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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

   Day 11
Aurora and I got through disc 2 of Firefly! :D She liiiikes it XD

and that night I had a dream about my true love!
who.... Dumped me for someone else T_______T
how sad. There were witches in my dream too! And anyone who disagreed with my professor was deemed a witch! We all had to take an inpromptu quiz on a lecture. I failed and was called a witch! nuuuuuu. Also, we went on an adventure camping. All it was was a night in the stars away from sound :D

Had to post this morning because I slept too early last night! Oh, and I did a lot of cleaning and surprised everyone :P


Comment reply @Aurora
Yes, lol. I REALLY got bit by a snake! You would have noticed I think!! It was merely my dream, that's what you get for skimming!


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