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Friday, May 29, 2009


Me= Happy!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy right now :3
let me tell you about my day!!!

first of all... a bunch of seniors ditched today in rebellion against the cancelation of senior picnic which was supposed to be today. As you know, the threat was to cancel Senior Ball if too many people ditched today. I'm still worried about that buuuuuut... LISTEN (does annoying Navi impression)

Okay so.... I'll call my friends Ron, Hermione, and Sakura.

I went to my poetry class today.

Wall-iE: Why hello there Sakura! May I have a cookie?
Sakura: These are for lunch today buuut, sure you can have one.
W: Munches on chocolate chip cookie.... time passes.
Hermione: Pssst! Hey Wall-iE!
W: Yeah?
H: I'm having a senior picnic at lunch today and you are invited.
W: Really? Thanks ! ^_^
We go to lunch and I see Hermione, Sakura, and Ron sitting in the middle of the campus, sitting on a picnic blanket. Hermione has a picnic basket!
We feasted on watermellon, chocolate chip cookies, animal cookies, cherries, grapes, the others had turkey sandwiches, and Martinelle's (sp) Sparkling Apple Cider!!!!! As you can imagine, all the underclassmen were envious XD

It Was Awesome! Other seniors walked by and joined us, and some of the supervisors and vice principals thought it was a cool idea too! I wish Aurora could have been there, but I think she had a club meeting.
I was so happy and then I went with my family for ice cream!

Also, Yesterday was an awards ceremony, and I recieved some scholarships! Yay me!!!!
haha. Its hard to think I was depressed few days ago XD
I hope you guys are well.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

   sad, distraught, tied up in a knot
Wallie is saaaaad. Her school just canceled Senior picnic because so many seniors ditched on senior ditch day..... She did not ditch...she wasn't going anyway, but now seniors are saying they will rebel by ditching the day on friday... If anyone ditches.... they've threatened to cancel my senior ball T________T I hope no one does. I've been really looking forward to the ball :(
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

   Oops XD
ALMOST Catastrophic mistake

I came THIS close to accidentally throwing away a part of my four leaf clover collection!!!! I was cleaning my room, of course and I put a part of a very very old history essay into the designated trash pile. As I was sorting books, I glanced over to see that it had fallen from the pile so I hastened to put it back . Once it was in the pile AGAIN.... I saw it. On the back, I had taped five four leaf clovers to the back of it......... ( Yes I collect them. I have found about 257)
Thank goodness I saw the back of that history assignment. What do you guys think? Throwing away four leaf clovers would be unlucky, but because they are lucky, I was lucky enough to realize my mistake ^_^
Speaking of collections... I got a fleetwood mac hat for my hat collection! It's orange :3 Yays!

you can see a picture of one, blurry, real, four leaf clover at my world "everything else."

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

(what I already wrote on the o!)

Been forever!!!!!!!!!!!
*hugs to you all!*
oh so busy! Last night was the school play's opening night and we did very well! There were of course the problems: people falling, lights falling, etc, but overall the audience enjoyed it!
I've been having crazy dreams! All last week it was Halloween dream after Halloween dream! XD Why?????? In one dream, some character had to kill himself to escape zombies,and vampires in another i tried to eat doughnuts but they were behind bars and kept turning into glow sticks, in another I made a deviant art friend who only drew halloween stuff and 20 new ones each day, and another one there was trick-or-treating at the mall and I had to fight a witch and then a UFO was invading a beach, in yet another one the carebears returned and wanted to go bowling with me but I don't bowl!!!!!
huff huff.
In other news, I submitted a fan art, did not win the easter comic contest T__T, am going to be judging my "mile in tsubasa shoes" contest, updated my feathers and hogwarts fan fiction, went to the chatroom, saw Aurora and watched Chuck ( an Awesome show I highly recommend) and waited for tsubasa/ holic spoilers that have yet to show them selves!

I miss GreanLeaf, Sparkle 078 and Magic Ringer! They seem to have disappeared!!
(Not to speak for myself who was gone for two weeks)

as such... What did I miss? Any new artwork you'd like me to see? post a link and I'll head on over to start commenting.
Oh! Also made that mastercard mastersword ecard..... That was lots of fun! Originally it was going to be a chrono cross ecard about time travel, then I wanted to incoporate the word master....... And came up with the perfect master sword!

Flowers! And yes the allergens have made their areal assault!I'm only barely fighting them off, though I've called for reinforcements. This morning I woke up sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. I thought I would sneeze myself off the planet and choke in outer space!!!!!!!!!

also.... I went to a drama club murder mystery party and that was a lot of fun. It was a role play based in Hawaii! I thought for sure I was going to die, but, as fate would have it, I the "nerd's wife" survived with my bag of necessitys ( I had a bag prop full of head phones, buttons, a map, a rain maker.... you name it.) And there was so much food!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ah. I am a very happy wallpaperotaku. Speaking of that, Aurora and I were discussing how we should switch names XD But that is a story for Aurora Borealis to tell!

See yah, and remember, keep a sharp eye peeled for SPOILERS and GLITCHES!!!!

*Hugs to you all again *

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hya! I don't usually feature artwork anymore (remember when I used to do that?) But this one is just TOO good. It's from my newer friend Luluseason and it ROCKS!

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well.....short and swift
Hello everyone, this is just to say that you may not see me online as often as usual, for spring break is ending and I will now be limiting myself to about an hour a day of being online. I will try my best to keep up with everyone regardless ^_^

I updated my glitches world. If you know anything about Yu Yu hakusho this might interest you. check it out ^_^

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I got some things accomplished, others not so much . I'm still waiting for the easter fan comic challenge for that ds game to be decided. I wish myself luck XD
Haha! I made a few wallies and fanart to boot! And I finished the picure for Blue-sen 12. It was a bunch of fun and I am proud to say she told me she liked it!

Kyaaaa!The clones are alive!See chapter 219! OMG I was tearing up at the very sight of him.

My friends and I havent celebrated their birthdays yet (I know bad us) so at the end of the week we're goinf to have a " life day" party, celebrating their birth and lack of being dead.

Arg. I still have to post a chapter for the fan fiction. I'll get to it tomorrow though because...( and also make that comic for lazieninjafrong's challenge -_-')
I have a college math placement test thingy today. Aurora and I went yesterday to the library to borrow a few math books to study from. Then we went to her house, played outside in the rain/hail, made my new avi that I think my banner is going to hide, and did math equations! Okay, so I read aloud and she scanned stuff. Haha XD you should have seen it, I brought over my giant binder where I keep all my worthy art.
Oh yeah avi explanation time- We we just being silly and we wanted to show all the trc syaorans in one avi. Then we said " theres a syaoran herese a syaoran every where a little syaoran..."
SO we put that it too.
But to me, it still didnt feel complete. And we decided: We have got to put kyle in there somewhere!
Me: Aurora can we have his name be flashing?
Aurora: lolz

So yes that is my best excuse. I really like my new avi too, though Im sure Ill bring wall-e back soon ^_^

Ciao and have a wonderful day!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

   What simply must be done today! And Happy Easter!!
- must draw my submition to lazieninjafrog's april fools comic contest. The deadline is coming up and there arent any submissions. Any one who can enter should ^_^ If I'm the only one, there wont be much competition. Come on someone! :)
- Must finish drawing Bluesen's silver moth character XD
- must write a chapter of the chunnin trials fanfic!
- must........ make a wallpaper! I havent done that in forever
-Make a tsubasa plushie with Aurora. Anybody wanna tell us who to make?
That's all I think.


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Saturday, April 11, 2009

   Spring BREAK
Hi everyone and thank you so much for the comments on my e-card ^_^
I recently posted a tsubasa easter egg hunt fan comic for the lux-pain challenge. take a look at it if you're interested. Why do I always torture kurogane in my comics? I guess it's only natural because it's fun when fai makes him angry XD

I have a whole lot planned such as finishing my entry to the april fools challenge, making a wallpaper, getting together with aurora for madness, chatting with Clyne Lacus, hugging you all, sleeping in, and drawing that picture for Bluesen's silver moth book (seriously, I'm almost done.)

So how is everybody else ? hmmmmmmmm?

In art class we are making fake tattoos! Mine is so complicated and everyone's telling me how much it would hurt! But I dont want a tattoo so it doesn't matter ^_^

uhhh......lets seee. I guess that's all for now... I miss you guys cause it seems like a lot of you are on vacation!

oh yeah I'm going hiking on thursday. There are caves and I have to bring a flash light. SPOOKY!

xxx holic 178 is up on onemanga! :)
tata for now!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

   yo everybody!
Yo everybody! How is every little thing?
I'm good! Tomorrow's Thursday... then friday.. then SPRING BREAK! lol. It seems that everyone on theO has had their Spring Break so far except me T_____T
anywho, here's a new e-card I made. Well, I think it's cute- that's why I made it ^_^

What else.... Oh yeah! I beat the Elite 4 100 times!!! Sadly, and contrary to common rumors, nothing happened XD
It was fun though ^_^

Well I hope you all are well and remember: You survived wednesday so you can make it through to the weekend!!! Whoo Hooo!!!

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