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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Hmm...I wasn't planning to update today but since I've got a few minutes [while eating my yogurt xD, see I'm eating =P], it'll be usefull to just update and tell you whats been going on on my side of the world aaand tell you my plans for what I'll be doing because heh I'm going to be far more busy now [booo].
This is the first time I'm actually going to look back and see what I've been through and going to pass through so it'll be more of memo for my ownself buut shared with you all, so enjoy somehow =P and a big advanced "Thank you" to whoever reads it.

So shall we start already?

Well I think it would be wised to start writting what actually happened on my birthday, after all what I've told you was the night before where I actually waited to 12:05 am to come heh, [it was such a crazy night =P].
The actual day was alright well only the afternoon was bad, the morning was cute my dad once again woke me up with a kiss and called me "butterfly" and that always so...well you know, just brings you tears to your eyes and the feeling is overwhelming, mom was also there so it was quite special moment for me, went to the kitchen and my sister litteraly runned and jumped to my lap [mind you although I'm older my sister is taller then I] so yeah I almost had an heart attack aaaand I just don't know how could I stand with her on my feet, hehe, crazy sister.
Soon enough I had to head off I was feeling pretty well but by the end of the day and when I got off of work...well I cried on the bus through all the trip back home, I won't say why, it was just a very bad day at work, but then when I got home everyone was still up so I felt a bit ridiculous to just waste my day that way so I swept away my tears and shoved it from my heart, I had a fantastic night with all my loves company, so I really can't complain in the end ne?
Had a fantastic time on my two days off later on, we went out to celebrate my day so yeah very amuzing times.

Got payed a few days later soo that was very nice belated gift =P

A few weeks later got a very hard time but after a few time, things work out for the best.

Since then not much has happened, really.

I still need to do more sign ups, I yet need to sign up for this course that just seems so interesting, I never ever would have guessed on the past that I'd probably get interested on that but right now it seems challenging, I need to sign up soon or I won't get a place, oh its Journalism btw, yeah very wierd thing coming from me x]

Mom advised me to sign up for a debate kinda of thing, you know when your hmmmmm "Mayor"?Tell you whats his plan for the future and you like basically say your opinion about it, yeah seems interesting and this way who knows I might find my path ah, yeah right haha. I yet need to sign up for that too.

I also need to mail something to someone, heh it was suppose to mail it on Monday but blah I couldn't so James I'm sorry if you don't get it on the actual day, I'll see if I can mail it today and who knows with some luck it might actually get to you in time. I hope so anyway.

I've also need to reply a bunch of pm's I've got these days, heh [sorry for the delay!].

I've also have to do some papers for the job thing.

Oh boy there's lots of people who's mad or going to be mad at me:

My travel agent [I need to go to him and plan things out really soon before this months end and the vacancies runs out]

My doctor [oh yeah when she sees how much weight I've lost...yeah I'm toasted]

aaaand probably a few more people I told I was going to say, show up aaaand I didn't, bleh.

I'm seriously in trouble there's so much to do and so little time.

Oh and last but not least!I've got a huge package two days ago, it was full of goodies and love....I'm in love for this person even more, been hugging my mini-version of her every morning. And this person is Vicky, I so looove you babe!Thanks once again for the gift!*glomps*

Yeeeeeeeep thats my very summarize memo about whats happening or going to happen, heh I know its huge but believe me I took alot of things out, I've just told you the more important ones the original one its saved on my computer to remind myself of how lazy I've been and all the things I need to do. XD

Oh one last thing!Thanks so much for your cute comments about my new layout *hugs*

Have a good day and wish me luck! x]

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Its been awhile since I update ne?
Yes I am still alive, and probably even crazier...

Big update soon [so you wait for it], new theme up [it gave me a heck on an headacke...enjoy!]

That is all...

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Shakey, shakey its so darn cute!Made my Sephy's babeDate:May 12, 2006
Feeling:tired/sore but so darn good.

Hello boys&girls!
Blaaah my body hurts immensily, darn you canucks [you know who you are] and that cute little anime "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" opening dance!!


[check Someguy's page to know what I mean with that, he has links about it there, yeah I'm way to lazy to do it myself xD]
Hehehe, actually I'm not this sore due that, although I have tried to actually perform those moves many many times, [in one of my tries I even trew a bowl of chips trough the air.... hahaha]....I'm almost mastering it though!Boyha or whatever is spelled!


But yeah work was really hard yesterday way to many people to attend too blaaaah...

Although I've got to revenge myself there hehe, you see this stupid guy was like talking to me on a very not cool way ya know, and he like let his soup fell from his hand while he was looking at me and gossip things and guess where did the soup fell?.... on his lap!! He jumped from his seat and said "HOLLY SHIT thats hot!", I laughed so hard but so hard I almost choked... he'll think twice next time.... I love sweet revenge *grins* x]

I swear I sometimes think I have some kind of power, I told myself before that happened "Jerk, I hope his soup fells on him somehow" and it did, its freacky I know...

...so yeah next time you try something with me be carefull or I'll somehow take my revenge, mwahahaha


Okay its official I've lost my mind, you still love me right? x]

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Thursday, May 4, 2006

my love for you all is eternalDate:May 4, 2006
Feeling: Very sleepy/tired/sore *yawns*

Hey there boys&girls!
I know, I know I haven't been much around or even visiting lately AND I also said that next time I'd post I'd show you the birthday cards ne? I'm sorry but I won't show them yet, heh. I have so many to tell you but so little time, PLUS my free time will get even shorter now since the schools are all open for signing up for courses and I still have to do some papers to work, boo...
So yeah you'll see me even less here, except perhaps at night when I get back from work some of you who have my msn contact can catch me there =P

Bleh don't you just hate those huge lines with people moaning, yawning and belly growlings and everyone like take a step forward every half an hour? Well I do, its pretty annoying, but I do have my sister's mp3 soo it makes entertained =P

And don't you looove paychecks? I LOVE!Wish I could get a paycheck every week with the amount of money I get every month XP

Oh boy....I have to go in about 10 min, need catch the bus for work again booo, I'm still so tired and sore although I slept a good ammount of hours... 13 hours me thinks... Guess it wasn't enough, heh curse me for being up for god knows how many days till wayyy to late at night XD

soooo...yeah that was a quick random post brought to you by Shadow...


Have a nice day everyone <3

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Monday, May 1, 2006


my love for you all is eternalDate:May 1st, 2006

Hey everyone!I'm sorry I haven't said anything this last days after my birthday but heh I've been quite busy =P

This will be quick because I've got to jet pretty soon, me and the family are going out to celebrate my birthday since I was working on the current day hehe...

I just want to say that I'm so happy to hear you guys liked my little voice clip I showed you on that day, it truly made my day reading your comments, it also made my day all the late night chats I've been having with my wonderfull loves in msn, its a shame that my mom caught me most of the times *giggles*, and also made my day the cards some of you sent me, which I'll show you all on my next update...to ALL of you my deep and honnest THANK YOU!!
You guys made my birthday be such a wonderfull time and there's no way I can thank you enough for that, so I'm just going to send you lots of love and hugs on your way *hugs*

Aya gotta go now...see you next time...oooh I've changed the theme btw, I adore how it looks now, hope you like it too <3

Have a nice day everyone <3

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Friday, April 28, 2006

yeah...why be one anyway?XDDate:April 28, 2006

So teh day has finally come, hehehe.

Aaaand since its my b-day and I have like this little myotaku tradition to give you something special today here's what I came up this year, enjoy!

and if it doesn't work somehow here's the link for you to listen:


....well for whatever reason your not able to listen to this, wither is because you don't have or they won't work speakers OR more probably don't get what I'm saying *laughs* here's what I'm saying there hehe

"Hey everyone!Shadow's here!!
....actually its shadow's voice *giggles*
How's everyone doing?Good? Thats wonderful!I'm pretty good myself....no actually, I'm exploding of happiness! *more giggling*
I know you must be thinking ďwhy the hell Iím doing thisĒ, I wanted to do something original, I was going to do a card but you know it takes much time and I thought ďhey why not doing a voice clip?Ē, since some of you havenít heard my voice yet, so hereís your chance, I know, I know this seems wierd but hey its different And original now isnít it?
I just hope you understand what Iím saying *giggles* if not, fear not! If you scroll down you have what Iíve said and you can read it, can you see it?

[Knowing how curious some of you are, Iím pretty sure your reading this now arenít you?]

I truly hope you enjoy this, though!

I had like such an amazing time last night, I got home from work and like all my family was awake and waiting for my arrive, there were so cute!There were many hugs/kisses/pinches *giggles* gooosh so much love was there it could melt the whole North Pole!Can you believe it?*again giggles*
I've got so many gifts!My mom gave me this huge book from "Mao" the chinese governer, its about his private AND all the little naughty details about what he've done, its really huge and heavy *boy again giggles*, but I'm so glad because it means my mom finally accepting my big crave for Asian stuff, although Mao is like a heavy stuff to be read *giggles* but happy with the gift nonetheless, should be interesting to read it. *I'm smilling which you can't really see...again XD*, she also gave me this two big bottles one that makes bubbles bath and another of bath gel, aww she knows me so well, I'm a bubble bath whore, that's right bubble bath whore *giggles*, my older brother gave me this big sweet pack of pamper things, you know more bath gell and the sweetest smell I ever smelled it on a champoo, I'm in love for it!I wish you could like smell me right now, I smell soooo niiiiice!*laughs*
AAAAAnd the other brother gave me Tomb Raider: The legend!!!Oh my gosh you guys can't believe how much excited I was when I got that!I was impatiently waiting for it, lara croft is a goodess and everyone knows that, the videogame its AWESOME!I wasn't expecting less, but you know the previous one did disappointed me, heh don't expect much about me lately I'll be with Lara's company exploring the tombs!*giggles*
Someone wanna come?
Aaand then after all that love session I took a well deserved bath, bubble bath of course and went straight online, after awhile everyone started to get on, (except one person though tskkkkk), I must tell you I'm the luckiest girl ever alive in this world, I was so pampered yesterday, I have the bestest BESTEST friends ever, they made me feel the luckiest and special girl, some naughty tears rolled over my face a few times with some things they said, saddly I was caught being online at 3am and I didn't want to leave, seriously!I wouldn't mind being on all night long with them! OOOOh I opened my gift with you know who, I loved my gifts wearing one of them now!Its so beautifull!Thanks you know who!

My lovedoves thanks so much for making last night so special and memorable, its craved on my heart forever... Your my boys and girls and you know how much I love you don't you?
I dreamed with you guys last night and it was such a lovely dream where were all together hugging and chatting and drinking tea!!*giggles*
I DID felt your hugs there, and it was awesome....I wish it was true though...
.....today every hour that passes I'll be closing my eyes and I'll see you all surrounding me, and I'll remember that dream.... and I feel complete *silence*

......*teary giggling* aww I better stop this or I'll like start crying hard *teary giggling* oh man Iím so silly sometimes...

*more silence* I'm silence now because I'm virtually hugging all of you!LOVEEEE YOU!!!!!*laughs*

Just one more thing though today's my Evil birthday, she's turning 16!!16!Can you believe that?!
Go to her site and give her a shout!Sheís needís....she needs to know sheís loved you know and because she's an awesome AWESOME and truly lovable girl!!
Happy birthday sweet ALexa!I hope you have many many many many many manry more years and we can be stuck and enjoying together our birthdays till you achieved 100 years old!*laughs* Have a wonderfull day love!Seriously you deserve it!

Okay I shut up now *giggles* Hope you like this and I hope I was understandable too*giggles*
Big kisses and hugs Iíll see you next year!

I giggled way to many times don't I?


Have a nice day everyone <3

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

truly isDate:April 26, 2006

Okay so this will be a random post of random things that have been happening lately, some situations I'm about to ramble may help you in future situations but honnestly I advise you to run away and don't read it xD

So shall we beguin? =P

As you know I'm working, the place? On a restaurant heh yeah, so you know some people should be more polite while they order things, like I don't know more polite, I'm not asking to like chat with me or give me a tip after just be polite that's all I ask, after all I'm bringing your food, now if I was a mean person I would do something to your food, right?
We're there to serve that's right its our duty no doubt about that, but a smille and "Good evening" or "Thanks" its enough really, and if we're taking a bit of time to attend you just don't fret, its not our fault the bloody restaurant is full and there's like zillion people before you, keep cool we'll come to you.

In one of my runs to attend everyone I fell hard on the wet kitchen floor, I hurt my leg, that happened like two days ago...its still hurts.

And don't you hate stalkers? Like REALLY hate them?

I do alot, I hate guys that as much as we say "no", they think its a "yes" or "maybe", gosh if a girl says "no", its "NO", not yes or maybe, its a plain freacking "no" so those type of guys should stop harassing and leave the girl alone dammit!

You see, after work I catch this bus to take me back home every night [I leave work at 11 pm] and there's this guy whom I never tried to talk or even look at him, keep harassing me every freacking night! The first time he aproached me, I was nice you know, he said "hello" I said "hello" back and we had this very plain trivial chat, I told him I was dating, which I'm not btw, to be honnest he was really boring to talk with, and he was like using this very annoying soft pretended voice and he did said somethings that got on my nerves, in a few words I dislike his company.
I'm a nice person though so I kept chatting being very trivial and not allowing anything more than that, really I shouldn't had even replied the "hello" back to him in the first place, now he doesn't leave me alone! He keep trying to seduce me and gosh he even had the nerve to say to me, I could date him WHILE I'm dating this other guy I said I was!How dare of him to proposed that to me?!Like I was those type of girls!

I tried everything, first told him as much nicely I could I didn't want any type of relation with him, friendly or whatever, than got mad, yelled, been a tottaly bitch with him but nooooo he keeps stalking me!
I'm honnestly getting wayyyyy pissed with this, if he keeps going with this I might slap him right there!Damn, I hate guys sometimes!!

So if your a girl my advise is, be carefull to whom you reply "hello", if the guy seems to boring to talk with or you don't enjoy his company tell him right away, don't wait, and than just walk away, he might think your obnoxious or rude, but you never know what kind of guy you can meet and you avoid situations like this.

Alright I'm done for today xD
Sorry about this, but I needed to talk about it, mainly because things like this can happen to anybody so I'm just trying to advise or let you know my own experiences, heh I know I was a bit "bicthy" though which I apologise for that.

Oh I have shout to make, SG just finished school go give him a "hurray" shout [here].

And btw my loves thank you so much for the wonderfull comments and compliments, it makes my heart flutter when I read them *huggles*

Have a nice day everyone <3

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Darn rainSo I'm not sure why I'm updating since really nothing really happened that interesting to be told here, I guess I just felt like posting, haha. x]
But anyway let's make this usefull shall we?
Hmmm...I'm healthy again, yes you heard well, I still have those crazy and irratating coughing sessions now and then though I don't wake up or get tired so easily anymore, that's really a HUGE plus on the work I must do.

This damn flu was the worst I ever got till now, usually it only takes like 7 or 10 days right?Mine took like 3 weeks, 3 weeks!Can you believe that?
But what matters is I'm healthy once again and it feels really good to be that way!

Oh!I just remembered something!

Yesterday was such a beautifull sunny warm day, it felt like summer had finally come and it didn't rain!
My family went to this holliday here, its such a beautifull one, they like make this drawings on the floor with flowers and leaves, the streets smell so well and the drawings are just WOW!
Its really beautifull and worth being seen. I remember going to it every year since baby, I think. Unfortenaly I couldn't go this year because I had work boo, so I was left behind, BUUT don't think I stayed home till it was time to go to work, it was too nice outside to waste it like that, so I woke up brushed my teeth, drank some latte, got dressed, took the bus and wandered around the city for countless hours with my sister's mp3.

Oh man let me tell you, the city was like desert no life soul was there, the stores were closed it was perfect, I must say it was truly wonderfull time I had, for the first time in my life I didn't thought about anything, anything at all!
Just wandered around with no destiny for countless hours while the sun was keeping me warm, the wind keeping me fresh while the background music was playing....PERFECT!

It was like I somehow borned once again, hmmm maybe not.... its really hard to describe the feeling you know?But I definitely tell you it was truly refreshing to the soul...

When it was time to go to work I was in a such good mood the ladies I work told me my skin was like shinning and that they missed seeing me with such bright colours, smilling, laughing, talking you know just like playing around, they told me I lost my colours since I've got sick, and were getting worried, but now they were happy for me.
Heh it was nice to hear that and honnestly I was really feeling well and still am, maybe not like yesterday, shame that today the sun got shy and it might start rainning once again, but you know it doesn't matter, I had a wonderfull day yesterday, which I can easily remember the warm of the sun on my face and the wind softly sweaping my hair, if I close my eyes. Nice isn't it? *smilles*

Guess I had something to talk after all ne?


I hope you have a wonderfull day yourself. <3

[ Edit: Oh and James if by any chance your reading this, you should be ashamed of yourself, because you should be studying for those exams, tsk *giggles* but anyway if your reading this I'm cheering you over here, you'll do great on them, gambatte and.... *shows a bottle of champaigne* =P /Edit]

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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Hey everyone!So I'm finally feeling a bit better, which is really not bad, heh I've miss being healthy again heh. Well life keeps going on, there's really nothing new to tell you guys, so yeah I'm just letting you know, I'm better still a little lethargic and coughing but as time passes by my body is getting healthy again, oh yeah there's still one week ahead for my birthday but I already got two gifts from two beauitfull people, my lovely kitty (Sephy) gave me such a beautifull card, I cried so hard when I read it, and Hinaru mailed me a cute orange and white box, my it was such a nice surprise, when the first thing I've saw was that cute box in the morning, I haven't opened it yet though, but I peeked!
Hehe, yeah I'm shameless, after all he asked me not to peek or open it before the day and I peeked ah but I didn't saw anything, it was too dark inside, darnish! XP

Thanks so much for the gifts loves, it makes me feel so loved and special, heh and I kinda do need to be reminded I'm still loved <3

Oh one last thing, Hinaru just graduated!Go congratulate [him]!Congrats once again pillow!

Enjoy the new theme everyone and I'll see you someday...

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Flu sucks!

Blah I need some pampering ;_;
You don't need to repeat this last part though XP

Rabid Fangirl Pose

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