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Friday, May 5, 2006

This week has been a somewhat good/bad one so far. Monday was pretty uneventful. I don't even remember it. On Tuesday we had a half day. We had our last 3 classes and then got to go home. After school, me and Najibah went to the mall. We walked around and went into random shops. We wanted to play DDR at the arcade, but we had to go do something first. By the time we got back, some DDR-addicts cut us off. We waited for them, but since they were so good, they never lost and their turn never ended. I was about to tell them that either way, they should let us play, but Najibah's dad called and was pretty angry. She didn't even tell him that she was going with me. If I had known she hadn't told, I would've told her not to come >< Well she had to leave and I stayed for like 15 minutes longer to finish my shopping.

Today was interesting. It was Parris' birthday so we hung out in class and stuff. I bought him this expensive sports' hat because I know how much he likes that stuff.
In language arts' class he came to sit over by me and my friends while we worked because we had a substitute. She was so crazy. I didn't even have to say a word to get in trouble. I would giggle and she'd be like "No more laughter! Too much fun going on in that corner!" I have never heard anyone tell me that I'm having too much fun XD

Tonight was my Confirmation (it's when Catholics become "adults" in the church). It kinda sucked. While I was at the mall on Tuesday, I bought my Confirmation dress. It was the perfect dress. It was the first dress I bought that I really liked and that I picked out without my mom telling me what to choose. Since it was a halter dress, I had to buy a shawl or something to put over it. I thought I could trust my mom with that part of the shopping, but I guess not. Instead of buying a shawl, she returned my dress and bought a whole new one! The 2nd one didn't even look half as good either. That pretty much ruined my night completely. I couldn't even enjoy hanging out with my friends after the 2 and a half hour ceremony part. I had to read a part in front of the whooooole church of people and I didn't even feel like celebrating when I didn't completely mess up. I've been doing this religion class since I was 3, finally it pays off at Confirmation and my mom ruins it by returning my dream dress. It sucked.

Well, tomorrow's Friday and I'm guessing it's going to be awesome. I'll try to visit when I get home from school. Laters

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