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Monday, June 6, 2011

   Day 9 for real, the last post was for today, day 10 EEEK
LOL NUUU I knew I forgot a day!!!!

Because I didn't remember posting about my dream, which was quite extensive. And everyone knows wallie only goes to Taco bell on Fridays!!!!
Well, Yesterday, as it were, I worked a later shift. I was covering for a friend who didn't want to miss Senior ball! :D and I'm always happy for more hours. I seem to recall time flying by, so many non-stop people.

The store next door has this special where you can buy "yesterdays" cookies for a cheap price, so that's one thing i did. SOOOO good XD
and before work, I came in and watched a good 45 minutes of X men.

As for my dream, I was taking photos of the clouds and a castle. I went to the zoo and tried taking pictures of snakes- there was a whole tree made of snakes! and one bit me! XD Went swimming at my grandparents' house, and then I was somehow back on my high school stage, doing the best of musicals in the past. Ugh, not knowing the dances/ lines/ asking people for their scripts is a recurring nightmare of mine that pushes me to dive back in to the musical performances. I haven't lost my touch, despite what my dreams say!

*hugs again!
~Wall-iE on Day 10!

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