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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No new layout yet, but I have good reasons today. I didn't really get on the computer at all.

Well, let's see, what happened this weekend with me... On Saturday and Sunday I think I did pretty much nothing. On Saturday, I did watch 7 hours straight of Laguna Beach. Yeah, that show is kinda lame, but so addicting.

I don't even remember what I did on Sunday so I'm guessing it was boring XD

Today I was getting on the computer to finish up the coding for my new theme (already got graphics and ideas done!!) when Parris called. He invited me to go to the mall with him and some peoples.

It ended up being me, Parris, Zack, Liz, and Zack's friend Wayne. It was pretty fun. We saw this one girl from school Kate. She's kinda Liz's friend. She's pretty annoying and over-flirty most of the time so we kinda just hang out with her because we don't want to be mean even if she is a pain on occassion.

Anyway, she was there with some guys from another school, but decided to hang out with us instead for the most part, which wasn't really a great thing. I didn't mind her too much, but whatever.

All in all, it was awesome. Let's just say that even though I don't really know Wayne except for today, he's pretty hillarious. Parris, Zack, and Liz are always fun so it was expected.

Liz left early kinda. Wayne and Zack left at the same exact time coincidentially. It was just me and Parris until his mom just popped up out of nowhere and she seemed pissed. She probably thought he lied and said a bunch of people were going to be there, but she only saw me and him. It's not my fault all of them left like 10 minutes earlier XD

While I was waiting for my mom, I got invited to a movie. Obviously I couldn't go though since I was still at the mall and it would've been crazy for me to go straight back out to see a movie. I headed home and did homework.

Yep, normal-ish day. I hope this schoolweek doesn't suck too badly. Finals are starting though and I have to makeup a test tomorrow too. Grr. Wish me luck! Laters

P.S. Haha, I was asked how that little city simulation that I'm doing in class has anything to do with science. Yeah, I really have no clue how us running our own little town is related. You'd think it'd be more of a social studies thing XP Oh well, I didn't come up with it ^^;;

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