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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

truly isDate:April 26, 2006

Okay so this will be a random post of random things that have been happening lately, some situations I'm about to ramble may help you in future situations but honnestly I advise you to run away and don't read it xD

So shall we beguin? =P

As you know I'm working, the place? On a restaurant heh yeah, so you know some people should be more polite while they order things, like I don't know more polite, I'm not asking to like chat with me or give me a tip after just be polite that's all I ask, after all I'm bringing your food, now if I was a mean person I would do something to your food, right?
We're there to serve that's right its our duty no doubt about that, but a smille and "Good evening" or "Thanks" its enough really, and if we're taking a bit of time to attend you just don't fret, its not our fault the bloody restaurant is full and there's like zillion people before you, keep cool we'll come to you.

In one of my runs to attend everyone I fell hard on the wet kitchen floor, I hurt my leg, that happened like two days ago...its still hurts.

And don't you hate stalkers? Like REALLY hate them?

I do alot, I hate guys that as much as we say "no", they think its a "yes" or "maybe", gosh if a girl says "no", its "NO", not yes or maybe, its a plain freacking "no" so those type of guys should stop harassing and leave the girl alone dammit!

You see, after work I catch this bus to take me back home every night [I leave work at 11 pm] and there's this guy whom I never tried to talk or even look at him, keep harassing me every freacking night! The first time he aproached me, I was nice you know, he said "hello" I said "hello" back and we had this very plain trivial chat, I told him I was dating, which I'm not btw, to be honnest he was really boring to talk with, and he was like using this very annoying soft pretended voice and he did said somethings that got on my nerves, in a few words I dislike his company.
I'm a nice person though so I kept chatting being very trivial and not allowing anything more than that, really I shouldn't had even replied the "hello" back to him in the first place, now he doesn't leave me alone! He keep trying to seduce me and gosh he even had the nerve to say to me, I could date him WHILE I'm dating this other guy I said I was!How dare of him to proposed that to me?!Like I was those type of girls!

I tried everything, first told him as much nicely I could I didn't want any type of relation with him, friendly or whatever, than got mad, yelled, been a tottaly bitch with him but nooooo he keeps stalking me!
I'm honnestly getting wayyyyy pissed with this, if he keeps going with this I might slap him right there!Damn, I hate guys sometimes!!

So if your a girl my advise is, be carefull to whom you reply "hello", if the guy seems to boring to talk with or you don't enjoy his company tell him right away, don't wait, and than just walk away, he might think your obnoxious or rude, but you never know what kind of guy you can meet and you avoid situations like this.

Alright I'm done for today xD
Sorry about this, but I needed to talk about it, mainly because things like this can happen to anybody so I'm just trying to advise or let you know my own experiences, heh I know I was a bit "bicthy" though which I apologise for that.

Oh I have shout to make, SG just finished school go give him a "hurray" shout [here].

And btw my loves thank you so much for the wonderfull comments and compliments, it makes my heart flutter when I read them *huggles*

Have a nice day everyone <3

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