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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hey MyO!

I haven't gotten to post since before I left for school. Now, I'm there. Yep, back at boarding school. Yuck.

Well they didn't hesitate to dump us with a lot of work even though spring break just ended. Oh well.

That night before I left, I went and hung out with some old buddies at their high school's "trivia night". It's pretty much just another school fundraiser thing.

It wasn't that fun actually. Most of my friends weren't there and it wasn't especially interesting. When I got home, my little sister was having her birthday party. Oh god, a bunch of 12-year olds running around is not my idea of a fun night.

They were really going crazy. We live in this quiet little surburbian neighborhood and these children think it's okay to run into the street and start yelling and being loud. So obnoxious.

For some reason she invited this one kid who, when I went to that middle school, hated me and used to talk about me behind my back all the time. We were on the same bus going home and he and his little buddies would always spend the trip chatting about my business. I'm kinda annoyed that she would let that little brat inside our house but whatever.

Since school's started, not much has taken place. I bought a pair of shoes that ended up being too small for me when I was at home. I was gonna mail them back home for my mom to return them, but I threw away the receipt. I thought it would still just be in the bin because it's only been 4 days, but nope, they've already had all the garbage taken away XD

So now I'm stuck with shoes that don't fit. Grr. And they were out of my own $40!

Well now it's almost spring so everything's getting brighter and more fun. You can actually walk outside and not get frostbite on the spot! Yes!

The only sad thing is the thought of senior friends graduating but that just motivates me to wanna make the most of the time left!

I think I'm gonna use the little free time I have now to work on a new layout! Soo.. bye!

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