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Thursday, June 28, 2007

thursday, june 28, 2007

hey hey hey.

what's up??

i've been meaning to post for the past 2 days but i kept on forgetting until waaaaaay late.

anyway, i had my first day at my dad's office on tuesday. a lot harder than i thought.

his nurse had me answering the phones. real big insurance companies and hospitals would call and i would completely mess up the whole thing and forget to take good messages or just plain out piss them off XD

i spent my whole morning/afternoon faxing, filing, and answering phones. doesn't it just sound like oodles of fun?!

at least i'm making money now.

i feel a new wardrobe coming on.

^_____^ i can't wait!

this summer is going to be summer of getting in shape, being healthy, and just getting prepared for next year. i was in really good shape during the spring because of track season.

in the first week of summer of being away from those regular workouts and now being near fatty foods and my refrigerator 24/7, i pretty much threw that all away.

i really want next year to be a good year. we're going to have new younger students in my dorm [boarding school, just in case you didn't know] and i really want to be close with them.

this year i didn't get too close to that many older students because it's very intimidating when you're new. i wanna make sure my freshmen don't feel that way.

to make sure my year starts off on the right foot, i think the best thing to do is to be relaxed, healthy, and in shape, so that's what i'm gonna do =]

anyway, i'm not going to bother you guys with anymore of my long useless stories so i'm going to go now!

i'll see ya guys soon!!


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