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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

School today in about thirty minutes, I got some time to post for you all. First, I couldn't post yesterday because MyOtaku was being a REAL dick to me, I'm not sure why. But I couldn't post the love that a 26 year old woman deserved. Though Shadow and Beck said it way better than I ever could, I hope you had an amazing day, I love you Shanny, your just too supreme and I don't deserve you.

Hmm..oh yes! I forgot to tell you all my classes~
Period 1A. P.E
Period 1B. Physics
Period 2A. Algebra 1
Period 2B. Intro To Film
Period 3A. History
Period 3B. Honors Spanish III
Period 4A. Honors English
Period 4B. Art and Painting

So there you have it, my A and B classes. Its okay..somewhat, I'm still getting used to them. I'll avoid trying to flood you with my Eureka seveN obsession, It's a good show, I love it, I need episodes 43-50, Hurry up Nanashi!! Anything else? Umm..I'm hoping on Weds since its a half day to head over to Boarders and read manga. Hopefully I can. Oh yeah, I really really need to start my cosplays..time is running out. Homecoming is this Saturday though I have no plans in attending whatsoever, I'll prefer to head Downtown and be with my friends. The Tsubasa theme will have to wait, seriously, I'm FAR in love with E7, so thats HOPEFULLY my next theme, I've been such a lazy bum these days. Especially in visiting and returning PM's

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