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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

   Day 12
(I think?) GAH
lol while Im at it, I'll put down last nights dream.... I know, Im behind!

Well yesterday... hmm
I went to the mall, got a chai frappachino with 2 gift cards put together! Then I went and saw X-men again- and let me say it was just as awesome the second time around. Came home and posted a whole bunch of "learnings" on 100thingsIlearned.com :D

The DREAM I had that night, was that a friend was on the radio talking about science and I was trying to avoid him.... Then the highschool put on a play, and their stage had 2 stories! Afterward we all went to get burgers but only one cook knew how to make a teriyaki burger so it took awhile till he came back from lunch.
Last nights dream is kinda hard to remember, which is why I'm writing about it now. We were all eating cupcakes, when some theives on the road attacked. We gave them most of our cupcakes, so they'd go away, but now there was a new problem, the cupcakes didn't split evenly between the 3 of us! So I just gave them up and had german chocolate cake instead. I was programming some kind of video game calendar but it was driving me crazy. I finally had to give up, but everywhere I went, the video game was glowing. Then I was at school in an acting class. I needed to talk to the school adviser but his class was canceled. I went to a friend's birthday party but I couldn't stay long because I had packing to do? We were either MOVING or going on vacation ;) which I'm actually going to be doing soon-vacation to harry potter world!
Lol nowadays when I'm trying to remember a dream, I ask: was there food? Was there a guy? Was there school? Was there a play? and then I get the jist of it.

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