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Sunday, June 24, 2007

sunday, june 24, 2007


i finished the layout. phoenixclawth brought it to my attention that any mozilla users might be having a hard time.

i spent like an hour and a half trying to get it to look good for both mozilla and i.explorer. yep, i couldn't.

sooooorrrrryyyy mozilla people! i'll try again tomorrow but it was getting late once again so i just gave up.

anyway, i added music [something i haven't had on my site for like a year], changed the intro and post boxes up a little.

i'm liking the layout i must say.

anyway, my sisters and i went to the mall today. my older sister goes to boarding school [but a different one] as well and through a program at her school she's going to france on monday. for some reason, at the end of the school year, there was a confusion in getting her stuff home so she has almost no clothes right now even though she's about to leave the country.

sooo, my dad gave her $100 to buy pretty much a whole new wardrobe. these days, that can buy you like 2 pairs of pants.

luckily the semi-annual sale is going on at victoria's secret =] and a bunch of other sales are going on too.

anyway, i tagged along to the mall and saw a few things i want, but realized i'm broke.

my dad is a doctor and has an office that he said i could work at. at first, i said i never would, but now i realized i need the money so i'll probably take him up on that offer. he says he won't be able to pay me as much as a real employee but i'll still get paid.

any money is good to me right now.

for a while i've been wanting a plain white cardigan to make all my tank tops and wifebeaters dress code. i found one at gap today and spent pretty much all the money i brought on it. i got back and tried it on and its practically see-through.

it took me days to find that darn thing!

now i have to return it and start again =[

oh well, i'll do it later and maybe resort to internet shopping.

well this has been a long useless post so i'm going to go now!!!


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