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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Heyo everyone, another update from me, nothing too much happened, the usual. Friday went Downtown and hung out with Alex and his friends. We were about to go to the movies and see Mission Impossible III but we didnt. Well nothing much happened really..and I have been soooo lazy to change my theme, really I don't know when to change it ^_^;; and..I guess thats about it from me, I updated the story, haven't been visitng, been feeling too happy lately. Yeah..and if I get time I'll upload some photos.. I didn't see Da Vinci Code, but soon I will. Annd also Nene told me to see Brokeback Mountain..I've been wanting to see it so she just gave me a little push. Anyway other than that I've been also playing alot of GTA: Vice City since the memory got erased..I know that place by heart. Besides doing the missions, I kill people, blast their heads off, run them over. I rule the streets haha, I love that game, I love violence. Annnd I got all my braces off and got retainers..and god they are making my teeth hurt. Ghost In The Shell and Eureka 7 tonight, Man I'm loving that show so badly..Its about to be one of my addictions. I've already started making icons. Annnd people..who would like to make wallpapers and exchange with me..we can edit it, make it look better, give recomendations, fix up errors. Doesnt have to be wallpapers, icons or pictures..anyone wana exchange with me? Mine yours better and make mine better? I'd think it would be funn XD Let me know..
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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yo everyone! Well yesterday was probably just a bad day and today is somewhat a continuation. Though yesterday after school went kinda well, my phone was cut off cause I havenít paid yet. So then me and Adrielle stayed for the soccer game, request by Catherine. Afterwards couldnít by Star Bucks cause the people though I stole some credit card. Its mine man..I showed my ID ..ĒUsing daddyís credit cardĒ the fucking bastard said outloud, go suck a toe. After that, havenít eaten anything I felt like I was bitch slapped. So it sucked buuut Adrielle and I took pictures with her camera, when shes gives them to me Iíll show you all. Yes..we did read a adult book to cheer us up. So after that it sucked ass, I tried to pay my phone but I got some numbers mixed up and I had to call up my dad three times or so and his patience ran out. To make it short, he insulted me and blah blah ďYouíre so slow you got some ďchingadosĒ numbers wrong. His words suck and I ended up crying like a little baby. Heís so mean but yeah and then Grecia comes..bitching at me like Iím ALWAYS on the fucking computers..I wanted to light her on fire. Did some crunches so I can loose the weight my mom keeps reminding me about. I ate a sub with big guilt..I cant live that way, afaid of getting fat. Then today at lunch made that worse, surrounded by people who have slow metabolism ÖI wanted to hit em all..stuffing theirselves with a burger and chips.. And I with a salad..a big blob. Though I canít let that bring me down tomorrow..tomorrowÖ


MUST GO SEE THAT MOVIEÖREAD THE BOOK..AHHHH *does a huge happy dance* If I saw that movie, it would totally make my monthÖ!!!!!!

Okay that is..basically all..sorry for not visiting and updating story, Iím at school yo annnd Iím happy that a Cookie received my package!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Heyo everyone, whats good going on for you? Well for me..the week started off pretty crappy. Remembers when I told you all about the little problem between Karen and Shannon? Will the problem..or little is now big and..deep. Itís clearly that things will never be the same, the three of us Karen and Shannon, including me are in our own separate ways. Karen and her friends, Shannon and hers and I chill with Adrielle and Monica. At lunch our table , where we all sat is completely empty. Karen and Shannon donít even say hi to each other and Karen doesnít say hi to me in class. She chills with her other friends but I donít mind about that. I hang out with Adrielle and Monica. But to a point in which..not even a wave doesnít happen, it makes me sad. Its not the same anymore..everyone in their own way. Me and Shannon donít even talk on the phone often now. Iím not sure whatís going to happen. Even right now we arenít talking like before, how would it be when we are seniors.

But probably Iím just complaining, they need their time right? But Iím just..sad right now. And to make matters worse, I signed up for a photography class at a school so I can go and study during the summer. I send a letter of request to join and I got back the letter and their reply. My request was denied. That..REALLY brought me down. I was all happy and..yeah. I was really excited and then to just not get accepted. What am I going to do now to bring up a credit I lost? Well other than that, Iíve had a well week. Hopefully today I can go to Boarders with Adrielle and forget about this mess. I'm just..really stressed out that I wasnt accepted into that class. But still, I'm going to have to sign up for another so I can recover my lost credit. And if you noticed, I still have this theme up for about two weeks now, I'll be sticking to two week themes now..one week are just too much for me now. And guess what? Finals are comming, the stress. It's killing me.

Also, sorry I haven't been visiting lately and updating the story, but as soon as I get home I'll update ^_^ and yes..the things that remind me of you people. Glad that most of you liked it..its really true XD Bleach 80 today, Been reading Fruists Basket, Saiyuki and Naruto can't forget Bleach manga. Oohh its good to be back in reading-town hahah.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

At school right now so Iím gonna make it quick. I love you guys, the comments you leave me are touching! *huggles everyone* The weekend was awesome, again I saw Stigmata and partied all night Saturday cause it was my cousins birthday. The adults danced and the teens watched scary movies. IF you didnít know, I love love scary movies. So anyway Sunday in the morning I saw the recording I made of Eureka 7 and Ghost In The Shell, I'm starting to love thesr two shoes. Holland from Eureka 7 is fucking hott XD I read Da Vinci Code all day and holy jesus..that book is some vicious stuff. Iím in love with Langdon!! I was thinking about posting the chapters up here but..100+ chaptersÖhehe its up to you guys? Anyway nothing else to report soo..I though of something I want you all to know. So other than that I'll be heading off and when I arrive at home I'll make some visits cause I have been such an ass in visiting. Much love you all, have a great monday.

-Things The Remind Me Of You Lovelys- (alphabetic order)
Vanessa-Fall Out Boy, Puma
Gabby-My Chemical Romance, Mexico
Shanny-Diamonds, Star Wars
Enin-Green Tea, Sweets
Hinaru- Blood, Vampires (hint: Trinity Blood and Hellsing?)
Sara-Chobits, Otakon
Travis- O_o;; and Pokemon..(donít ask)
Becksie-iPods, Peacemaker Kurogane
Nikki-Vampires, Fairys..your avatar!
Teri-Final Fantasy, Texas
Shadow-Kakashi, Cookies
Shinkiro-Saiyuki, Savin Me XD
Tiffany-Bleach, J-Pop
SomeGuy- Grammar, Teddy Bears
Dany-Azn male singers, HTML

There is many more..but these are what I can think of right now XD

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hellooo? Anyone remember Vicky? Haha I'm kidding, been a while since I posted so heres a little update in what I have been up to. Monday wasnt eventful at all actually..had a bad day so I just kept it myself and did what I needed to do. Tuesday..it was better Gym wasn't that exciting since Ernie wasn't there.. Weds was fun! It was an odd day and they suck but it was alright. Me, Liticia, Alexus were..holla-ting at Micheal and Lelish..like writing notes with kinky stuff in it, it was fun! Then after school is where the fun arrived. Me, Monica and Adrielle went to boarders and..have a good fracking time! It was sooo much fun hanging with them..I was surrounded by two Azn's. We made jokes, read more..sex books. It made us laugh, I'm not a perv. I did get to escape to the manga section and read a few series. After that we headed outside into the grass..Downtown Siler Spring is teh bomb! So we went to the grass area and..it was fun. We were taking pictures of us three, making some weirdo faces.

Their up in the bottom of the post. So then Adrielle's dad droped us off and I went home. I got some bad news thought..one of my favorite artists died from cancer at age 31. It..really really made me sad for the rest of the day. Thursday..ahh wasn't too eventful, nothing much. Friday..Friday rocked. Okay me and Adrielle were planing to go see Poseiden after school and so we were like "..lets invite more people!" and so yeah. We called up Ernie and he came around. Sekou came with his friends Justin(HOT), Raymond, Jermey, and some other two dudes I forgot their names. So yeah we all went and saw Poseiden. Meanwhile the trailers or other movies after the Superman one Ernie out of the blue in the silence gave a loud..happy scream. Out of the silence..it was hilarious. I love him to bits.

So we watched the movie and damn..it was good. I really was expecting more. But it was very enjoyable. I give it a B- so yeah and we all headed outside and saw Dennis, Nicky and Jesse..more boys XD There was only three chicks within the boys. Alex couldn't come..so that was a bummer, he's so sweet and gave me a rose..what for?! But it was cute. So yeah after we just hung around and..it was funn. Today we'll be celebrating my cousinss birthday at my house. The whole moms family is comming cause..my dad went away and wont be back for three months. So it should be some fun. Finally saw the recordings of Erueka 7 and Ghost In The Shell:SAC from last Saturday. ALSO! *drums* Vicky got her braces off!! Wooo! I still feel weird but god damn its fucking good to have em off. Thats my update for today! And now for pictures! gotta upload em

Also..got The DaVinci Code book and so far..I love Langdon, I want to see it but my mom found the book..and wasnt pretty happy. Forbiddned me to see the film..pssh like I can stay away from Tom Hanks he rocks! XD

  • I dislike having long hair because..it gets me stressed out
  • I'm the type of person who would radther eat in the living room than at the table
  • I enjoy learning new things such as facts every day
  • I sleep in a twin bed and my feet pop out now, I'm a big girl

    More icons!!
     Rukia-Bleach Adel Nightroad-Trinity Blood Rose-Silent Hill Rangiku-Bleach Daisuke-DN Angel Momo.. Momo.. Don't know the name-Bleach Grimm Jow (<3)-Bleach Grimm Again..different words Nii-sama!

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  • Tuesday, May 9, 2006

    Hellooo. everyone! Sorry I didn't post over the weekend, it went ..ahh fairly well. I did see Silent Hill, crap that movie was vicious. The blood and guns and..all that was well done! My favorite part had to be where the sirens go off and the place darkens and the hell begins! I didn't jump in during the whole movie, but there was one part where I was scared off my pants. Like..when Rose goes down to the floor and..goes into the 'demons' room. But it was blocked with the..weirdo white lady freaks..don't know what they're called. When Rose had the light on and they were comming to get her, but she turned it off and they frozed. No music, no sounds..and the walking. Out of nowhere one moves like loud..I got scared and..jumped. I'm a chicken. If you haven't seen it, go its awesome and if its not out yet that sucks. So anyway like Shanny recalled once, I was kinda afriad cause in my bed room its dark like crap..I was afraid of triangle head..seriously. Then Sunday..didn't do much but actually..had a argument with Grecia but we just needed to rant and ended up crying like babies. She's had a hard life. So its been a pretty good weekend. Today it was Monday, back to school and it was a usual monday..nothing new to report.. Except Math..it wasnt funny but ..mean.

    Not to me though, we have an..outkast in that class and some of the people in that class make fun of her. So our teacher was calling us one by one to the next door room to review our current grade. When Melissa(the outkast) was called up, almost everyone around her, went through her things to see if they found anything. Melissa likes every..unattrative boy..well atleast to me. She likes Colin..but anyway when she came back, everyone had written something in her planner. She was mad like crap. I kinda felt bad cause..she's really nice and reads Fruits Basket!!! So it was messed up and peoplpe were picking on her, "You like Justin, Jermey!" and it made her even more mad. I could tell she wanted to disappear. I wondered in my head "That would be funny..if Hinaru kicked their asses..but wait..he's not that strong" ..I am messing with you man, you're my bodyguard, I loves you! So other than that the school day..ehh went fairly well. Today is even so it should be fun. I've been making alot of icons lately..can't help it, tell me what you think. And with that I'll be going on my way to school! Sorry I haven't visited lately! And sorry but I dont have part 12 up..sorry.

    There you have em..what do you think?

  • The car that makes me squeal is a Lincoln Navigator
  • When I dont do homework or forget, I do it during class and do the homework I am given during the next class. So then I come home and chill..but still have chores.
  • Breakfast=Cereal, that has always been my breakfast..hmm maybe waffles sometimes XP
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  • Saturday, May 6, 2006

    Hellooo..Whats good? Well kinda actually I didn't go to Atlanta and kinda disapointed and happy but my mom left Friday morning so obviously I couldn't go. Nothing from my end ..well alright, this week was probably the best week of May, it totally rocked. Yesterday I went with Adrielle to Star Bucks after school and then we headed across the street to Boarders. While we were just browsing around, I went straight to the manga section. She found out I'm an Otaku and it's all good. I'm shy when it comes to that, cause I'm a prick. So anyway, I couldn't read Fruits Basket since, we were actually looking for a picture of a manga guy who looked exactly like our friday, Anatoly. It was hilarious and anyone walking around in a book store, hearing some hot girls giggling, good stuff. So then after we read a little book of Brokeback Mountain, I love that..its two gay cowboys..what else could I ask for. We sat down and read it and an employee walked by and said to us "Just wait until you read futher, you'll cry" and walked off. Me and Adrielle were like Wtf?! but it was true, besides the sex part in the book that made us both giggle so hard, it was sad..and I didn't cry but it was sad.

    So we basically had the time of our lifes. It was soo much fun and we were listening to music too, it's so fun to hang around with her. So after that we needed to head back home, Her dad picked us up but while waiting outside, I saw Alex..yeah very unexpected. With his friends is expected. We said hi and he was going to see Mission Impossible III and he invited me but I had to go home.. I saw some other friends too..gosh that place is popular. So her dad dropped me off and later I took a nap and ended up missing the bible classes. I watched Advent Children again, I can never get tired of that, Vincent is mine, he's sex. Not to mention while in Boarders I found a little "Sex For Dummies" book..and yes I read it, I'm not a perv I needed to laugh alright! I was actually laughing so hard, we went to the..mature books, we're bad kids but the like some of us say..curiousity killed the cat. It was over all a good week...actually fab. I'm glad everyone likes the theme and Hinaru, I'll tell you the URL later! Anyway, part 11 is up!

    Also just in, I recently did two fan arts..one of Kusanagi cause she is so sexy, If I was a guy, she would definietly be my chick XD But anyway yeah, when I get the chance I'll upload it on theO base and another from a..lady..not sure of the anime. But also me and Shannon will be going to go see Silent Hill, major wootness! Movie looks so fracking awesome. Okay..thats all XD

    Five Facts About Me

  • I fear heights, badly..I can't even look out my window..okay thats too much, get my point?
  • "I'm soo sleepy..ten more bloody minutes" is my first thought of waking up on week days
  • I am VERY lazy to do my bed every morning
  • I enjoy Sunny Delight alot, finish a cart in a week
  • Whenever I listen to "Tell Me When To Go" by E-40..I get tempted..
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  • Friday, May 5, 2006

    Hey everyone! New theme is up, Its that time again, I'm a theme whore and proud but anyway, ALOT has happened since my last post..going to make it short since I'm at school right now and the lady is kinda mad. Anyway yeah quite alot has happened, that same atmosphere with Karen and Shannon, both of them talk to me like always, I'm in the middle. Again. So its kinda..stressful sometimes. Its that time of the month again, boo that. Annd the most thing: I'm not single anymore. Yes you read right. It was mostly a setup..cause my friends were like.."Would you go out with this person and that" and they hit Alex, a cool guy, handsome and funny, known him for about three years now. They did the same thing to him, must of been when I was in the restroom. So yeah..it was mostly a setup but..he did like me for a while now. I didnt notice..I'm lame. So other than that were going out, cool. So yeah its pretty cool, and today Iím going with Adrielle to star bucks right after school and just chill. I Really want to see An American HauntingÖso bad but anyway, gotta run now since class is over, Iíll finish my update some other time!
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    Wednesday, May 3, 2006

    Hey everyone, another update before I get off and go do something. It's been a good week overall, Math is hilarious with the boys. Our teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up. When he got to Everett he said "I want to be...a stripper!" and our teacher..he's African American, lives in the music of the disco, has a great sense of humor. The whole class roared in laugther and then he said "Noo.I want to play Football...naked" again..the class roared with laughther, hes just so fucking funny. His last response was "I want to be..a P STAR" if you didn't get it, lets keep it that way. He's so cute and hilarious and it was fun, we actually went out side in the courtyard to enjoy the weather and work on work. Then english, it was actually fun and I got a fyler about a poetry contest, hey I should enter. So anyway, fourth period was akward cause..Aldo sat in front of me, the teacher moved him. But like I said, the crush is dying and going to do my best to pick of the pieces and through them away. We talk on MSN and he's open to me and I like that alot. '

    But the day kinda was kinda brought down when Karen and Shannon don't talk, I talk to Karen but Shannon past me like I was any other person. Yeah we said hi but she didn't look at me. And the reason of that? ITs a LONG story but to make it short with the main idea, Shannon thinks Karen is chaning yeah she might be getting popular and looking cute..but she's our friend cause before she was a nerd. We love her and its fustrating cause at lunch we all sat and went our own ways. Thats not normal at all. Same in gym class..our own ways. Including me. I'm kinda sad about this but I'll keep my fingers crossed and see what happens. Like I said in my other post, not sure about going to Atlanta now..seriously but we'll see. So thats all for me, I've had an excellent day. I stayed after school and with Adrielle and Karen we went to the courtyard in the beautiful weather and just talked. It was fun. This Friday I might go with Adrielle to Star bucks and just chill, next Friday go see Posiden. Anyone heard of the movie, American Haunting? It looks pretty damn scary, I love scary moobies. I can't wait til It comes out. Anyway I'll end the post, I'll try and make my rounds after this! Part ten is up!

    And to Hinaru, Yes I still remember the shoe loss..I'm awesome. Plus thanks for the comment of the music, that artist rocks my next song for theme is by her too <3

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    Tuesday, May 2, 2006

    Hey all! Over all how was you're weekend? Mine was excellent, didn't go to school yesterday for the boycott thing. I actually couldn't go on the computer for almost all day, my mom. I would of liked to continue my new theme but..nah. Cause after all I came a theme wore. Had a nose bleed sometime that day, I ususally get them so its not a big surprised but annoying actually. Anyway like I said, I'm not supposed to go out or anything.. Ready Entertainment Weekly (my favorite mag) and chilled. I saw Eureka 7 and Ghost In The Shell, good stuff. Eureka 7 is hilarious now, Also for those who haven't seen GITS or Trinity Blood, YouTube is you're place for that. They almost have everything you need to see. I should check if they have movies or something. Anyway, got up early to head out to school, boo that. I'll be on later for visiting. Hope you all have a great Tuesday! Also, part nine of my story is up but for some who have I given online sessions, will have to wait =P Also I want to give a heads up before the day and then get smashed with tomatoes..I'll be heading to Atlanta on Friday and coming back Sunday. For my moms buisness and I need to go, can't stay home. So that means I won't be able to update or chat with anyone, thats if I don't have internet connection. I'l definietly bring my laptop so I can make some more graphics..I'm getting into it now.. Kinda scary XD Well then gotta run!
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