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Sunday, June 12, 2011

   Day 16
Today... the server crashed at work again XD GAH! lol

I told you all I trained some new people, well I saw them again today. It will make things interesting with new people around!

I had a dream about a crazy group movie project.

so we were in a new acting class and EVERYONE WAS TALKING.our professor told us all to hush so I did but everyone wanted to talk to me.so we all got in trouble. she told us that she was dividing the class into two groups our punishment was to make a video in our group and bring it to class. my group wanted to do Star Wars but half of us thought it was Star Trek. massive miscommunication! One guy wanted to be in charge so he named himself Captain. I wanted to be in charge so I called myself Commodore
when class ended I realized it was friday and I didn't know anyoneand I worked all weekend to boot! this thing was due monday!so I tried to chase everyone down to get their contact info. they were all piling into a big red van and I spotted them!they tried to hide! They disguised the vehicle by plastering all their white sweatshirts around it. I hopped on the bus to go home... then! I turn around! there is a girl from the group
"thank goodness you're here! What's your number, we need to work on this project!"
and she's like "oh that? Who cares. It's just our grade"
me: "Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaat! I care!!!! Gah
and she jumps out of the bus. Now she's in a junk yard hopping from trash bin to trash bin. I jump after her 'give me your phone number!"she's like "We'll just improvise on monday, that's what the other group is doing"...And Im like "But-but... This is our punishment for being rude to the professor! It will look like we don't care if we don't put effort into this!And that's around the time where the dream ended.

Lol I'm still worrying about group projects and school is over! XD

Goodnight everyone! I have the day off tomorrow!!!

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