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Monday, January 2, 2006

I don't think I could be any madder right now actually. Ok, I'm mad at like 3 people and I really need to vent because since its 2:12 a.m. I can't really talk to them myself.

Well, first off I'll just tell you about my day. My mom woke us up at 8 a.m. after like 4 hours of sleep to go to church, even though it wasn't until 11:30. Well, we went to church where these really rude people told us to be quiet because we were "talking too loud" during the priest's sermon that made no sense. We weren't even talking that much. Just a couple whispers here and there. And the way they said it was pretty rude, like they were scolding a little kid when my mom is 44-years old. Pretty disrespectful. Bunch of old people probably losing their hearing or something and are taking it out on us.
Then, afterwards we went to the Pasta House since Olive Garden was full to the roof with people. Our waiter guy looked almost identical to Harry (Tobey McGuire's friend in the movie) from Spiderman. It was weird. I kept on bringing up the movie to see if he would say anything, but he didn't. I swear they must be related or something, it was just so uncanny ^^;;

Anyway, I got back home and took a nap, watched some t.v., and got on AIM. This is where "let's piss of Vanessa" started for the day. My friend Zack started going out with this one girl in my class, Kate. Well, Parris (my ex-boyfriend and also Zack's best friend) thinks that Kate is kinda weird and anti-social. I somewhat agree. Parris told Zack how he felt and then Zack put me in the middle since I was talking to them both at the time. I couldn't tell him that Parris was completely wrong since I did kinda agree to a certain extent, so it just got me frustrated. Then, I go to Kate's xanga site and I read that she went to a hockey game on Friday. Zack invited me to that hockey game and then he told me he couldn't go because his "mom wouldn't let him". In her update, it said she was with Zack there. So he obviously lied to me so I wouldn't go. He wasn't even going out with her at the time and even if he didn't want me there, he shouldn't have lied. So now I'm mad at him.

I'm also pissed at that Kate because my new favorite band is Panic! At the Disco. I used to love love love Fall Out Boy, but I guess when their fans became preppy fangirls, it kinda turned me off them. I love their music still though. So now here comes Kate who was in love with F.O.B. a little while ago and now I see that her "favorite band" is Panic! At the Disco and I think I know who to blame for that... Najibah.

Anyway, I feel really pissed and kinda just bad. I don't know if I'm just being really unreasonable right now, it's 2 a.m., you can't help but get a little unreasonable. I needed to vent. Maybe a good sleep will help clear my head.


P.S. Najibah, if you're reading this, don't copy and paste this whole thing to Zack. You can tell him I'm mad or whatever, but don't tell him pretty much more than that. If I wanted him to know then I would've posted it on my xanga or something. Laters again

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Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy New Year everyone!!!!! I hope you guys enjoyed bringing in the new year with family and friends.

This year has been the biggest roller coaster of emotions ever. I've spent nights crying myself to sleep and then maybe the next barely able to sleep because I'm so happy. You guys probably don't even know half of it ^^;;

I would really just like to thank everyone for sticking by little ol' me this past year. I have definitely made some of my best friends on MyO this year. I've also lost a lot of my best friends, not that I'm happy to say that. I've even had little crushes on some of the guys on here, even though we haven't met. It just leaves stuff to the imagination ^^ All the wonderful chats on MSN, the lovely comments, the PMs. They've all helped me come to realize how much I love it here and how much I love everyone. I could never imagine leaving and if I ever mention it, I give you full permission to hit me over the head with a frying pan to knock some sense back into me ^__^

Well, since I last posted, I've been doing nothing. Today I read 102 pages of Memoirs of a Geisha because I was in a reading mood. Now I'm about halfway through. To bring in the new year, we just watched t.v. I really wanted to see Fall Out Boy's performance on MTV (even though I hate that now their whole fan base is a bunch of screaming fangirls instead of the people who like them for their actual music). I missed that, but I saw them play together with the All American Rejects. My friend Jiba was right. The lead singer is pretty cute.

My sisters attempted to have another one of our little dance parties with lights and all that, but I wasn't in much of the mood. I still came and hung out a little, but it wasn't as much of a success as mine usually are.

Well, I don't want to make this post painfully long. Just know that at least Vanessa loves ya!!

Happy New Year!!!


P.S. I made a card for all my awesomely awesome friends on here. Stay cool for me!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Thanks for the theme compliments. I'm glad you like it ^^

Anyways, today was normal. I pretty much just slept the whole day ^^;; That's my usual day for you!

I had saxophone lessons. My teacher showed up 15 minutes late because he got run off the highway or something >_> It was weird. Well, that just gave me more time to look at the very cute high school guitar guy. He was sitting there listening to his iPod Nano (I'm guessing he got it for Christmas since he's never had it before. I notice random things like that), in his Green Day shirt, and with his guitar. Very hott!! Must I say more? ^__^

Anyway, I got home and cleaned my room a little while jamming to my Panic! At the Disco. For Christmas my mom let me get stuff to decorate my room with. My shag rug arrived today. It's so soft and shaggy! And I got a Fall Out Boy poster, a pink bulletin board (which I posted up some Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint pictures on), and some little decorations to fill the wall space. I like it much better ^^ So I put all that stuff up today after saxophone lessons.

I visited a couple people since I didn't get on until late. And when I got on, I started chatting with Najibah from school and talking about cute celebrity guys. You know I had to mention my Daniel and Rupert in that conversation ^__^

Well, my sister wants to get on and I'm about to go get some yummy in my tummy!! Laters

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New layout everyone!! I think it turned out pretty well. For the first time in a long time, a theme actually turned out how I'd planned. If you have Mozilla, sorry that it looks so crappy. Not much I can do about that except say don't use Mozilla!! (Not that I can say much. I'm typing this update on Mozilla right now ^^;;)

Anyways, my day mostly consisted of theme-changing. I woke up at about 10. By 10:30 I was up and about and worked on my theme from about 12 to 5 p.m. Luckily I got it all finished like I'd wanted. For some reason you can't see the music player unless you're on Mozilla of course. Sorry that you're kinda forced into listening ^^;;

Oh yeah, I re-did some people's buttons. I need to add some people to my little Homies list still. I just wanted to make sure that the ones that are up already look good. So Sara and Cristina have new buttosn even though they don't really come around MyO anymore. They still deserve good buttons!! Teri, I added ya to the list. I've been meaning to, but I haven't had the time to make the button.

Rather than that, my sister attempted to teach us some pilates. We didn't get to do very much since my little sisters showed up and started being annoying. Now my knee hurts. I think I just have really bad knees since we only did it for 10 minutes or maybe even less >_>

I'm off for now. Today wasn't very eventful since as you've heard, I spent most of it working on my theme. I did get around to visiting though. Not a lot of people updated it seems. I don't want to leave you with an extrememly long and pointless post so I'll leave. Time to wash dishes even though it's midnight.


P.S. Comment on the theme!!!

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Hello! Well, I didn't post yesterday for two reasons: it was Christmas! And since it was Christmas I didn't want to make people have to visit and stuff. I'll keep up my holiday theme for probably just the rest of today.

Anyway, my Christmas was ok. Christmas Eve instead of watching all those random Christmas specials on t.v., my older sisters wanted to watch the Ring 2. It was way scarier at night then it was during the day the first time I watched it. Not that I was scared or anything >_> As soon as we finished watching it the phone rang and I was kinda freaked. If you've seen the Ring you know that the phone ring means 7 days to live! Ahhh! It was just my sister being stupid ^^;;

After that we watched a little t.v. until 3 a.m. and went to sleep. Oh yeah, it was almost midnight and we got the urge to go outside and Christmas carol. So we went outside and started singing I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas (not that it snowed or anything). Across the street, a person was pulling into their garage and stopped to listen xD It was interesting. They probably thought we were on drugs or something, but who cares?

Christmas itself was ok. We woke up early to go to church which ended up they cancelled and made earlier without us knowing. So no church this Christmas. We just came home and watched t.v. until present time. I got $130 total, a t-shirt, a wooden box (my dad claims its a jewelry box but its kinda just a couple pieces of wood put together), a sunglasses/watch set, some stuff I ordered for my room from dELIA's, a Fall Out Boy poster, and an The Academy Is... shirt (they're a band for those of you who haven't heard of them). I think that's all. No huge presents this year, but I'm good with the money ^^

Since then... I've been talking on AIM with school peeps, working on my AIM profile, and I visited about half the people who updated. Sorry if I didn't get to you.

Now for the gifts! Thanks so much everyone. They're gorgeous *hugs*

I sent out a gift to pretty much everyone on my list. If I didn't get it to you it's because I was watching the movie and sending them. I can't multi-task!
Here it is if you didn't get it:



[ Edit: 7:45 p.m. ]
New theme up!! It looks best in either AOL Explorer or Internet Explorer. If you have Mozilla, it looks really crappy, but you'll get the gist of it. I hope you like!![/EDIT]

From Vicky

From Tiffi

From Blaze

From Shadow

From Teri

From Little Inufan

From DemonSlayerSongo

From Chubbi Chibies

From Sesslover18

From Ryiosay

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Friday, December 23, 2005

I finally decide to show my face around MyO after almost 2 weeks.

Let's see... so much has been going on. I had a bunch of projects and lots of shopping. I went on both Monday and Wednesday to get gifts for my friends. During school on Wednesday Parris gave me my gift. It was the prettiest set of earrings ever. There were mini-hoops, little pearls, and these studs. He told everyone they were really expensive and I could tell. I got him a $20 gift certificate and this cute little ornament. Maybe it wasn't all worth as much as his probably was, but it was good enough. I also got lots of candy, cookies, sweets in general, jewelry, and the Panic! At the Disco CD from Zack. It was a good haul this year.

Well, I talked to Parris afterschool. He really does like me still I guess, but I won't be talking to him for a while because he's in Florida for Christmas right now.

Rather than that... life has been busy but I'm not going to go into everything. Oh yeah, I lost my bet with Zack that I could go 2 weeks without a nap. I gave him a dollar (but he gave it back to me) and then I had to answer his question: "Who do you like?" The obvious question. I'm not going to answer that question on here, but I'm just going to assure you that it's not Zack. Some of you guys might be able to guess ^^

Also, on Friday last week me and some guys went over to Kurt's house to do our history project. For some reason I decided to watch The 40-Year Old Virgin with them. Big mistake, not a movie you watch with perverted teenage boys. It was pretty funny though. Since Kurt was too cheap to buy the actual DVD, he rented it and burned it. I guess karma came back and got him because it broke at the end. The guys were more disappointed than I was. It was funny, but... mature ^^;; Then when we started to work on our project. I got really cold so Kurt gave me his hoodie to wear. It was very sweet of him. I had to leave early and luckily they still got it done even though I wasn't there to keep them on track. We ended up getting 95% (we got counted of 5 for forgetting our bibliography). We did pretty well and it was fun working on it.

Well I don't want to go on about my past 2 weeks right now so I'll talk to you guys laters! I'll definitely be visiting and sending out holiday cards this weekend!! Laters

P.S. Christmas theme up!!! Hope you like. Might make a little adjustments but for now its good.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New theme up tomorrow definitely. Before I was if-y with how it was going to turn out, but now I'm positive! I've already got it fresh in my mind and if it wasn't 11:06 p.m., I would get it up right now for you guys to enjoy. Don't worry, tomorrow it will be!! Or later today I should say... Tuesday. It'll be up Tuesday.

Anyways, my end of the weekend was cool. My friend Nancy came over to finish a project. My little sister wouldn't leave us alone. I think Nancy was more pissed at her than I was. She was yelling at my little sister and everything. I would've done it, but my mom would get mad if I yelled at my sister in front of company. Luckily, Nancy took care of it ^^ We got it all done and were going to see The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe but my mom said it was too cold for her to drive, even though Nancy's dad was going to be doing the driving. Whatever. I've never read the books or anything, so it's not like I was excited.

That night it snowed some more which was perfect since me and my sister watched the classic movie, Snow Day. I remember that I used to love that movie years ago when it first came out. It was pretty awesome back then ^^;;

My Monday was cool. Parris brought the class picture of all my friends back in 5th grade (I moved here in 6th grade so I hadn't seen it). It was pretty funny. They were all so little and chubby, especially my friend Zack. Pretty hillarious. Then in history, Ted (guy in class) keeps on insisting that I still like Parris. I don't know why everyone thinks that ^^;; We had a fun little chat with some of the cuter guys in the class too.

After school, Zack and I had a very interesting AIM chat and Parris told me he loved me. I think he says that more now that we're broken up than when we were together. I'm just that irresistable :P We're just friends, don't worry.

Enough from me for one day. I doubt anyone will even visit since I barely get around. I'm sorry sorry sorry! So busy. I love you all though *hugs*

Time to sleep! Laters

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

I really am getting into the habit of once-a-week posts and visiting. A habit I need to get out of. Sorry all, I'll try better. I think life should be getting somewhat less hectic this week... maybe... hopefully. Let me just go through my week so far.

We got assigned group plays in history class. I got an ok group. There are some decent-looking basketball players in it. Too bad they're lazy bums and would rather flick around paper footballs than work. They're actually pretty smart, when they try.

I think this was the day that me and my friend Zack started a new bet. Last time we had a "let's see who can go without eating for longer" contest which was pretty retarded (I pretty much won that by the way). This time, it's more like a bet then a contest. See, I'm a big napper. Pretty much everyday afterschool I fall asleep or take a nap. He noticed that and bet with me that I couldn't go a week without taking a nap. Whoever wins gets a dollar from the other person ^^;; Not a big prize, but it's the honor that counts.

I skipped jazz band because I had too much homework. Luckily I didn't have to go to PSR (religion class) either. My mom let us skip, it's only my 2nd time skipping.

We had a jazz band concert and I think Mr. Keys was mad at me for skipping on Wednesday. Oh well, I had legitimate reasons. The jazz band did well, but the rest of the bands and choir weren't too great. The choir was just lame and the 6th grade band was jsut bad. The 6th grade advanced was good. I was in the 6th grade advanced in the good ol' days.

It snowed really badly Thursday afternoon and night and when I woke up it was mid-calf, but they still made us go to school. A bunch of schools got the day off, but not us. Oh well, we get days off for every other little thing so I can't really complain. The snows pretty awesome. It's just so snowy white all around. Gotta love it ^^
We worked on our history projects and the guys in my group kept on being lazy. One of them, Ted, was flicking the paper footballs and since his aim is bad, it ended up going right down my shirt. It was pretty funny. We didn't get any work done which might be a problem since we're supposed to have our outline done by Monday ^^;;
Zack and I spicened up the bet. Now in addition to our $1 prize, if I lose, he can ask me any question he wants and as personal as he wants and I have to answer. I'm still trying to think of what I should make him do if, I mean when, he loses. Any suggestions? Also, we added another week on the bet, so until next Saturday, no nappy-naps for me >_>

That was a long post, but at least you're up to date with the Va-ninja (Kurt, the same pretty decent-looking Kurt and another member of my history group, called me that today. Long story). Laters

P.S. New theme almost done!!! I'll be visiting over the weekend, I promise. No, not going to promise, just going to hope I can *hugs and kisses*

P.P.S. Thanks for 4300 hits *more hugs and kisses*

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Saturday, December 3, 2005

Wow, this week has been an eventful one. This post might be on the long side so oh well. I won't mind if you don't have all day to read it all.

We're starting on science fair stuff so our language arts teacher let us go down to the computer lab to get some research. I was sitting next to my friend Laura and then on the other side of me was the one and only Parris. He and Emma (some girl in my class) were talking about random stuff. It was a pretty disturbing convo. It made me realize how perverted Parris really is. Since there was a dance Friday (tonight technically) he was talking about his "back-up girls". I'd hate to be someone's back-up girl. Especially Parris'.

Wednesday was uneventful (or I just don't remember) so I'm skipping to Thursday. First thing, my friend Nancy got a new baby sister on Thursday! Her names Bella Chen! Such a cute name (Nancy's Chinese). I think I was more excited about Nancy's mom having a baby than Nancy. It was also the 1st day of snow this year. The 1st of December was the 1st snow and the day Bella was born ^^

We had a pep rally because the girls' basketball team is going to state championships. Since I'm in jazz band (we play at pep rallies), I got out of 6th period to play. Then, after school we had jazz band practice. 3 or 4 people decided to quit jazz band all of a sudden. We have a concert on Thursday for goodness sake. Don't know how that's going to work out.
After jazz band, I hung out with some jazz band boys (including Parris). It was interesting. Bankole (one of my jazz band homies) found an old dirty sock just lying in the hallway. Doesn't that tell you something about my school? The sad part is, I've seen worse things lying around.
Anyway, me and Parris are cool. I was actually giving him girl advice. We're both over each other so why bother?
A few hours later there was a dance. Horrible. It was no fun. The first half of the dance, my friends weren't even there so I was pretty much alone. Then when they showed up, they disappeared for another 10 minutes so I was alone again. I finally found them and for the rest of the dance we were either standing around or walking around. I don't think we danced the whole time. It was definitely the worst dance I've gone to.
Then I came home feeling really bad because... well I don't think I'm going to say just because I don't want people to think I'm just a crybaby or something. Luckily, I'm feeling somewhat better now that its a few hours later.

Really long post, sorry. It's been an eventful week and I actually had to take a bunch out. You got the gist of it though. Laters

P.S. I'm definitely getting a new theme over the weekend *crosses fingers and toes* I hope at least.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Let's keep these teen hearts beating. Faster, faster
Sorry I didn't visit like I had planned. Sunday and Monday were pretty much full days. Well I didn't get on the computer until late at least and not for too long. Not long enough to visit at least.

Sunday was the last day before my older sisters went back to prep school in New Hampshire so my oldest sister drove us out to the $1-movies at the mall to see The Corpse Bride. Before the movie started, me and 2 of my sisters decided to go shopping a bit while the others went in. We went to Wet Seal and I bought some accessories. I saw 4 people from my religion class and one girl named Melody who used to go to my school. Everyone hated her because she would lie and manipulate all the time so now shes homeschooled. It was my first time seeing her and it was pretty weird 0.o

Anyways, the movie was good. Very funny. My older sister was pretty hysterical. She was pretty much either crying or laughing or head off. I have no clue why, but that's just her I guess. They went back to school this morning.

Today was normal. I didn't really do anything at school except in gym. We're doing aerobic stuff. Theres stations and they have different exercises at them and we have to run laps, jumprope and all that stuff. Before we could just sit around and this year they're being hard on us. No fair >_>

After school I got on AIM and chatted with peoples before watching t.v. and falling asleep watching it as usual. I need to stop watching t.v. after school since I always fall asleep. It's a habit I guess ^^;;

Well, I just finished working on my theme a little and now I'm going to sleep. I'm going to be tired in the morning, but oh well. I'm always tired.


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