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Friday, June 3, 2011

   Day 7
That means I've been a week in Summer Vacation!
Yes, it was too late last night to update, but I remember what happened :P

Worked some more on coloring in an illustration. Do you know how weird it is coloring purple hair? lol it was a choice between that and blond.

Basically, I did the dishes, and oh! For breakfast, we had oatmeal with brown sugar and fudge covered strawberries <3
Then I ran over to Aurora's house. It was warmer than expected what with all the clouds. When we got there, we fiercely played Apples to Apples. I think I won twice. The Deck, our fourth player, came real close to winning too!

Then, we started watching FireFly, because Lost is done(I don't have 5/6). After that, we switched to Trivial Pursuit, which I lost T_T (Lord of the Rings) but I came very close to winning!!! Now, I just have to memorize the cards. How nice of this game to have built in flash cards for me to study!

After eating ice cream etc, we finally came home and I chatted online a bit.

Oh, something really funny! I was up early, so I went too see those worlds where I am a guest poster. While I did that, I found Clyne Lacus's wallpaper feature world, and saw Tsubasachro's wallie of Sakura holding a light ball. I was like "I've never seen this before," and I followed the link. IT WAS DEDICATED TO ME!!! And I'd never seen it before! I was like, waaaaah?! What ELSE haven't I seen. So, being the mischievous commenter I am, I went through the first 4 pages commenting on EVERYTHING. By page 5, I was called down for the amazing breakfast mentioned above.
Aurora called and she's like "Borealis! There are better ways to get someone's attention than by spamming their TheO!" XD but then she invited me over so YAY! haha :P it's not spam Aurora, when the comments are actually good comments!
^ found out that this emote on yahoo chat in the middle of a sentence is a rock on face XD

I had a dream that I was in English Class, and I had hw due! nooooooo! So I wrote something really fast and she wouldn't accept it because it wasn't typed. Then, we were each given a new student to take under our wing.
I went to these desert ruins, made completely of book shelves, and I searched for the Pendragon series! FOUND IT!
Then, my great aunt calls and she wants me to talk to someone. The reception is really bad, but then I hear the voice. i think it's my freshman so I give all this English advice. Then my great aunt takes back the phone and says, that was Rupert Grint!
Okay TTFN *hugs*
Im realllly hungry!
ps. there was a vampire at the very end of the dream, standing in my room. I tried to get up so I could see him better, but i was in some kind of sleep paralysis going on! 0_0

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 6
I'll probably remember my dream later XD
I was in the middle of watching a movie called "picnic" and I want to try and experiment. See if I dream about it because I left in the middle wondering how it ends.
Today, I did laundry whoooo. And got a few more hours at work on account of Senior Ball stealing some of the employees away. I can't believe X men comes out this friday! I know what I'll be doing on my breaks!!!
Beyond that, I cleaned the kitchen, went for a run, worked on my story (I got a whole page colored!) Leveled up on Fantasy Kingdoms (65) and castle age (128), and attempted to make myself dinner.
I retrieved my password on Youtube and made a Chrono Cross music playlist to listen to while I make my story! Can't wait!
Also..... Applied to College to transfer! Wish me luck :D

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 5
Yes, well
Today was suppoooooosed to be "play Pokemon day".... but I will do that tomorrow.... I WILL!
Instead, I spent today cleaning my room. Then I went to see Aurora and we played video games, Harry potter Trivial Pursuit (I lost!) and tried to finish LOST season 4. We already had! So instead we watched two discs... TWO DISCS of bonus features.

I'm so happy to be typing in a clean rooooom ^_^

last night's dream, was that the highschool actors were being tortured by a new director. Bowzer was stealing all of their characters' cupcakes (and they had monetary value). I found out they REALLY were starving, and that one of them had died in the lava moat surrounding the REAL castle. So, before the English test I had the next period, I divided the last cupcake between the 40 or so actors, and marched up to the castle, jumping the moat. (cause Im that cool). After dodging falling logs and tetras blocks by gripping the wall, I went though and threw all the perpetrators through the door!
But one of them was really buff and he hauled me to the throne room. At first, I refused to sit, being rebellious and all, but then I felt awkward, because EVEN the queen was sitting. She was filing her nails and asking me why everyone else wasn't revolting like they did every this day at 5:00. I was hauled into a Board of Director's meeting, but when I went to the podium to complain against her, I could only say nice things! My whole mind was blank!


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Day 4
Memorial Day

I couldn't believe it.... My alarm woke me up for school this morning at 7:00 AM ! GAH!
No work this week, so today I woke up, and the family went out to IHOP. MMmmm.
After that, we went to some "wind Festival" and walked around. Mom bought a cool hat, and we saw some amazing wrap around the ear earrings. I'm talking dragons that perched on your ear! There were all sorts of activities to watch, like Chinese children dancing, and kite flying, and running in a big ball, etc. Lots of food, roller coasters. It was nice walking there, the sun was out and it was all downhill. It was harder to go back UP the hill of course.
We stopped at starbucks and I got my new favorite: THE MOKONA FRAPPACHINO!
I call it that because it is the mocha coconut, and I slurred the two words together the first time I said it!
After that, we came home. Ate left over BBQ and cake, and played some Rook. Watched more Frasier :D
My dream last night was that there was a dance at school. Everyone but me had a date! I didn't want to go, but then someone I didn't know approached me and asked if I would go with him! I said sure, and I wore my Senior ball gown ^_^ Turns out, he was a great guy :P and all I remember is that everything went well and I really liked him. Woke up and was upset he didn't exist! Ah well.

Hope everyone was able to spend the day with the family,
<3 hugs

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Monday, May 30, 2011

   DAY 3
Man I was yawning all day long! I had plenty of sleep!!!! 9 whole hours!

Today was crazy at work too! Thousands of customers and 8 of us ^_^ WE are that good XD

Then, I wrote a lot of my book.... still need to finish cleaning my room.
We ate BBQ, and cake! And lattes! haha... guess my diet is over :P

And tomorrow I might spend time with Aurora and then with my family. Not sure what the plan is anymore, because my whole family has the day off for once.

Well Everyone have a good one!

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

   DAY 2
Okay! First of all, today I did a lot of reconnecting with my old TheO friends ^_^
Which is always fun :P

I had a good day at work, running around restocking and helping with the MASSIVE amount of people. Whew it was like Christmas today!

In other news, half my room is clean now! Just a lot of paper/art floating around, you know how it is. Eventually I'll move on to throwing all that school stuff away :D

What elseeeee
Oh, so because of yesterday, watching The Wedding Planner, I had a dream I was in a similar situation. One guy at school kept calling himself my boyfriend, and he wanted to go golfing with me. Another guy liked me and wanted me to "escape" from the other one... But I liked them both! Gah Shoujo love conflict thing! haha
In the end i'm not sure what happened, probably a reflection of the fact that I hadn't finished the movie yet. I did today though, and I approve it!

Hmmmm Watched more Frasier! I think we are on Season 6!!!And I worked on the writing portion of my book a bit.

See everyone later!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hey everybody! It is summer vacation now and I've decided to update this blog!!!Every day!!! It's a mission like none other so I will have a record (to hold myself accountable to) of what the heck I did with all my time! First off, Love you all, miss you all. My biggest excuse for absence has been that I've been into photography and poetry-- two things that are not offered on TheO (not REALLLY). But... I actually got a virus there a while back, so I feel safer here!

I'm working very actively on two stories right now. By the end of summer I want to see some real progress! I want to see Aurora and finish LOST! We are only on season 4 I believe. Of course, while I work this weekend, she's off at an anime convention!

woke up, ate cold pizza for the first time for breakfast. Surprisingly it was good! I worked at the theatre. Conveniently switched shifts for more hours and was able to watch many clips of the new movies. Pirates looking good (though maybe too much action),Rio is cute as ever, Bridesmaids and Hangover 2 are both "stupid funny" which never really appealed to me, Kung Fu Panda 2 was good from what I saw, though I never saw the first one!, annnnnnd what else is out? Fast Five, I haven't seen any of the ones before that, but it was cool. Yeah, I'm being way descriptive. If you are interested in any of these, let me know and I'll describe what I remember! I had a cheese sandwich for lunch XD

When I came home, I did the dishes, munched on chips, and tried (failed) to find the Disney channel XD Ended up watching and recording the movie "Wedding Planner" between Cash Cab and commercials! Wedding Planner was good, still need to finish it. Cash Cab is always great!

I've been urged to play my PKMN black version.... I need to play every tuesday they say. Well! Fiiiiine. It's just a lot of work because I write everything down, role playing as tas from dragonLance. My two friends are Bupu and Raistlin! Eh, I don't know if you know who I mean. Great series though, check it out if you like fantasy.

Then we ate rice, LAMB (didn't know it XD) for the first time, and spinach. I really need to do some summer cleaning, but I thought I'd type this up. I can't wait to see what I'm able to accomplish in the next few months!

Happy Summer Everyone!

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Friday, April 8, 2011

My Dream Youtube vid~!
My Dream MMV
I always wanted to make an amv/mmv. Back in 7th grade, I didn't have the means to, so I drew one out for myself in a notebook! I have come a long way since then as an artist, and I just uploaded my dream fulfilled! And this is my ultimate tribute as a fan to Tsubasa that I can make, a project spanning 6-7 years in the making. :D
<3 check it out if you have 4 minutes to spare of sentimental fun!


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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My laptop did a back flip yesterday, and now it it broken ;_;
In other news, I am looking at colleges to transfer to :)

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

   hello people!
JUST thoughtI'd update!<3s
life is going pretty well!Some of my friends are coming back for the weekend, and I have sunday off to see them :D
I have an A right now in math, I'll try to keep it that way -_-; but yeah, I was really surprised, I think that has to do with the 50 pts ec I got XD
And I have a Speech due monday, against banning books. My teacher wants to use it as a SAMPLE for next year, which I guess means it is good! :P
And Im also participating in a poetry slam on tues, giving a poem on X Country.

not much! Im reading Dragon Lance Elven Exiles 3 for the first time, surprisingly.
Hope everyone else is doing alrright!


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