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Sunday, June 4, 2006

Hello. This post is kinda late for my usual so anyone who usually visits early in the morning is gonna miss this one. Oh well. Here's a little update for the rest of ya.

Let's see... it was very rainy all week. And then all of a sudden, on Friday it was all sunny. Not that I'm complaining. Friday we got our school yearbooks. We usually get them the day before school ends, but since there's going to be an 8th grade field trip this year that overlaps with that day, a lot of kids would be gone that day. All my friends going on the Washington D.C. (that's where the 8th grade trip is going to be) are going to be gone for the rest of the year and I might not see a lot of them again! So sad. I almost cried having to say goodbye to some of my friends, especially Ross. I've had every class with him for the past 2 years and we've done so many projects together. I know, very emotional goodbyes *tear*

It also helped remind me how close we are to ending the year!! I can't believe it. All of my friends left such sweet little yearbook signings. Even Zack left a cute one. I almost cried on Friday and it wasn't even the last day. I can only imagine what Thursday (the actual last day) will be like.

Friday night, a bunch of people went to this pool party. It was pretty much all 8th grade can come, but since I'm not that great friends with the people who threw it, I didn't go. I didn't actually get invited by them, but I did get invited by one of the secondhand party throwers XD I don't think I'm making any sense. Let's just say I got invited by one of the throwers' friends who was kinda helping with the party too. See, that makes sense. I decided not to go which I kinda regret since everyone said it was awesome. Oh well.

Yesterday my little sister Rosie (she was shippo323 on MyO) had a 6th grade party. For only being like 12 kids, it was pretty loud. I felt like I was in the school cafeteria. They were all so little and cute though. I really hope I wasn't that small 2 years ago. Me and my older sisters just left and went to the mall, Old Navy, and then Barnes and Noble. I had gift certificates to Old Navy and Barnes and Noble, but I didn't get to spend the first one. Oh well. I did get some books! Yay! I gotta read those today.

Instead of reading, I worked on my theme last night. I decided to make a whole new one at the last minute instead of the one I've been working on for a week XP I fell asleep at 11 p.m. and woke up at 1 a.m. It was a very late nap, I know. I ended up working on my theme/watching the re-runned Eureka 7 instead of going back to sleep. I was on the computer working very late and I didn't even finish. All I gotta do is fonts and stuff. I'll be done today.


P.S. Sorry for not visiting too much this week. I only got around maybe twice. Sorry again!

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