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Sunday, June 12, 2011

   Day 16
Today... the server crashed at work again XD GAH! lol

I told you all I trained some new people, well I saw them again today. It will make things interesting with new people around!

I had a dream about a crazy group movie project.

so we were in a new acting class and EVERYONE WAS TALKING.our professor told us all to hush so I did but everyone wanted to talk to me.so we all got in trouble. she told us that she was dividing the class into two groups our punishment was to make a video in our group and bring it to class. my group wanted to do Star Wars but half of us thought it was Star Trek. massive miscommunication! One guy wanted to be in charge so he named himself Captain. I wanted to be in charge so I called myself Commodore
when class ended I realized it was friday and I didn't know anyoneand I worked all weekend to boot! this thing was due monday!so I tried to chase everyone down to get their contact info. they were all piling into a big red van and I spotted them!they tried to hide! They disguised the vehicle by plastering all their white sweatshirts around it. I hopped on the bus to go home... then! I turn around! there is a girl from the group
"thank goodness you're here! What's your number, we need to work on this project!"
and she's like "oh that? Who cares. It's just our grade"
me: "Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaat! I care!!!! Gah
and she jumps out of the bus. Now she's in a junk yard hopping from trash bin to trash bin. I jump after her 'give me your phone number!"she's like "We'll just improvise on monday, that's what the other group is doing"...And Im like "But-but... This is our punishment for being rude to the professor! It will look like we don't care if we don't put effort into this!And that's around the time where the dream ended.

Lol I'm still worrying about group projects and school is over! XD

Goodnight everyone! I have the day off tomorrow!!!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

   Day 15
Had a long vivid dream about the Joker making Survivor into a survival of the fittest reality show,and my Dad was hostage on it. All I could do was join!
A whole 6 pages worth is written on my Deviantart journal. I decided to spare you XD

Today, I worked an 8 hour shift. We hired new people!!! And I got to train one :D XD
Free Rocky Road was nice.... And then I came home, watched naruto Shippuden, Frasier, you know the drill.

Still looking for Corel... Sigh.
Wish me luck!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

   Day 14
Alrighty! Today..... I vacuumed, did the dishes, and stuff! XD Right. Then, I compiled a list of every dvd we own, so we won't be confused any more when we go shopping. I myself went shopping with my mom later in the day, bought a nice jacket and shirt for cheap :D
Then my parents went out for dinner, and we watched Frasier when they got back. We are all looking for Corel at this point!
I got a random message from BloodHuntress. I like random messages ^_^ Thinking I should send some out in rl too!


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   Night 13
I've got to keep my dreams separate or else I'm bound to keep forgetting:
I had a dream.... Let's see it was the last day of school, and someone I knew who'd moved to florida was coming back to visit. Sadly, I missed him, and everyone at the bus stop was telling me he went "down by the river". What river? I walk along, texting as I go (really spell check? You won't let me say texting without a red line?) when I think I see him. He's got Aurora's parasol, and I'm still wearing my sombrero. I just ate at Subway btw, and it cost 5 bucks. Now I have seven left, because I decided to also buy dessert. Anyway, so I THINK it's him, but I'm not sure. When I walk up to him and start talking, though, I know it's true. He's saying that he's really hungry, and I'm like "I'll treat you to lunch. I've got 5 bucks."

Then we start talking about how both of us are no longer vegetarians and how soy isn't all that great. We are at the mall, looking around at restaurants and I point out a sushi bar and subway. We walk into all the stores. One of them has a purple pony plushy, and a bunch of kids were running around. The lady who owned the store said it was also a day care but she wished they had more room. I said not to worry because kids have big imaginations! I went back to the pony, recognizing it as the same as my old favorite possession: Little Lavender Lady! She doesn't make songs and her hair light up, mom took out the battery and sewed her up long ago. I told her it made my day to see them all! (from Poland, the sign said).

Another part of my dream was that I was making a reconstruction of a river going through the mountains. I had to paint the blue rivulets down the mountain too. THEN the dream shifted so that I was playing WOW and I popped up in this place with lots of goblins who wanted to kill me. I was trying to remember how to heal myself, when this guild wants me to join them. NUUU! and then I die XD

The end

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   Day 13
Watched X-men again?! no!
I went to Aurora's house again. I walked there with a sombrero and she with a parasol. We sure are a funny pair!
We officially finished watching Firefly around 6:00, and then we went right in to Serenity. Now the series is complete! We had a nice time ranting about tsubasa's ending among others.
I want to do a wallpaper medieval challenge, by amestar, but I have no program to use!!! T__T I need to find my corel software. Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

   Day 12
(I think?) GAH
lol while Im at it, I'll put down last nights dream.... I know, Im behind!

Well yesterday... hmm
I went to the mall, got a chai frappachino with 2 gift cards put together! Then I went and saw X-men again- and let me say it was just as awesome the second time around. Came home and posted a whole bunch of "learnings" on 100thingsIlearned.com :D

The DREAM I had that night, was that a friend was on the radio talking about science and I was trying to avoid him.... Then the highschool put on a play, and their stage had 2 stories! Afterward we all went to get burgers but only one cook knew how to make a teriyaki burger so it took awhile till he came back from lunch.
Last nights dream is kinda hard to remember, which is why I'm writing about it now. We were all eating cupcakes, when some theives on the road attacked. We gave them most of our cupcakes, so they'd go away, but now there was a new problem, the cupcakes didn't split evenly between the 3 of us! So I just gave them up and had german chocolate cake instead. I was programming some kind of video game calendar but it was driving me crazy. I finally had to give up, but everywhere I went, the video game was glowing. Then I was at school in an acting class. I needed to talk to the school adviser but his class was canceled. I went to a friend's birthday party but I couldn't stay long because I had packing to do? We were either MOVING or going on vacation ;) which I'm actually going to be doing soon-vacation to harry potter world!
Lol nowadays when I'm trying to remember a dream, I ask: was there food? Was there a guy? Was there school? Was there a play? and then I get the jist of it.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

   Day 11
Aurora and I got through disc 2 of Firefly! :D She liiiikes it XD

and that night I had a dream about my true love!
who.... Dumped me for someone else T_______T
how sad. There were witches in my dream too! And anyone who disagreed with my professor was deemed a witch! We all had to take an inpromptu quiz on a lecture. I failed and was called a witch! nuuuuuu. Also, we went on an adventure camping. All it was was a night in the stars away from sound :D

Had to post this morning because I slept too early last night! Oh, and I did a lot of cleaning and surprised everyone :P


Comment reply @Aurora
Yes, lol. I REALLY got bit by a snake! You would have noticed I think!! It was merely my dream, that's what you get for skimming!


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Monday, June 6, 2011

   Day 9 for real, the last post was for today, day 10 EEEK
LOL NUUU I knew I forgot a day!!!!

Because I didn't remember posting about my dream, which was quite extensive. And everyone knows wallie only goes to Taco bell on Fridays!!!!
Well, Yesterday, as it were, I worked a later shift. I was covering for a friend who didn't want to miss Senior ball! :D and I'm always happy for more hours. I seem to recall time flying by, so many non-stop people.

The store next door has this special where you can buy "yesterdays" cookies for a cheap price, so that's one thing i did. SOOOO good XD
and before work, I came in and watched a good 45 minutes of X men.

As for my dream, I was taking photos of the clouds and a castle. I went to the zoo and tried taking pictures of snakes- there was a whole tree made of snakes! and one bit me! XD Went swimming at my grandparents' house, and then I was somehow back on my high school stage, doing the best of musicals in the past. Ugh, not knowing the dances/ lines/ asking people for their scripts is a recurring nightmare of mine that pushes me to dive back in to the musical performances. I haven't lost my touch, despite what my dreams say!

*hugs again!
~Wall-iE on Day 10!

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   Day 9
It's a good thing my subject tab remembers what day I last posted, because otherwise I wouldn't know how to title these posts! Summer! All the days running together.

For a couple days my tail bone has been hurting a lot :( Sorry Aurora, but I'm attributing the pain to sitting in the massage chair for too long. But I really don't know what caused it for sure.

I worked today, and boy was it crazy! Our server was down, so we had to only accept cash, do some fun time math, and draw our own tickets to give the customers XD Hectic!

I sadly cannot remember my dream. Something about going to work wipes my brain XD I really need to write down these dreams as soon as I wake up.

I'm getting an odd feeling like I forgot to post for last night. I have to check! I don't want any gaps in my blog!!!!

What else happened.... Watched more X-men. It's really cool, I'd definitely suggest you all go see it ! We all had pizza at work too. I fixed one of my characters' lips in a drawing. It looks much better now I'm proud to say.
Worked on Black, of course. About to fight Burgh,I think is his name. Payed bills, you know the drill. And tried to make a latte but there was no milk!!!! gah.


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Saturday, June 4, 2011

   Day 8
Before I conclude tonight, I must update on what I accomplished today. Hmmmm. Colored some more. I'm about 2/3rds ish done with this page. I went on a rampage finding and favoriting Avatar/Prince of Egypt amvs. I found some weird videos in my favorites I'd never heard of/wanted to hear of and I deleted them. Forgive me if you saw any weird things listed in my favorites, I think someone hacked my account at school.

In other news, I made sure my room remained clean, I went to work, and tomorrow is Senior Ball for some of my fellow co workers. My availability won't be changing until high school gets out, and we are busier. So I'm certainly looking forward to that. I watched about an hour of X-men today before I started work. I WANT TO SEE ALL OF IT XD

Finally got a chance to work on PKMN black, I'm at Liberty Garder right now, explaining to Team Plasma the difference between the words "obtain" and "release".

I had Taco Bell, that was exciting! :D
And last night, the ruins of book shelves came back. Only this time, I was working there, and looking for a gift. I wanted to buy the first dragon lance books I'd read for my nonexistent niece. She'd only read the Kinslayer wars. While I was there, I was dodging a few of my friends for some reason. I was yelled at for my incompetence with the Dewy Decimal system, and thought this was more of an Aurora job!
I danced in defiance, and then everyone was dancing!
Later I was a secret agent in a remote control jet car. I was yelled at by and officer for parking it on top of my partner's car. Well! Then my partner wanted to give it an unauthorized test drive and I said "no!"
I went to a dress store, very pretty orange red and purple dresses <3 buuuuut I had no money so I just looked.

Bye! good night!

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