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Monday, June 6, 2011

   Day 9
It's a good thing my subject tab remembers what day I last posted, because otherwise I wouldn't know how to title these posts! Summer! All the days running together.

For a couple days my tail bone has been hurting a lot :( Sorry Aurora, but I'm attributing the pain to sitting in the massage chair for too long. But I really don't know what caused it for sure.

I worked today, and boy was it crazy! Our server was down, so we had to only accept cash, do some fun time math, and draw our own tickets to give the customers XD Hectic!

I sadly cannot remember my dream. Something about going to work wipes my brain XD I really need to write down these dreams as soon as I wake up.

I'm getting an odd feeling like I forgot to post for last night. I have to check! I don't want any gaps in my blog!!!!

What else happened.... Watched more X-men. It's really cool, I'd definitely suggest you all go see it ! We all had pizza at work too. I fixed one of my characters' lips in a drawing. It looks much better now I'm proud to say.
Worked on Black, of course. About to fight Burgh,I think is his name. Payed bills, you know the drill. And tried to make a latte but there was no milk!!!! gah.


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