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Monday, April 6, 2009

Well hello everybody! (except for Sparkle chan who will be away for a while)
How's it going?
Lets see.... For the most part, I must be fine, because I can't think of anything bad XD
Um.... yesterday, I attended a poetry/blog workshop and it was a lot of fun! I learned stuff, met people and got to read poetry! The only downside of course was that all the food contained meat (and as you all know now, I am allergic to all meat but fish.)
I also worked on cleaning the stage for drama. It was like a puzzle putting everything where it needed to be (no seriously, I felt like I was in ZELDA!)
So I updated my fanfiction, check it out if you have a mind to, I added a new post to the glitches world and I'm not sure about "spoilers."
Speaking of spoilers did anyone read the latest chappie of Naruto? They said it was going to have a twisted ending, but instead Naruto just attacked pain with Rasengen. And BLEACH?! OMG, Kurosaki just stabbed Ishida!!!!!! I really hope he's ok!
Gotta go now, C ya!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today is gonna be another looong one!
but lets see... a couple days ago I had to wake up at 4 a.m to get ready to perform in a play. The whole day was a big adventure! I ate breakfast four hours later, but just a few muffins the size of my thumb lol.
And lunch swung by and I was the lonely vegetarian peeling the turkey from my sandwhich. The turkey actually looked good too! But meat hates me, so..... I had to throw it away.
Lessie....Today hasnt really begun yet, but it wont end for a long time either. I've got lots to remember (again) and I've gotta be sure to meet 3 deadlines by the end of the week. Yesterday I forgot to bring my homework, so that was bad T_________________T
Today will surely be better!

Oh! And apparently I recieved an award for having a high grade point average for four years in a row. Yays!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mood- tired it's 4 o clock!
eating- cream of wheat eventually
drinking- milk eventually
listening to- the sound of my typing
thinking- about how I should be asleep

Guess what Guess what Guess what?!

I forgot to mention that a couple days ago, I got a dress for the formal! and it is sooooo pretty! It is long, black, with a long open back and a the front of it has an egyptian style neckline set with clear/silvery "stones".
it is so pretty and that makes me happy!

ps. Thanks for all the comments yesterday. I'll try to be calm and continue looking for it.

Oh and dont forget to vote for the clamp now cover page. more details, see and earlier post!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

   The past will always repeat itself
Remember these old posts?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


has anyone ever borrowed something from someone and thought only about not losing it and then lost it before~? My friends umbrella is gone, I have to find it and return it to him!!!! :(
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YAY! I found it. Yes it was raining. Thanxs for your encouragement! I never stopped looking! As it turns out someone picked it up and returned it to me this morning! I am so releived. When I lost it I was so miserable!!! I dont know why my last post was marked by a happy face. But, Since THIS is a happy post, I'll find a better smile~! YAY! so, thanx a lot for caring! usually, if you loose an umbrella, it means you will never see it again-
" Its raining out here....HEY LOOK! A free umbrella. *takes!*"
Its nice to know some people dont act like the above quotation.

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Well the past repeated itself today. I lost my friends very precious stone that he cut and polished. I was crying a lot about being so careless but he says not to worry, hell find another one. But... I'm still very sad and I hope I can find it :(

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

   Clamp fanbook
Hi everyone! Now you can vote for the cover of the clamp fanbook!

Mine is called
Here it is: Oh and I drew/colored the whole thing myself, I'm so proud!

and you can see all of the others here:

If you like mine, please vote for "E" here: (you can vote for someone elses too though lol.)

Thanks for taking the time to vote! And I hope you liked my artwork!

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   Hya people!
Hey hey!So..... it is another day of hard work! Writing essays, memorizing lines, etc.
Thinking- about psychology essays
eating- pancakes! Yay for breakfast at noon!
drinking- milk!
reading- The crystals of Yukitake by Koishi magna on theO
Posting- on myO and also chapter 9 of my Tsubasa/harry potter fanfic on my legends of tsubasa world."

In response to your comments first:

1. no no, it's not my play, as in a play I wrote it's my play as in the one I am in. Sorry for that confusion! But yeah I did write a play once, it was about a genie that came out of a hairspray bottle ^_^ The girl goes back in time with the first wish and has to dress up as a knight to save a prince from being eaten by a dragon. But the prince is less than grateful because he says she's a weirdo. lolz
2. Thanks for the appreciation of the card! And also on the comic. On deviantart melmoon says thanks and gives you all hugs!!!! So *Hug!
3. Thanks Anna-chan! I know some otaku's computers are streching the post and even cutting off words. so yeah, you can make me another if you have time ^_^
4. yeah, last hope has been discontinued, but no the company "7 seas" isnt going under... From what I hear it is notorius for making weak contracts with american mangaka, and then stopping the publishing within the first few books. If you want to make manga, i really suggest you do not go with a flaky publisher like them. do some research and make sure they are reliable first! So yeah... they just decided to end the publishing for Last hope.
5. Yeah, watch the Oads if you get a chance.
6. If you could, do not forget to submit something to my fan art challenge: Draw five anime characters from any anime cosplaying as kurogane, fai, mokona, and syaoran and sakura....

and Lazienijafrog's fan comic contest:
April fools, have anime characters in
an anime pull a prank or joke on one another ^_^

~Bye now!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Thanks for the comments on the doujinshi! Again, it was made by melmoon on deviant art, so sparkle chan that may be where you've heard the name before ^_^
So let's see.... I still loooove my banner! Tis so amazing!
I've got a lot of work to do and too little space in my memory to remember it all XD
I'm sad because the great american manga I was reading, Last Hope, has been discontinued, and only at the second book! Ugh. And the last chapter they ever made ended with my favorite character being captured and whipped. How much does THAT suck? lol. Well that just makes more room for the fanfic people to start writing! But reall tis a bummer!
Ooo. I got an encore like thing, so my play is going to be performed again! I get to be a warthog once more!!!lolz.
Shunraiki raw is out. My review: A bit disappointing, but still pretty good. And it ends with a cliff hanger! The only bad parts were when Tomoyo was talking for four minutes straight. I was literally falling asleep! Maybe when I can actually understand what she's saying it will be better... but, she was obviously talking to explain past events to the viewers, something she wouldnt have had to do if they had made the oad of the other two arcs! (Infinity and Celes.) But hey, I'm cool.... I don't know what I was expecting, afterall the chapters were just as slow. But yeah, watch it when subs come out, it is worth seeing ^_^
I guess Im just a critic. T_______________T

Happy friday!
A funny ecard ( I think so anyway XD)

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

   A comic my friend Melmoon on deviantart made! Click the links to enlarge them so you can read em!

Tsubasa Doujinshi - cover by ~melmoon on deviantART

Tsubasa Doujinshi - page 1 by ~melmoon on deviantART

Tsubasa Doujinshi - page 2 by ~melmoon on deviantART

Tsubasa Doujinshi - page 3 by ~melmoon on deviantART

Tsubasa Doujinshi - page 4 by ~melmoon on deviantART

Tsubasa Doujinshi - page 4 by ~melmoon on deviantART

Tsubasa Doujinshi - page 5 by ~melmoon on deviantART

Tsubasa Doujinshi - page 6 by ~melmoon on deviantART

Tsubasa Doujinshi - page 7 by ~melmoon on deviantART

Tsubasa Doujinshi - page 8 by ~melmoon on deviantART

Tsubasa Doujinshi - page 9 by ~melmoon on deviantART

Tsubasa Doujinshi - page 10 by ~melmoon on deviantART

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Thank you chibi-anna-chan for the beautiful BANNER!!!! I just had to figure out how to put it at the top ^_^
(IT totally swallowed up my avatar.... but I don't care.) View the beautiful goodness!!!!!
Have a great day everyone!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

   conflict: Resolved!
Eating- Cinnamon-sugar toast (ok mostly sugar but hey!)
Drinking- Milk!
Thinking- hmmm. not much
watching-Hana Kimi
Reading- Hana Kimi
Current obssession- Hana Kimi

Alrighty! So Thank you Lazininjafrog is going to do the April fools contest! Be sure to support it... Hmmmm. Maybe I'll enter XD Would that be wrong of me?lol...... so maybe not. But I cant wait to see what people come up with!

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