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Friday, May 12, 2006

Shakey, shakey its so darn cute!Made my Sephy's babeDate:May 12, 2006
Feeling:tired/sore but so darn good.

Hello boys&girls!
Blaaah my body hurts immensily, darn you canucks [you know who you are] and that cute little anime "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" opening dance!!


[check Someguy's page to know what I mean with that, he has links about it there, yeah I'm way to lazy to do it myself xD]
Hehehe, actually I'm not this sore due that, although I have tried to actually perform those moves many many times, [in one of my tries I even trew a bowl of chips trough the air.... hahaha]....I'm almost mastering it though!Boyha or whatever is spelled!


But yeah work was really hard yesterday way to many people to attend too blaaaah...

Although I've got to revenge myself there hehe, you see this stupid guy was like talking to me on a very not cool way ya know, and he like let his soup fell from his hand while he was looking at me and gossip things and guess where did the soup fell?.... on his lap!! He jumped from his seat and said "HOLLY SHIT thats hot!", I laughed so hard but so hard I almost choked... he'll think twice next time.... I love sweet revenge *grins* x]

I swear I sometimes think I have some kind of power, I told myself before that happened "Jerk, I hope his soup fells on him somehow" and it did, its freacky I know...

...so yeah next time you try something with me be carefull or I'll somehow take my revenge, mwahahaha


Okay its official I've lost my mind, you still love me right? x]

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