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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

   Guess who's back in town...

Time of Post: 12:30 p.m
Listening to:”Will of the heart" by Bleach OST
Current mood:Exhausted but happy to be back =)

Hey everyone!
I guess I’m back, heh well not like back on regular basis but back for now (gosh I think that sound rather confusing lol). So how have you been?Good I hope. =)
Humm...I’m not sure where should I beguin this, so many things happened while I was away, most of it I forgot or its not worth to talk about, meh some of those things completely ruined my mood or just made me frustated.
Like a few days ago my drive decided it was time to depart, so it died with all the stuff inside, and whats make the situation even more frustating it was running smoothly a few minutes before, meh I’m rather relieved that the drive stopped running while my brother was on the computer or I would be hearing a lost of whines about it, well I still heard them anyway =_=’’
I know some of you saw me here and there this last few days, I could have update this sooner but really I wasn’t in the mood for that, I was still kind off pissed and disappointed about the drive, me and my brother thought we could like take all the stuff we had inside through another drive like last time, but we just couldn’t, I think the drive really burned or maybe erased everything? O_o
We didn’t lost like lots of stuff, because we’ve been burning most of it to CD’s every couple of months, the problem was we ran out of CD’s those last few months so yeah we lost all the stuff we were saving from those months*sigh* Oh well, its life I can search and do all the themes/new html codes/my story all over again, I just need patiente, which I don’t have much lately xD
Anyway like I promise here’s the little essay I did about myself, well its not that big or maybe the way it should have been, heh I’m not good talking about myself, because...I don’t know I think its...strange to do it XD. But it wouldn’t hurt me to do this cause in a few months its gonna be two years since I register here, (I just notice that after writting this, also did you guys notice I forgot about my one anny this year?, shhesh... I need to update my memory xP )
I think its about time to share some info about me.
Knowing or not knowing me all of you will be surprised with some of the info I’m going to share now, I know that after I hit the “add post” button, I’m going to regreat for sharing some of it, oh well...its life...hahaha
Anyway shall we beguin?
I call this....

[x]The Tale of Shadow!![x]

(Well its not really a tale and I’m not a shadow either but I like the tittle, so sue me if you don’t =P)


Real name:Catarina
Age: 20 years old (yeah even if I don’t act/seem like one lol)
Hair colour: Light brown
Eyes colour: Light brown
Heredge:Caucasian?O_o...or rather pale...xD
Position on society: Nerd, hahaha... just on clumbsy and silly society...hahaha...or maybe on Soul Society ^_~ hehehehe
Height: uhmmm I don’t know how to put it on inches or watever lol so I’ll say it in cm’s 160 cm’s (yeah I’m small xD)
Weight: Well there’s another thing I do not know heh so I’ll just say I’m not THAT heavier x]
Location:Portugal - Azores
Siblings:3 (Sado, Legion and Mitsu)


What can I say about my childhood?Well it wasn’t easy that’s for sure, I had health problems due to a doctor’s wrong observation.
I had a small allergy to something someone gave me to eat while I was still a toddler and the doctor prescript me a very strong anti-allergic which provocate a bigger allergy so due to that my Imune System got all confused and start to attack itself, I was on the hospital every 15 days, tough times, but my parents did all they could to make me feel a normal kid so I had many happy moments I’ll cherish forever, I’m forever gratefull to my parents ^_^

Teenage phase:
Hah the craziest time of my life!!
I finally start to get healthy when I entered the teen phase, my Imune System start working properly by itself.
I start playing soccer on 7º grade with my male classmates xP
I was also a very radical sport girl, instead of my girl friends, I climbed my school building over and over again also slide through it many, many times either, I joined the athletic team on my school, I learned to surf (even though I suck, haha).
I entered and discovered many caves here on my island with my radical sports group.
I can’t count how many times I walked and slept on the forests we have here with a group of students with my favourite sport teacher (he was hawt in his own way I mean XP), every time a new school year begun he always added my name in all those radical sports without asking me first, crazy guy...lol
Oh gosh so many things I did I forgot most of it, hahaha, but it sure was the best time of my life =D
Oh yeah when I finish my teen age phase I start having Aikido classes.

Good Qualities: ^_^

Uhmmm let’s see...I don’t want to seem like I bragging myself, so i’ll just add here what people say about me lol
I’m a nice, friendly, and ...cute person? Well its what I’ve heard so far...hehe x]
Oh yeah I’m also very, very stubborn lol

Bad qualities:=_=

Well okay I guess here I can say what I think its my bad or maybe worst qualities XP

Well the first thing that pops on my mind is I’m really stubborn so its both in the good and bad qualities since it can be a good thing but mostly is bad...cause when I put a thing on my mind no one can’t change my mind ever...yeah that’s why its so bad, hahaha
I can’t sleep with someone by my side (don’t get me wrong on this), its just I love to stretch myself on bed while I’m sleeping, many times I found my brother sleeping on the floor because I kicked him off while we were kids XD
Oh yeah I don’t snore, at least my sister never complained about that, hahahaha
I can’t stand still - yeah even when I’m on the computer I’m always moving around, I’m never still so it can get annoying, I admit XP
I eat slowly, I mean its not like I’m a snail or a turtle eating but I love to taste the food so I take time eating. ^^;; Oh yeah I don’t like to eat alone, cause well its no fun and I love to eat and chat, the food seems better with good company, don’t you agree? =)
If you find me alone at house, I’m always singing or talking outloud, I know its wierd but I’m not used to that deep silent (I live with 6 people everyday no wonder ne?) so I make noise to keep my mind at ease and because its fun x]
Uhmm what else?...well this is no new but I’m a shy person especially towards male persons, but when I’m with my friends I talk....a lot XD
I’m not sure if its a bad qualitie but I don’t sing while I take a shower or bath...surprised? xP
I get grumpy once in a month lol so yeah maybe its when the “hormones” are working to much hahaha
I can be really tough to beat on a debate, I know how to support my ideas and beliefs even when they are wrong and I know it I keep supporting them (I told you I’m stubborned ) unless your a a tough to beat on a debate or the subject is something real serious I can change my mind...
I find funny most everything, heh and sometimes if I find something really, really funny I can laugh for a looooong time...heh yeah =P

And the list goes on and on...I should stop now...xP

Most embarassing moment:

Oh gosh I had so many embarassing moments on my life since I’m so clumbsy and such x], but there were on moment that still today when I remember I blush..hard...
Ack do I have to say it here?I guess I have...oh well here goes, so I was on 10º grade like usual I was climbing one side of my school building they have those rocks stuck to the wall to help you climb it, some are really stuck and some are loose, just like on real life, so there I was climbing it with all the gear that’s necessary but I wasn’t wearing my sports pants, I was wearing my jeans ones, big mistake, I was almost reaching the top, I put my foot on a rock to make me reach the top, but it was a loose one, I swear that rock was safe they must had change it, darn so I fell but landed safe, I notice everyone was giggling even my teacher, I giggle along and started to say how I thought that rock was not a loose one, etc but they continue giggling, I didn’t get it, until later on I noticed my panths had a huge hole right in the middle of my butt...very, very embarassing moment...

Well guess its time for answering my dear friends questions =D

[x]( Shanny) what qualities do you look for/like in a friend?[x]
Hum I’m not quite sure what qualities I look for a friend, if I meet someone and we get along well it helps a lot, what I like in my friends its their individuality, their personality, their way to be so wonderfull towards me and their way to surprise even if we’re friends from a long time, someone I can trust and rely when I need to rant or just a shoulder to cry on someone like you =)
[x]( Teri)What is the most difficult conflict you ever faced, and how you overcame with it[x]
I faced a difficult conflict when I was only 6 years old, on one of my visits to the hospital I’ve heard the doctor say to my mother If I survived till age 9 it would be a miracle, it was the worst thing I’ve ever heard but what hurt me more was not the thought of dying was seeing my mother crying real hard when she heard that, so I told myself I would get better for my sake but especially for her sake, and I’m here now don’t I? =)
Thanx for asking me that Teri *hugs*
[x]( hinaru) What would be the perfect date (location etc...)?[x]
Hahaha...a perfect date huh? Let’s see... at the beach at night with a full moon, a sky full of stars with only a towel on the floor, candles, food and of course a gentleman....aww that would be the ever perfect date for the romantic girl I am x]
[x]( Shizuka) What was the best, most happiest moment of your life that you can remember, and why?[x]
Well Shizuka I consider myself a very lucky girl, because I had many happy moments that still today I can remember them, one that has a special feeling to it, was when my older Brother which is handy cap hugged me tight with tears in his eyes apologising for pushing me, I fell and it hurt but that hug made the pain go away, it was the most cutest gesture that I ever got today ^_^
[x]( Someguy) when was it when you really came to understand and figure out who you are? Like, when did you figure out what made you . . .well, you? [x]
Okay that’s a tough question, a really tough one, I’m not sure when I figure out who I am, I think I’m still discovering myself, I still get surprised with the way I act or think, though one thing I know for sure I grew up and start thinking as an adult while I was still a child since my brother Legion and I are the oldest and responsable for our two siblings, you of all people know exactly what I mean lol
[x]( DarkKiba) what is your favorite Horror Movie of all time?[x]
Oooh its the “Exorcist” of course, still today that movie creeps me out, I swear I get cold and pale everytime I watch it...its creepy and my favourite XP

Okay I think that’s enough for an essay, I'm sure there's many, many things I could tell you but it wouldn't be so much fun like it is to discover by yourself ne? ^_~
Ooh its bigger than I thought hah who would of guess I could do an essay about myself this big?Not me XP
To finalize this in style I’ll show you now the best or maybe not moment...

Well now some of you know how I look, hope you enjoyed reading this ^_^
Till next time,
Take care *hugs*

[x]Edit:[x] Oh I almost forgot, Teri, Tifi and Nessa I know I said I would come back the last time we talked but I didn’t, I went to prepare dinner but other things kept showing off so it kept me busy. Sorry. Hope we can chat soon again =] [x]/Edit[x]

[x]Shadow out[x]

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Monday, November 7, 2005

Gonna miss you all so much!!

Time of Post: 12:30 p.m
Listening to:"Not meant to be" by OST Bleach
Current mood:a bit sad since I'm gonna be away from here... wahh I already miss everyone *sobs*

Hey everyone!
This gonna be a quick update.
I didn't want to writte this down here, but I just don't have time to send private messages to all my dear friends, so I decided it would be faster to let you all know here...
I'm sorry but I won't be able to answer your questions you ask the other day, I know I was the one to ask that from you but something came up and I don't have time to writte the answers down or at least give a proper answer to all those great question you made.
I'm going to be abscent from Myotaku for awhile, for how long?I'm not sure, but I'll promise to pass by now and then, when I'll be back?
I'm not sure either, it may take some weeks or just a few days, I'm gonna do my best to come back as soon as possible =P
And when I get back, you'll gonna be quite surprise because I'm gonna do a full report of all you wanna know about Shadow, finally all of you will know who's the girl behind the screenname "ShadowLight"!!
You're gonna be shocked, so be sure to check it out *wink*
Till then my lovedoves you take care good care of yourselfs, and don't you dare forget about me!!x]
Keep smilling and laughing people!You guys know already how much I love you*glomps*
So farewell for now special buddies!*waves goodbye*

[x]Edit:[x] Okay it seems I'll be on tonight, so I'll try and visit who update and I'll be on msn if anyone feels like chatting for awhile before I leave *wink* [x]/Edit[x]

[x]Shadow out[x]

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Friday, November 4, 2005

I saw a bunnie yesterday...=)

Time of Post: 12:30 p.m
Listening to:"Ikky's song" by Saint Seiya
Current mood:Just wanna curl up on bed and fell asleep...

So as I later found out after posting the previous update my neighbour brought this chickens and rooster to his house Wednesday night, so yeah there was a rooster on the neighborhood after all =P

I'm in love deeply in love for....Kratos from God of War... what you think I was in love for?*giggles*
For months now me and my brother waited impatiently to buy this videogame but it was too expensive and our budget was always low, so we decided to wait till it was less expensive, so we waited and waited...guess my brother couldn't take it anymore so he bought it last wednesday XP, he didn't let me play it for one bit on that day ;__;
I could watch though but I decided it was best not or it would ruin the fun for me, so yesterday he went to work and off I went to play x)
*rubs thumb* my thumb hurts from all the pressing rapidly the buttons, but it was so worthy oh so worthy I played for 6 hours, thirty minutes and 5 seconds, yeah I counted...well my mom that is xD
The game rocks so much!!!Its the best mithology action videogame I ever played!!I'm telling ya, I'm so hooked that this morning I just wanted to play it...but had stuff to do *sigh*, I could play it now, but brother is sleeping, (he do nights shifts) so I won't do that cause he needs his sleep and he always get extremely grumpy when he doesn't sleep.
I so love "Kratos" he has so many combos and things he can do everytime I watch a new combo or way to fight against enimies I'm blowned away....wahh wish he existed...hahaha...yeah I love badboys who can seriously kick everyone (pardon me) ass...ooops, bad word, I know...*giggles*

There's this certain person that everytime we chatted he like to harass me saying about how much this game rocked and how he've been playing "the god mode" type, with the purpose to make me jealous....now I have it...*sticks tounge at the certain person*....muwahahaha...

I highly suggest everyone to buy it, its worth every dimme you pay for it, I'm telling ya...unless your a kid who doesn't have enough age to play it O.o...cause you see its a "grown up" videogame, and I really meant it, lots of violence, gore you know "grown up" things so do not play that game if you don't have age enough or well at least ask your parents if you can play it okay?
I don't wanna have the regret on my conscious that I made young kids play it...okay?ask dad and mom okay?

Ahem anyway what's more to say aside the "I frickin'love God of war!!" thing....uhmmm....nothing much....
Okay so I'm running out of subjects to talk here, since life keeps on going extremely boring, like you already have been reading lately I only talked about rooster, boost of energies, getting all excited about a game and all this really random subjects...lol, so I thought why not share with you guys things about me, ya know, you could like writte down what you wanna know about Shadow, her deeps thoughts about a subject or her most horrible secrets and dirty things...ya know all the good and bad stuff about me...except my credit card and bank account...I won't give it to you...though I have no money there so it won't be any usefull to you...*laughs*
So be brutal be mean just ask and I'll tell ya on my next post ^_~

[x]Shadow out[x]

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Thursday, November 3, 2005

   Dontcha wish you girlfriend was freak like me?...hell no XD

Time of Post: 11:30 a.m
Listening to:"Dontcha" well actually I'm singing it while I writte x]
Current mood:Energetic...bohyyya!*giggles*

"I know you like me"
"I know you do"

...That sound so egocentric, right?XP...hahahaha...don't worry I'm not turning into one, its part of a lyrics of a song I've heard and saw [on my rare moments I watch tv] on mtv a few days ago, I woke up today with this music stuck on my head...ack darn mtv and their mindcontroling-catchy music!!*shakes fist*


Moving along so what I have to report/share or whine today? [If you haven't notice I'm trying to be more active here especially on the updating part xP], so lets see...oh yeah I had a very strange waking up and wierd morning...
I woke up by the sound of a rooster today, now this isn't that unusual but it does get wierd and freacky if you don't have any rooster on your neighboorhood and you suddenly woke up by the sound of one singing?!? O.o#...then suddenly my little sister Mitsu jumped to my bed and start jumping and jumping and jumping like crazy on it while I was almost falling asleep again, yes it kinda provoque a small heart attack to me, though I am young and healthy so I survived...why she was so excited? Well she suposely wa so excited because the mailman brought her school books....I know your wondering how can a young teenager get so excited with school books...well...she didn't had any schoolbooks till now, so my parents ordered them by net, they took some time to arrive..I know it doesn't explain the reason why she was so excited...aw well...I'm glad she is...*giggles*

Then after she stopped jumping and opened the box, I was to lazy to get out of bed, and I mean really, really lazy...then suddenly I have this boost of energy that I jumped from it, took a shower, brushed my teeth and hair and cleaned the house like mad while doing breakfast?Everyone was like "What the hell??" face XD
Now I'm dead tired...and lazy again...
So that was my day...exciting right?

[x]Edit:[x] Oh yeah, thanx so much for the compliments about my new layout, wallpapers and such, you guys are the best!!*hugs*
Oh and soon the comments about your comments will return and my storie as well, sorry for stop sharing it with you guys though...[x]/Edit[x]

[x]Shadow out[x]

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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

   Sleepy, sleepy...

Time of Post: 10:30 a.m
Listening to:"Its good to be in love" by Frou Frou
Current mood:Good yet sleepy *yawns*

Isn't it so strange that after you had an exciting day, the next seems so dull? XP

We have this tradition that on November first is the "Saints" day , its basicly going to the cemitery and remembering the ones you have lots, there's mass and people bring flowers, chat with people, you know basicly remember the ones that deceased...so me being as a wuss I am I don't like to go there, I mean that place creeps me out for some reason o.O, yeah you can laugh about that, but european cemeteries are not that enjoyable like American ones, we have this big statues and plaques, not the pleasent green grass kinda way, its really creepy =.=#, but mom asked so I went, its also quite hard for me because when I get there I get pretty sad because as time passed by I lost friends, dear family members..I have so many there [young and old people mostly young ones], is just so hard to see their pictures...I miss them so much that it hurts so much that I can't help but to cry hard...I didn't wait for the mass though, don't get me wrong I do believe in God and everything but I'm not a very religious person, yeah this might surprise you and maybe change the idea you had about me, though I'm not a disbeliever, I DO believe in God in all its glory, I just don't believe much on the Catholic teaching...I always have this big debate everytime someone pushes up this particular subject with my father, its fun cause we try to defend our point of view, sometimes my mom has to interrupt us x]

Anyway moving along, yesterday evening was pretty fun, I chatted with old friends [you know how you are *wink*] and I was lucky since one person called [x]Mr.Grin[x]got on and we chatted for awhile =D, shame I got to signed off after awhile but it was good to chat with this person nonetheless ^_^
Now if only [x]Mr.Ninja[x] was on for awhile would be rather awesome cause we don't talk for quite awhile now...rather than that it was a good way to end the day ^_^

[x]Edit:[x] I also changed my theme, add new things on it and yeah now I have the "no right click button" =P
Check it out and tell me what you think, new ideas are acceptable x]
Oh yeah also check my wallpapers and e-cards I've been doing them lately, so I also want your opinion on that, with that I bid you farwell with advance thank you! =] *hugs* [x]/Edit[x]

[x]Shadow out[x]

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

   I can be a nun but I do evil plottings...fear me cause I am evil....muahahahahaha...x]

Time of Post: 10:30 p.m
Listening to:"Because I'm a girl"
Current mood: Delighted

Ack!Sorry for updating so late, bro was on the computer most of the day, I only had a small amount of time in the morning to visit and comment some, I’ll go visit the rest of you after I finish this =)
Anyway I’m sure you guys wanna hear how was my halloween, it was fun, fun, fun!
Yep it was, since you guys supported me to dress as a “Madre” I dressed as one…well sort off…it looked a bit more like a very tricky-sexy nun…hahaha

As I walked to my job interview I didn’t know how could I dress as one since I was pretty sure I didn’t had all the things I would need, so I focuse more on the few kids that we’re going to pass by my house later to ask for candy, I start to mentally plot my evil plan…*evil grin*
Oh yeah about the interview well lets just say it didn’t runned that well in fact it was a tremendous disaster though this time it was not my fault! I won’t tell you the details about it, I'll only say that the guy was a very abnoxious-sick-horrible bastard…

Anyway, so after that very unpleasent interview I was really pissed, but I decide that that guy weren't going to ruin my halloween night!So I shove it from my mind and start buying the supplies I needed to my evil plot…I enter this very cool store that has only things for parties and festivities, I bought there some fake jelly rats, men those things are so gross to touch it was perfect for my plan, and a big recipient which contained inside fake blood and eyes balls, let me tell you those things look so real, that for a moment I thought they were and they somehow enoxiated(sp?) me…PERFECT!
I got home all soaked due to all the rain it was falling, but happy with what I was going to do*grins* I boiled some spagheti only the pastry (you’ll guys will understand why ahead), well basicly I put all the things I bought, the jelly rats, the blood and eye balls, the boiled spagheti and the actual candies (they were inside of small plastic bags] inside of a recipient with a hole for the kids hands, I shake it very well…and PRONTO!

Now it was time for the evil Nun to emerge…hehehe....
Though I had to first help my sister get dressed, she loves Hinata from Naruto, so she wanted to dress like her, it wasn’t hard to find clothes to match with Hinata ones so she was pretty happy with that…she was sooo cute with the headband and everything ^_^….then I started to wonder how would I do my clothes… while I was still thinking of a way to actually do that, sister shows up with a huge and I mean huge dark blue sheet, I asked my mother if I could use it, she said yes.
Basicly what I did was do a whole on the middle of it for my head, I used my Aikido belt around my waist to make it more fit or else I would look like a baloon xD
I cut a bit of the sheet to use on my head, but it was always falling so I pick up a white ribbon and wrapped around my head with a finishing touch…a left lace…hey I could be a nun but at least a nun who likes to look good yo! xP
My sister asked me if she could do my make-up since I did hers, I said yes, she was so happy for doing it…big mistake though lol…my nun sure was trying to look good…hahaha
She used a very red lipstick for my lips (I only use that lipstick to make false wounds look real) she also use it to make my cheeks look pink…they look a bit more then pink…they look really red,(I'm still really red today XD) and a lot of dark blue shadow for my eyes( I only use for making my siblings look like real zombies) ….so yeah I looked like a very smexey-crazy yet drunked “Madre”
I was still in shock when I saw it when my brother Legion and his friend entered our (my and my sister’s) room, his friend was so surprised when he saw us, he suddenly said:
“Why not real nun’s and ninjas looked like that more often?!”, we all laughed hard after hearing that…
Shame I didn’t had my digital camera with me, my parents took it with them to this best friend’s “Goodbye” party, one of their friends is leaving to a new country.
Uhmmm I think my brother’s friend took a photo of us with his cellphone…I’m gonna ask him later for it….or maybe me and my sister dress up again and take a photo…we shall see ^_^

We were dressed up, now we’re only waiting for the few kids to arrive with our goodly candies, they didn’t took long to actually arrive…oh yeah SG’s is right some of the few kids had their older brothers escorting them and I did heard plenty of compliments about the Nun costume…hahaha…men and their fantasies…hahahaha
So the kids knocked and we opened the door, they wanted candy, “Sure” I said “You can have all the candy you want, you only have to stick your hand in this two recipients and take all you want to your heart content *smilles*”, they were happy with what I said, so they proudly stick their hands inside….their faces changed from a happy face, to “oh me gosh this is so gross”, to panic, when they took off their hands and saw all the blood and eyes balls stick on it…they yelled and runned away...me and my sister laughed…We laughed so hard…Awww the joy...
So I say Do not mess with a crazy yet drunk nun and a cute ninja girl!!Cause we’re THAT MEAN!*evil grins*

Now if only I had a [Evil Mr.Grin], a [Temari ], a [The ninja ] and a [little riding hood ] with me things would be a blast!! x]

Shadow out

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Monday, October 31, 2005

   Coul someone feed me?I'll do a trick if you do *giggles*

Time of Post: 11:30 a.m
Listening to:"Kanashimi wo Yasashisa Ni" Naruto second opening
Current mood: Hungry

*knocks on your door, tree times* Trick or treath?!? ^___^

*tummy growls* Blah, I'm so hungry yet so lazy to get up and do something to eat....I don't have noodles!Attention!Attention!!This is a major disaster!!Disaster I say! *in sumomo voice*


I so need my noodles to have a proper life ;___;...
*tummy growls again* Oh shut up dammit!...
Ahem...anyway so yeah I've been lame lately didn't update for like almost a week buuut I did visit everyone who update!So yay for me, still I have all those gb entries to reply back...meh I really don't feel like doing that now...gee I'm such a lazy bum sometimes XP
Heh...but I'll do that once this lazyness go away, now I'm just enjoying it very much.
So today is halloween righ? I think this is such a good day to dress up as someone else and eat free candy to your heart content...though...where I live people don't celebrate it that much...just one or two kids walk by and ask... no one (old people like me) really dress up and wonder around the streets...this is so lame...silly silly people...if I dress up and do that everyone, especially the old people will think I lost my mind completely...since I've heard I'm called "Madre" by the old people O.o...well you see "Madre" in portuguese means sister you know the white and black women who decide to take the Lord word and live on a Monestery?Yeah they call me like that because I live close to a priest...go figure...I laughed really hard when my sister told me that an old woman asked how I was doing and said when I was going to the monestery, then I got a bit annoyed by it, because living close to a priest doesn't mean your gonna be a "sister", but heck I think its tradition or something...though me and my sister laugh really hard when she calls me like that, because we all know I'll never EVERbe a good "sister", heck if only they knew how much crazy things I do, and I swear when I get hurt and other things, they will change their minds completely...*laughs*
Silly old people...uhmmm I don't know what to dress up though...maybe I wear "Madre" clothes and go outside and scare the old people xDDD....men I'm so mean...*giggles*
Gosh...I'm desperatly hungry...I'm even trembling I should eat something before I get sick or something x]

Hope you guys have a halloween full of candy aaand have lots and lots of fun!!*trows candies*

Silly question of the day asked on a job interview :Okay no silly question today since it was weekend and I had no interview xP

My comments about your comments
Oooh I can't do this now, sorry guys I have a job interview they called just now, I think I finally got lucky w00t, wish me luck pleeeease!!*crosses fingers*

Shadow out

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Time of Post: 07:30 p.m
Listening to:"Getsumei Fuuei" by Twelve Kingdoms
Current mood: Better

First of all I want to Thanks everyone's comment yesterday, all your help and your sweet words helped my mood get lighter...what would I do without you guys? *hugs* =]
Yesterday I wasn't completely honnest with you and I wasn't really on myself if you get me lol, I know my rant was all about the overthinking thing but there's reasons beneath. Old reasons keep coming back or new reasons shows up... like I said before I'm a very complex person in terms of feelings and how to handle with them.
I kinda "acumulate" all the bad karma inside, and you know, it eventually has to get free...lately is getting out much more times then it usually did...I'm sorry you guys have to always been drag into it, but hey you haven't seen my poor diary yet, is the one who really suffers x]
Seriously now, I am sorry...I shouldn't let my feelings get out like that, its not your fault that I'm not sleeping or I'm having this or that problem, I know one part of the friend's "job" is to hear and help another friend with his or her problems...still I feel I shouldn't do that because when I do I end up hiding the real reasons...its not that I don't trust you...I don't know how to rant and I end up acting or saying stupid stuff...lol...though it was quite funny 'cause I made everyone think about the "White and pink toillet paper" dillema...*giggles*
Oh and SG I followed your advise I finally fell asleep listening to Final Fantasy songs...I waste all the batteries though...*giggles*... dad's not happy with that...it was his batteries...opps... x]

Silly question of the day asked on a job interview :What's your best qualities?And your worst?
Okay I know this one doesn't sound that silly but think with me, if you go to a job interview and you desperaly want money to buy stuff and they ask you that, would you lie or be honnest?
C'mon you'll definitely gonna add more onto the good qualities rather than the worst ones or maybe you don't even fill the worst ones...right?So why bother and ask that?>.>''

My comments about your comments
Well everyone gave their advise and their warm words only to help me... I'm really thankfull... from all my heart thank you!*bows* Love ya all *hugs*

Shadow out

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

   Would someone shoot me on the head??...Thanx...

Time of Post: 04:30 p.m
Listening to:"Hear me out" by Frou Frou
Current mood:Bleh-ish, Annoyed, grumpy, stupid, worthless... you name it...

[Be advised this is a rant (well mostly whining) of a silly girl who didn't slept much due to over-thinking, viewer description is advised]
What's wrong with me?!What the HELL is wrong with me lately?!?!I've been thinking all day long, and I mean frickingthinking EVERY BLOODY DAY AND NIGHT!! For those who still doesn't know me a advise for you, new people if your reading this, pleeeeeease stop 'cause I don't want to scare you guys before I really let you see how good person I am xP for those who know me well you guys know how I am so...its not like you guys will get surprised by this xP
Thinking is normal but not like you think nonestop 24 hours a day!
I mean my brain doesn't stop thinking and wondering about everything and anything, even Absurde/stupidy/abnormal things...like yesterday I passed by the bathroom and I looked inside, pretty normal so far, when I layed my eyes on the toilet paper I begun to wonder why toilet paper only has two colours (white and pink) the most normal one is white, and I really wonder why we only have those colours for it, why not other ones, like blue, or grey...why it has to be white or pink?!
At night I visualize what I did the entire day, and I mean THE ENTIRE DAY!! What I did, said what I did not did or said, what should I had said or did, should I have acted that way or should I somehow tried to avoided it or acted diferent, gosh I can't rest!My brain won't shut down and silent itself letting myself fell asleep...I'm tired...my body is lethargic...I still feel bleh-ish (more then before) and my stupid brain won't shut up!!*sigh*
I follow everyone's advise, Blackwings-san advise which was keep myself occupied with something that way I don't let myself overthink, I start to draw which I love the most then I started to wonder why I was doing that... I also followed Someguy-kun advise "Given time anything is possible" so I told myself somehow my stupid brain will stop doing that....but still I can't help to feel annoyed by it *sigh*

Maybe all of this is all due to stress and...well...I was so used to study everyday exercise my brain with you know school stuff, I worked real hard those last years to have great grades and somehow my brain got used to that routine...and now he miss it so much that he tries to occupy himself with anything and everthing he can finds!!
Gosh...even my body is silly x]....[/Rant is over]

*breaths deep*
O-kay!I feel much better...
Anyway aside that, life is still going with up and down moments...and I'm still waiting for jobs calls *sigh* but I did watched CCS movie, its cute...at least I heard Sakura real voice which was quite pleasent better then the annoying Portuguese version >.<
I know I have other things to say, but I'll shut up now, the rant was enough for you. I just hope you guys don't hate me now...*shrugs*

Silly job interview question of the day:What's the thing you like more on this job? The money duh!!

My comments about your comments
Guys I'm sorry no comments about your comments today I'm to tired, I'll comment after I get some rest. Love ya all *hugs*

Shadow out

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Monday, October 24, 2005

   Bleach and Naruto are the best animes ever, I say!!

Time of Post: 08:13 a.m
Listening to:"Final Fantasy X-2
Wind crest ~The Three Trails~"
I'm on Sahki site x]
Current mood:mood swings

*sigh* Although I had a great weekend, today I feel quite...bleh-ish.....though wish I had the green tea ice cream now, I bet it would cheer me up a bit x]
Well I'm not sure why I'm doing this, maybe it just posting for the sake of posting xP
Hope you guys had a good weekend and a great week ahead! ^___^

My comments about your comments

Sahki-san: Its great, from now on everytime I go to a japanese restaurant I'll ask it x3

I just watched an episode, I knew what was going to happen since I read the two first chapters of it, but its sooo great to be able to watch it, that way I spare my eyes from reading xP
Yeah college student...its busy, busy!!Hope you find sometime to watch bleach and the movie serenity though, goood luck with your finals!!*hugs*
Aww...it sucks!Yeshh come here and I'll show you the best places we have! ^___^
Take care Sahki!I shall x) and you eat green tea ice cream too!*hugs*

Shadow out

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