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Friday, June 22, 2007

friday, june 22, 2007

heylo everyone.

i have no clue why but i just spent the last few hours working on this plain, but i think pretty cool, layout. yeah i knew i'd get bored of that other one fast.

well anyway, today [thursday] was my little sister's birthday. she turned 8. she said she wanted to go to the beach so that's where we headed.

the beach is kinda lame these days. i mean, they charge you for every single thing! since when should they make you to pay to go to the beach?? no one owns the ocean! how can they charge us? it's pretty ridiculous. parking was freakin $1.25 per hour. just to splash around in some waves.

the world just loves to torture its poor little occupants i swear.

anyway, after paying that ridiculous amount, i sat with our stuff while my sisters went in the water.

at first we sat down on one of those little wooden lounge chairs they always have out for people use, but after like 2 minutes we saw some rental guy come charging towards us and realized you have to pay for those too! oh come on, just to sit on a wooden chair they try to charge me. and they wonder why everyone's bankrupt!

anyway, so we moved to the sand before he could force us into paying.

5 minutes later anyway, my sisters decided the water was too rough and they'd just go in the pool at the condo instead XD

so after about maybe 15 whole minutes at the beach [when we had paid for 2 hours], we left and they went and swam in the pool instead.

well, we got her the "nickelodeon scene it" game (dvd trivia game about nickelodeon cartoons and stuff) and played it. it ended up getting pretty competitive. we all in a few dollars to make it interesting.

by the end, we were all neck-in-neck and my 10-year old sister came out of nowhere and beat all of us. man, i really could've used that $8 that was in the pot. next time....

it was fun though.

anyway, its like 3 a.m. so i'm about to hit the hay. i'll visit and fix up last-minute layout details tomorrow.


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