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Thursday, June 9, 2011

   Night 13
I've got to keep my dreams separate or else I'm bound to keep forgetting:
I had a dream.... Let's see it was the last day of school, and someone I knew who'd moved to florida was coming back to visit. Sadly, I missed him, and everyone at the bus stop was telling me he went "down by the river". What river? I walk along, texting as I go (really spell check? You won't let me say texting without a red line?) when I think I see him. He's got Aurora's parasol, and I'm still wearing my sombrero. I just ate at Subway btw, and it cost 5 bucks. Now I have seven left, because I decided to also buy dessert. Anyway, so I THINK it's him, but I'm not sure. When I walk up to him and start talking, though, I know it's true. He's saying that he's really hungry, and I'm like "I'll treat you to lunch. I've got 5 bucks."

Then we start talking about how both of us are no longer vegetarians and how soy isn't all that great. We are at the mall, looking around at restaurants and I point out a sushi bar and subway. We walk into all the stores. One of them has a purple pony plushy, and a bunch of kids were running around. The lady who owned the store said it was also a day care but she wished they had more room. I said not to worry because kids have big imaginations! I went back to the pony, recognizing it as the same as my old favorite possession: Little Lavender Lady! She doesn't make songs and her hair light up, mom took out the battery and sewed her up long ago. I told her it made my day to see them all! (from Poland, the sign said).

Another part of my dream was that I was making a reconstruction of a river going through the mountains. I had to paint the blue rivulets down the mountain too. THEN the dream shifted so that I was playing WOW and I popped up in this place with lots of goblins who wanted to kill me. I was trying to remember how to heal myself, when this guild wants me to join them. NUUU! and then I die XD

The end

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