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Friday, June 1, 2007

School's out!!!!

Which means an intense return to MyO and MSN chats galore!

Yep, had my last class yesterday and finished exams on Wednesday. It's good to be done. Now, just to go home.

Well, the last few days were fun. I only had one exam everyday (they spread them out a lot at my school) which was nice. I had a lot of free time.

On the last night, the dorm gets together and has a bonding night. First, the new students get initiated. DUN DUN DUN!!!

I'm not supposed to say what we do, but let's just say it involved music and a pole...

All the other grades (9th, 10th, 11th) are supposed to make a gift for the seniors, which can be anything from an actual gift to like a striptease. It's pretty much whatever you wanna do. So these 2 girls in my grade decided they wanted to lead a dance. In the end, they just sent us off to do whatever we wanted. I tried to get us organized, but nope, they were all to "busy" (and when I say busy, I mean flirting and kissing up on guys) so we got nothing done.

When it came time to perform, it sucked, but whatever. I tried. I hope they know better so next year it can be good.

Rather than that... I'm not going to get into any detail about any of the other stuff going on. I'll save that for another post. Right now, I gotta get the last of my stuff so I can leave boarding school for 3 whole months!! Woot.


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