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Saturday, June 4, 2011

   Day 8
Before I conclude tonight, I must update on what I accomplished today. Hmmmm. Colored some more. I'm about 2/3rds ish done with this page. I went on a rampage finding and favoriting Avatar/Prince of Egypt amvs. I found some weird videos in my favorites I'd never heard of/wanted to hear of and I deleted them. Forgive me if you saw any weird things listed in my favorites, I think someone hacked my account at school.

In other news, I made sure my room remained clean, I went to work, and tomorrow is Senior Ball for some of my fellow co workers. My availability won't be changing until high school gets out, and we are busier. So I'm certainly looking forward to that. I watched about an hour of X-men today before I started work. I WANT TO SEE ALL OF IT XD

Finally got a chance to work on PKMN black, I'm at Liberty Garder right now, explaining to Team Plasma the difference between the words "obtain" and "release".

I had Taco Bell, that was exciting! :D
And last night, the ruins of book shelves came back. Only this time, I was working there, and looking for a gift. I wanted to buy the first dragon lance books I'd read for my nonexistent niece. She'd only read the Kinslayer wars. While I was there, I was dodging a few of my friends for some reason. I was yelled at for my incompetence with the Dewy Decimal system, and thought this was more of an Aurora job!
I danced in defiance, and then everyone was dancing!
Later I was a secret agent in a remote control jet car. I was yelled at by and officer for parking it on top of my partner's car. Well! Then my partner wanted to give it an unauthorized test drive and I said "no!"
I went to a dress store, very pretty orange red and purple dresses <3 buuuuut I had no money so I just looked.

Bye! good night!

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