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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hello everyone. It's been a long week since I last posted.

Let's see, this week I've been one busy bee. On Tuesday I had a field trip. Our band teacher chose the top 3 players of each section and put us into the city band. I'm 2nd chair even though 1st chair sucks balls, but oh well. I still got in and got to miss 3 classes. This band wasn't half as good or fancy as the state band I got into earlier in the year, but oh well.

On Wednesday I got to miss all of school for the jazz band tour! We left during our 2nd period class and didn't get back until a couple minutes after school ended. We went to 2 elementary schools to perform. Between them we went to the mall to hang out for a little while. It was pretty fun. It could've been better. Parris and I hung out a lot (I know I make him seem evil on here, but he's not). We're way closer than before. Everyone seems to think that we're back back back together for the like 5th time, but we're not. We're just VERY close friends XD

Anyway, afterwards I had detention from the evil substitute Mr. Urbas. We kinda just hung out and did homework. My friend Ted let me try on his doo-rag. I looked pretty ghetto XP

Today was kinda boring. After school was the talent show, but I couldn't go. My little sister had this school thing she wanted to go to so I spent my Friday at home instead. It was boring, but oh well. I wish I could've gone to the talent show. This is going to be my last one and I missed it =(

Well, this post is long enough. I don't except you to actually read it all so don't worry ^^;;


P.S. Happy birthdays to the lovely Shadow and Alexa!!

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