wonderous cosplay as Yoruichi. An acception to show myself to those who haven't seen me..gosh. But anyway, please leave comments or opinions, they mean alot so go over and speak! Alex's birthday was yesterday, We had a blast, after school though, We just walked downtown and we went with my friends this time. And holy crap..they wouldn't leave me alone with Alex. Always popping up..they couldn't leave me alone for 5 bloody minutes!!!! So yeah..blah blah blah it happened. Yes..kiss..okay leave me alone, end of story. Anyway, today is Friday..boohoo's ..wait..Friday is love. Just..It's an odd day, where I have all my odd periods like 1,3,5,7,9 and their all boring like crap. Also, I've been feeling kinda bummed about Shannon and Karen. But I'll speak about that some other time. So uhhh..yeah I think thats all for this little update, gotta run to school. Goody goody..but I'll see the friends, Adrielle's ass is up in Florida in Disney World..what a loser man. Leaving me alone in gym class..Expect me to be online people! Annnd I will try my very best to get my lazy ass to make a new theme. For some reason, I don't get bored of this one..weird. And to Hinaru, gosh man you suck at names..It's Hisagi Shuuhei.

I got my interim folks!!!
Spanish 3B-A
Algebra II-C

Well..I am proud of myself..woo but..thats not the final grade, its how I'm doing right now. But..I just got back my current grade for history, I got a C..I FUCKING GOT A C!! MY GRADE DROPPED! ..That..is scary, I must make it go up, curse projects!

Listening to-Days-Flow

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

After a sad blow, I'm back online. I'm still sad and for those who don't know. Saturday late night, my favorite aunt passed on. Leaving three kids, ages 7, 9 and 11. Their father drinks and hasn't done his job of a father. Sunday was probably the worst days out of since then. But we shall miss her alot, and we love her alot. I'm still sad though but I'll keep the head high and keep that out of myOtaku. I'd rather not speak about it, just share it at home. Then for Monday, Sunday I wasn't in the mood to eat anything and I guess the stupid stomach bastard went all off at me on Monday, had to leave early. And the huge cramp came back, I had the pills but..I should go to the hospital and see how this illness is on me. On a happy note, I got more to my Yoruichi cosplay! Woo, I got the tights and noooww..I still need alot, but I have the shirt, scarf, tights and almost the arms and leg things..Yeah I'm almost done and I'm looking good..haha. Well being another person. Alot sorta happened, I got back my results from the eye tester and I failed that crap, I need glasses or contacts. I can't see from far away and you know how I need glasses? Too much computer, well there you have it, I learned my lesson. So yeah..Alex's birthday tomorrow, what am I going to get my boo? Any ideas XD Okay well I gotta run now, I'm short in the internet thing. So yes..thats it..nothing else. Part fourteen is up. I know I have been a big dick in visiting you all, and thats one of the reasons, I don't post. I hate it when you lovely visit me but I don't makes me think I'm a loser..sorry everyone


Listening to- Bone Thugz N Harmony-Thuggish Ruggish

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