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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

First and foremost, I finally got that new theme up that I've been promising you guys. I know, you must be proud. I hope you like. It took me a while and 3 different idea changes to get it this way. I'll probably end up changing it in a little while though when the summer vacation boredom hits me.

Well, let's fill you guys in on my last week of school and the beginning of my summer. Thursday was the last day. My friend Liz and I decided that since it was the last day which is only an hour and a half, we could finally wear whatever skirts we wanted and not have to get in trouble for them being "too short" like we usually do.
So, we come to school in our new little skirts (which actually should've been in dress code) and before we can even get to our first class, we're stopped and told that unless we have pants to change into, we have to sit in in-house on our last day!! If you don't have in-house at your school (you're lucky), it's like a day-long timeout with no talking or pretty much anything.
It pretty much sucked. I could feel my other friends joking around and having fun on their last day while they said their goodbyes. But nope, me and about 15 other 8th grade girls were stuck in in-house doing nothing.
After the first hour they let us out though, but it kinda ruined my last day. I only had 30 minutes left anyway, so I didn't have nearly as much hang out time as I wanted and only got to take like 3 pictures. I had been planning on posting some up here, but I barely took any. Bah-humbug to my school. They were saying how we "offended people by coming to school so disrespectfully" and all this shit. I wanted to sock them. Grr.

After school though, I went over to Jiba's house. A little while after I got there, we invited over our other friend Nancy. It was pretty fun. We ordered this movie off pay-per-view. It was called "The New World". Yeah, in my opinion it wasn't that good. It was a boring and overly-educational Pocahontas story. As tired as I was that day, I could barely stay awake it was so monotone. Nothing exciting happened pretty much the whole movie.
After the movie, we ate, and ate, and ate. I pretty much cleared out half their fridge. I was hungry! Gosh!

Friday was a fun day too. It was my friend Maggie's graduation party. It was awesome. She rented out this recreation center and it was pretty much like a school dance. Unlike a dance though (at least at my school), it had A/C, food, no annoying younger kids, and even more food! Very cool. My friends and I actually danced too which usually doesn't happen at school dances. People were taking pictures left and right, getting last-minute yearbook signings, and just hanging out. Fun fun fun!
At the end, they played "Graduation" by Vitamin C. Even though we're only leaving middle school, it was pretty sad. Only like 10 seconds into the song, I started tearing up which turned into a full cry soon. All my girl friends were crying and hugging. I think I hugged Liz a bajillion times. Since I'm going away to school next year I won't be seeing any of them. So sad =[

Rather than that, I've been sitting at home my vacation. I think Parris and I are semi-fighting though. See, here's the scoop. We usually talk on the phone for like hours everyday even though we're just friends. Lately, that hasn't been happening. He called last night and it started off fine. Then, his little brother gets on the phone because he knows it annoys me. Since his bro goes to our school, he knows me somewhat. For some reason, Payton (Parris' brother) lives to torment me. I don't really bother since he is younger. Last night, though, Parris decided to join in and just tease me to no end. Usually I can take it, but since Parris and I hadn't been talking lately, I wanted to actually talk and not just be bothered. I told Parris he was being annoyingly imature and Payton (yes, Payton) was like, "If you think I'm annoying, then why are you even talking to me?" I told him I didn't know, so we just ended it there.
I haven't talked to Parris since so I don't know what's up. Oh well, I'll get over it.

I'm going to stop this now since it's seeming kinda long. Enjoy the theme and have a good day!


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