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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Long time, no post. A lot has been going on with me since I last stopped by. Just so this post won't be unbearably long, I'm going to be really vague with everything.

Let's see... last week I got to miss lots of school for band things. On Tuesday for the All-City band practice. We had our performance that night for that band which wasn't too great. I wasn't surprised since most of the people sucked. You would think it would take talent to get into the city band. I guess not XD

Then on Friday I missed school again for the last band tour of the year. Before that though, we had our full band performance on Thursday night. It was pretty bad compared to how well we could've done. Well, back to Friday. It kinda sucked. We usually go to 2 or 3 elementary schools on these tours. This time we only went to one and didn't even get to miss the whole day of school. I guess jazz band was supposed to play at the 2nd school, but I didn't know that so I didn't bring my saxophone to school that day. The next thing I know, everyone's all mad that we were going to have to go back to school because some jazz banders were missing music and instruments. Even though I ended up asking one of my friends to borrow their saxophone, he still made us go back at 1 o' clock instead of the usual almost 2:30 (school ends at 2:30 for us).

Even though it wasn't totally my fault, I felt kinda bad that it was our last time playing together like that. The school year's ending too quick.

I thought I would be able to cheer up at the last dance of the year that night. It sucked even more. None of my friends showed even though they said they were going to. It was kinda obvious they were out doing something else because that whole group was conveniently missing. So it was pretty much me, Najibah, and Parris on occassion hanging out. I felt kinda stupid that they had all gone ahead and partied without me.

Today I was planning on doing homework, but The Legend of the Dragoon and t.v. distracted me until almost 10 o' clock. And I was talking to Parris on the phone. I got to visiting a pretty big chunk of my list. Sorry if didn't get to you.

Hopefully I'll be able to change this layout soon. It's starting to annoy me actually XD


P.S. Happy couple days late birthday to Josh

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