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Sunday, December 21, 2008

   I got three comments whoot!
So let me respond. :) I think I stole this response Idea from Alphonse13, didnt you used to do this?
To Sparkle 078- thats alright! As for getting on theO, the site as Adam put it "Is under attack", making everything slow. He said hes tightening security, so in fixing it, I think, the pages wont load for now. Thats usually how it is during maintanence.

YAY for OADs, Tsubasa Shunraiki(spring thunder) will come out next year. the first dvd is scheduled to be released in march, the second in April. As for xxxholic Shunmuki (spring exposure), they will come out together with books 14 and 15 next year.

How can he not kick but? He has fai's magic. Everyone was like: Oh no, syaoran may be stonger than even fai!
But of course he is! Now both of his eyes have their flowright taken away. Poor dude. when I saw him give up his other blue eye so that kuro-pu could have his arm I didnt like the idea. So he's got a cool arm. what's going to be more useful in combat? An arm? Or magic? Not that I didnt want kurogane to get his arm back, but why did he have to lose it anyway. One minute, he had it, the next he like chopped it off or something as his price to leave. No, I do, I do admire fai's sacrifice for Kurogane's arm, but whos going to pay the price to get his beautiful blue eyes back? I think that Fei wang reed should! :)
It is a shame indeed. Thanx you too! ^-^

To Innocent Heart- hello! *hugs* Thanks so much! Tsubasachro suggested it to me because it seems a lot of people call me wallie or wallie-chan. lol. I searched wallie robot on google and I couldnt find anything! Than I remembered its spelled Wall-e . :)

Yay! Im glad you liked em. Ive had them tucked away in a folder waiting for my return. yes, go to my world. do not be intimidated by the long OAD article because, though it may have took forever to write, it is quite informative. Happy commenting!
Yes, everyone here will always have each other! Merry christmas!!!!!!!!

To Alphonse 13- no, seriously you used to respond to comments like this! Right? well, anywho, sorry about the internet hating you. Its always a shame when it wont allow you to comment. for instance, if after Im done with this post and I hit "add post" and it gives me "error 404 page can not be found..." I would probably cry. I wouldnt be able to type all of this back up. *hurries to copy everything to paste if prophecy comes true* okay, done!
haha! Im glad I came back at the same time as you too! Weve been through it all havent we? Fist when I was wtevr, the young wallpapermaker! Then I changed my account to wallpaperotaku and we were still friends! *Speaking to everyone* WE SURVIVED THE OTAKULYPSE! We survived The Separation*. Should we call it that "The separation? OR does anyone have a cooler name for it? Anywho, we survived the mass exodus from the site, because well stay here to see change. Just as no one for saw The Separation, we may not now be able to see better times, but they are COMING!!!! *voice echoes, reverberating off the empty halls of the abandoned site.*
Alphonse13, I missed you 2.
Yeah, it isnt my favorite either, if you couldnt tell. But its fairly new, and has a lot of area to develop. It may not be to best, but I feel that it will undergo more CHANGES yet. we must not fear change , my friend, for change is what allows us to venture into new territory. Two paths there are: candy land and goblin kingdom, and if we accidentally take the wrong path, and evil goblins await us waiting to eat us alive, together we will fight them off, become stronger, take the right road, and in front of the wrong path we will put a sign to warn others.
that was a bad analogy.... ah well.

I hope they do come back!!! :(
Hugs everybody!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

   hey hey!
Hey hey everybody! Guess who's back? ME!!!!
Good ol' wallie (which is why I changed my avatar!)... hahah...haha...hm....
well anywho, I made a few more wallpapers and I'm going to keep them coming! So much to do so little time! In land of legends, my theO world, I have a loooooong post about the new tsubasa OADs and a prediction article for 208! Check it out please! :)
How is everybody? How is life treating you all? Yesterday I took 2 hours out of my life to update my stuff and comment on most of my friends stuff. Hopefully I got to you! :)
Hugs to everybody and happy holidays.
lol, some of my friends havent updated since last christmas and It took me awhile to notice because NOW its close to christmas again. I guess that's the same law of a broken clock being right twice a day. In this case the abandoned MyO site is right sorta twice a year (if you count new years and all that). Okay I'm going to stop rambling now. Toodles!

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

   where is everyone?
no one has updated for a long time! I'm guilty too, but..... where is everyone?

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

   I bored and angry
the commenting function may be hideous but it also lacks vital qualities such as a delete button. that could drive me crazy as well as other things which i feel I have already raved too much about. for example: I was not expecting theO and myO to be severed. and a whole bunch of other stuff that has been happening to the two sites has also annoyed me... I never thought i'd say it but i miss the "good old days."
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

   lack enthusiasm
sorry for my lack of enthusiasm, im just lacking that right now, and inspiration too. i want to say I like the otaku's new look, and I do.Its just..... well, its different. its silly. I cant complain because the new features and everything are so great. and now im not making any sense am I ?
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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Right now, I feel better than I sound. I may be losing my voice but that cant stop me from typing! I'm going to try to be more patient about the version vibrant. I guess the better word for impatient would be anxious. I'll feel better after the change.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

   been awhile
its been awhile.... sorries.. I so sick right now.... and the site is being really slow and mean to me....

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Im too tired to think right now. hows everyone else?
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Sunday, January 27, 2008

   This post pertains to an old tsubasa post and some new tsubasa review. if you have not read tsubasa, or do not remember these posts, just humor me!
while reviewing old archives on my otaku site, I found a few posts that some of you may remember. It was back in the day when i did corny trivia!

(this character has one glass eye and a mysterious pendant. he is know for his fighting abilities and he travels a lot. His one goal is eternal life which he hopes he can obtain by finding these twin vampires. So far in the series, he has appeared as a villan, by taking the object that the main character wished to return to its owner and that this character had no use for. But as the main character is truthfully not who he seems, this character could have been a good guy after all as he told the main character the object did not belong to him. So, this character is somehow probably trying to protect the main character and the owner of the object indirectly, for, although it belongs to them, the character also knows that the object would not benefit the main characters. He confuses the main character and is seen as a bad guy because he 'kills' the main characters. this character knew he didnt really kill them so i dont think hes really evil.
Who is he?)

{ winner
you got it anime kitten!!! the answer was Seishiro from Tsubasa first introduced in the Video game world- cant remember the name!!!!! oh gosh. I remember it literally meant cherry blossom but it wasnt Sakura. It was...... some one tell me. How can I call myself a real fan if I forgot? Im just not thinking well today. Itll probably come to me as soon as I post this. Ah well.
hm, Am I the only one who doesnt think Seishiros evil?}

AND I WAS RIGHT! Yay! But at the same time, I wish he was evil. Im tired of clamp always turning the bad guys into good guys. Like eriol from card captor sakura! I wish he had been evil!
who wants to bet that clamp isnt finished twisting the story line? we still do not know the real syaoran's heritage and watanuki is still playing his part as a dream!
everyone except Kurogane has a clone or twin- but lets not speak too soon....
give me your thoughts on this!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

   post yeah.,..
THis is a post!!!!! Hello world!!!! how is everyone??? its been a while but im still here. just busy. I cant promise that I'll be on as frequently as I'd like to be and yet I shall make an effort to continue visiting your guys' sites and corresponding through pms and comments. Hope to see you all around in my random off- and on- the website adventure!

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