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Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm really getting into this once-a-week posting thing, aren't I? Sorry about that. This week has been pretty busy and I still have lots to take care of tomorrow.

Let's see... I don't really remember the beginning of this week at all. I'm guessing it was boring. Oh yeah, on Monday we dissected worms in science class. Yeah, my school's too cheap for frogs and I'm glad. I could barely stand the worms. For the first ten minutes or so I couldn't even look at them without feeling sick. They were like these super-human huge worms. Each was like a foot long, so so gross. Yuck XD

On Thursday, we had honors' night which is pretty much the end-of-the-year award's ceremony. The jazz band played before it started as a semi-opening thing. That was the only reason I went. Rather than getting the customary honor roll certificate, I didn't plan on getting anything.

I ended up winning 3 awards. Honor roll, this presidential award for getting honor roll every quarter since 6th grade, and then student of the year. Each teacher picks one student out of the 100-something they have and I actually got picked for one. It was pretty cool, even though it was for band class. Parris ended up winning this even bigger band award where his name's on this plaque in the school forever. He is really good and dedicated to his music so he deserves it I think.

Anyway, on Friday I think it was pretty boring. None of my classes were extremely exciting. After school though, Parris and I were talking and he suggested a movie. Since the dollar theater at our mall is only showing old movies, we decided on Scary Movie 4 even though I've already seen it. I got there and it ended up he invited our friend Zack too. It was fun even though I didn't think the movie was amazing or anything. Midway through Zack had to leave, but me and Parris still hung and got cozy. It was pretty cool.

Today was pretty much supposed to be dedicated to this huge project I have due Monday. I barely did any. I'm going to be working all of tomorrow now. Grr.

Anyway, I'm going to go now. I really wanna change my theme but I really don't have the time. Sorry, you're going to have to deal with this one for probably another week.


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