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Sunday, February 1, 2009

hello everybody! Today's the last day to read the first chapter before I put up the second one, so check it out plz!
Ill make it easy for you:


lol. Ah, I'm having a good day. I dont like leaf blowers though, so loud, and pollutant. Why do they exist? A rake can do the same job- better! They give off 100% emmissions into the atmosphere and we have to breath it! They send fungal spores, weed seeds and dust flying around the neighborhood at hurricane speeds. no, I dont understand it.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

   yo sup everybody!?
1. Order of business: Tsubasachro- watch lost! Its the kind of thing you would like. believe me!
2. Marisa I hope you get to read it before I add the next chapter. Rememer the link to my story is in my portfolio under "legends of Tsubasa" or something like that- I changed the title. Well... due to a new feature on theO, Ive been helping out all the new otakus. lol. its fun.
My description of Star Ocean was poor, and exaggerated for effect. lolz. Maybe I should review another game. Ever heard of "Arc the Lad..." Dont get me started on it. Im already laughing about it. That game- its just- ugh. you would understand if you played it X_X
And yes I am a gamer, one of the best I know too! but.... I dont know very many... lol

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

   Yo people! (there are now only 4 people on my friends list who actually visit My O anymore...... and I have a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong friends list. I'm feeling the silence again!!!! Anywho, this post is to yall who a
You guys Rock! *Hugs*
Lol, MyO may be an island that you can leave but never return, a place where no one may enter but the already signed up members, but it is OUR island!!!

Hey, does anyone here watch Lost? lol, fitting title. But, hey, I love it!

Okay, so responding to Yalls comments:
Alphonse13- Yep, but Harry potter isnt in it!lol. It takes place five years after he graduates, and I wrote it five years ago (meaning before book 6 and 7 came out. Personally, I found it very entertaining to read now that the books are out because of all the predictions that I made concerning the end of the series. Lots of Tsubasa stuff in it too, but it is all non-gothic. It has that books 1-5 feel to it (cause those are all I had read.) I'll be posting a chapter each week, so you dont have to be in a hurry to read it. :)

Star Ocean is a futuristic game about the main character Fayte, who is on vacation. Then the vacation is ended when another planet's battleship attacks. You go in an ecape pod and become stranded on an island where you have to stop this human criminal from terrorizing the underdeveloped planet. You are then found and "resued" By this super powered humanoid named "cliff". He tells you he needs you to talk to his boss. lol. K, so He takes you on his ship, but the engine dies and you crash into the middle of a Dark Ages (lol I cant spell midevil) planet and youre all arrested. so this girl gets you out of prison and want you to create a weapon of mass destruction for her to fight the country that captured you (shes on the other side in a war). You refuse!
And thats as far as Ive gotten!

Marisa- yeah check it out! as I said, I'll be updating everyweek!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

   fan fic
Hey! guess what? Im posting a tsubasa/harry potter fanfic on my world "Land of Legends". If you want to read the first chapter, check out my theO portfolio and go to that world.

Hows everybody doing? The site is practically empty today, so I thought if I posted, more people would too.

well... .I'm playing star ocean for the PS2. Have you played it before?
It's reminding me a ton about Star Trek- of which I am a huge fan.
Waddabout you all?
Have a great super duper allyooper monday!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Guess what? Im doing chemistry and I ACTUALLY understand the math... this is me we're talking about.
MOLARITY=me happy

molar mass: 1.008+ 35.45= 36.408grams per mole
mass: 10 grams
1 mole/ 36.4 grams x 10 grams/ 1 =
10 moles HCL/ 36.4 x 1/ 10 Liters HCL
10 moles HCL/ 364 Liters HCL= M
molarity HCL= .027M
lol. If this is wrong.... well oh well. I think it is right!
oh and read my last post too if you want!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

   ya know what?
Ya know what? I just realized that we My Otakuians (lol) are a dying race. Think about it.... the home of the otakuites is about to be a surging home of otaku legends. This site is an island for sure! No one new can join- its just us. But we arent trapped, we can leave but it means never coming back..... curious, isnt it? Maybe that means weve been pulled closer together after the separation, rather than further apart. All we have are our friends, sure we can search for random members , or the people we meet on the otaku, but there is no longer that aquaintance mingling, random signing of guest books, or checking that recently updated member list. I remember the days when I would veiw the list of new members and view their first peice of work. no more. We are the VHS, my friends, and the O is a DVD. Who needs us? who even has a VHS player anymore? Some of us do, and as long as we are working properly, we wont throw ourselves away! Dont get me wrong, the O is nice and is still in its beginning stages of development/ improvement and looks very promising (like DVD going to Blueray?). The point Im making is that we have that little friends list, the PM messages I begged for but then really never used :(, and our posts. Ive never really been to a quieter site before in my life, and though that silence is sometimes boring, and though I may sometimes be alone, there is a peacefulness and solitude in that silence that I actually value. I will never truly be alone here as long as those highlighted names appear in my backroom! You friends and anyone else who reads this mean so much to me. We are the ones who will stay to see better times. And if the silence begins to hurt... we can visit the O city!
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Monday, January 5, 2009

I told all these people that I would draw their characters for them and theyre becoming very impatient with me! I tried and tried but all that comes out is scribbles! ... or tsubasa XP

Hey- but my ps2 is fixed so yay!
and I found my tsubasa book 18 (in japanese weeeeee)

I guess I cant stay stressed out for long lol.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

   yes. Yes! YES!!!
Hey everybody! Whats the status report on christmas gifts? ok, so after all that, I forgot to leave santa milk and cookies, so instead I helped him put gifts by the tree and deliver them!
I hope Pommiesmanga and Marisaofthesound got lotsa otaku stuff! 1 million dollars would be nice huh? And innocent heart I hope you got your ds and figure! Sparkle 078 I hope you got lotsa plushies music and what else.

I got exactly what I wanted!!!
Fan word about Shunraiki- PUBLISHED
Chapter 208- OUT AND AWESOME!
Anime stuff- Kingdom Hearts II, Naruto cards, Bleach (memories of nobody).

I couldnt be happier right now!
P.s- Sparkle 078.... I have a syaoran plushie! ( and a mokona one too) Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
(on cloud 9 )

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hohoho! Mr.Clause speaking here! What do ya'll want for christmas?

Wall-ie: Santa! I want Tsubasa chapter 208 on one manga and my Shunraiki post made into a fanword and lotsa anime stuff!

Santa: Oh! I love anime!!!!!

Wall-ie: Wow really santa?

Santa: Why of course I do!

Wallie: So what does everybody else want? *whisper* And what do you think santa wants for christmas?

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Monday, December 22, 2008


I went to my theO backroom and It told me I was forbidden to access the page. ;_; Forbidden to access my own Backroom? I feel so unloved!

TheO really has been acting weird lately! Every other time I go on it says page cannot be found.... Its even happening to MyO too.

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