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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

   Here's a lullaby to close your eyes

Time of Post: 02:15 p.m
Listening to:"Room of an angel" from Silent Hill 4: The Room soundtrack
Current mood:Stomach is a bit funny but its all my fault I shouldn't had ate garlic toasts XP


'allo people
Sorry for my lack of updates lately, I've been stuck to my Playstation2 lately, more than before...yes even more than when I was playing "God of War", which remind me I still have to finish it ^^;...so which videogame have been keeping me awake till late night or should I say early morning?
Silent Hill 4: The Room of course!
My brother gave me on christmas [heheheh I know if you think for a bit its a scary thought he giving me that game as a christmas gift since its all gory and uhmmm psicological disturbing? xP but I gave him hints that I wanted it] plus I'm having fun playing even though it sounds awkward saying that since its suppose to provoque you other feelings rather than happiness and fun...its suppose to make you piss your panths, right? hahaha..don't mind me I haven't been sleeping much lately only for a couple of hours, yes that game is that good although the storyline is a bit confusing, I've spend a good hours playing it and yet I just know so little about the main character...but every main character's and storylines of Silent Hill are like that...its quite an addicting videogame I might add.
Mmmm....anyway I'm not sure why I'm updating maybe I want you to go out and buy it XP but than I know most of you spent your money on gifts this christmas so I'm not like REALLY saying you to buy just TEASING you a little XP
Can I add and say the soundtrack is also amazing or is it pushing too far? x]
Anyway actually I'm updating to let you know that tomorrow I'll have something special up so yep you should check it out ^_~
*yawns* I'm gonna sleep a little... sweet dreams...

[x]Shadow out[x]

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

   Merry Merry christmas everyone!!*Huggles*

Time of Post: 04:15 a.m
Listening to:"Last Christmas
Current mood:I'm all teary now but so happy!!


Hallo peepz!!Merry Christmas-Hannukah-Kwanza!!*huggles*
I hope you're having a wonderfull time with the ones you love and Santa brought you all the presents you've asked for this whole year!
*hugs everyone super tight*

Its incredible on how good this red fatty old man can still surprised us, he sure did a hell of a job, he surprised me so much that I'm all teary now...I've just noticed really noticed that I'm one of the luckiest person in this world...
I'm surrounded by such a wonderfull beautifull people... I'm not sure if I deserve all the suport, attention, love and dedication this beatifull people spend on such a person like me, people like:
Badboy, Sunshine Lady, Botões, Mr.Grin, Bunnie, Twinkies, Cuddles,Nami, Lil'angel, Kioto, Sahki, Wings, Miss Kinky, Teri, Pillow and Kana
My loves you can't imagine how much thankfull I am for your love, support, attention... its been a year full of emotions and I couldn't ask better company to share and spend all those moments and emotions.
I feel truly blessed to have met you all and honnoured for you letting me enter your lifes and shared your friendship with me. I want you to know that each of you have a special space in my heart forever...I truly hope we keep in touch for many, many years so please let me share with you this new year all the love I feel for you all....merry christmas cuties!


[x]Shadow out[x]

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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Time of Post: 06:15 p.m
Listening to:"Last Christmas
Current mood:Wonderfull


Hello ladies and gentlemen's!
How's your hollidays going?Did you finished your christmas shopping?
I didn't xD I still have some to do...heheheh...don't worry I'll make it in time I just like the rush of the desperate last minute x]

Everyone calmed down on my house, my mother finally understood how wonderfull and yummie her food is and she finally settled her ideas, oh gosh I'm afraid those guest will have a big stomachacke from eating so much x)...hehehehe...

I went to the hairdresser today, sure not a surprising thing but gawd this year I litteraly land on a angels hands, this cute male guy washed my hair and did this incredible haircut I have now, shame it was windy when I got outside so its a bit diferent from when he finished.
He was so nice while he worked always chatting with me because I almost fell asleep while he was working because he was so I dunno the word smooth cutting my hair? xD Finally I found a good and nice hairdresser!
Heheheh...yeah I should had a better update by now right?Sorry but I don't xP...anyway Mmmmmm I should head back and see what you guys been doing and if I don't get the chance to come here and say this, I'll say it now...
Merry Christmas-Hannukah everyone!

[x]Shadow out[x]

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Monday, December 19, 2005

   Boy oh boy this gonna be a heck of a week I'll say...

Time of Post: 10:15 p.m
Listening to:"Saddness and Sorrow" by Naruto OST
Current mood:I've burned my hands, I'm anxious and stressing out why shouldn't I feel happy?x]


Well like promise the holliday theme is up and running I hope, because I haven't seen how everything is all together xP

Anyway... geeesh...I'm feeling quite anxious and nervous lately ~_~, you know a friend of my father from work asked my mother if she could do Christmas eve dinner for him and some guest this Saturday, I don't want to brag but my mom is an excelent cook, even the simple food she makes make you want to eat more and more it doesn't matter if you're full or not, you just can't stop eating... guess thats why he choosed her xP...so we've been trying this new recipies for the dinner and now they called back saying the list of guest have grown, we might have to make food for like 14 or maybe 18 people...O_o
I know it doesn't seem to much people but dammit we only have a kitchen a very normal small kitchen with only a oven....we're gonna need lots of pans I see..hahahaha...man my poor mother is stressing out, she's starting to doubt about her qualities, she's making everyone get anxious because we tried some traditional gastronomy and she still thinks its not good enough, everything looked soo yummie @.@ she refuse to accept its good...gosh I just hope we have every food done by that day =_=##

And on top of that I'm sooo behind on christmas shopping I still have to buy some gifts for family members and send other packages...oh boy oooooh boy... =_='''

I hope I survive this hollidays x]...if not...well it was wonderfull meeting you all...xD
Well gotta go...for those who are still doing their finals I wish you good luck! *hugs*

I'll try to pass by here a few days before Christmas eve =P

[x]Shadow out[x]

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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Time of Post: 06:17 p.m
Listening to:"Kirei na Kanjo" by Noir OST
Current mood:Goodly good xP


First I kinda need to say sorry to the friends I've chatted yesterday after I goth home from the party, I was a bit hyper and I didn't make any sense...Sorry.x]

[Edit:]Also yesterday was [x]Nami's[x] birthday go wish her happy birthday.[/Edit:]

So the party was super fun, I always have lots of fun there but this year was like 4 times funnier, my brother's friends did so many plays and sang Christmas songs, you should've been there it was sooooo cute to watch them doing it ^___^
I'm not a great dancer, I always avoid to dance since I pretty much suck XP, I tried to avoid dancing yesterday but they didn't let me, they pushed me to the dance floor and well I pretty much act like a fool there but it was so much fun! hehehehe
So yep I have to say this was the best party I've been this week, the two other parties I went was too formal for me (no fun at all) now I can't wait for my friends party, look out for 4 crazy girls hehehehe x]

Anyway thank you for the well wishes and for the wonderfull comments on my new theme, I wasn't going to put this up yet but than I felt like it, go figure x]...I'll put a christmas up soon, well untill I find a good christmas picture there is lol

Oh yeah did you guys notice next Saturday is Christmas eve?I've just notice that today O_o Time sure flies!

[x]Shadow out[x]

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Friday, December 16, 2005

   Ooooh gosh to much hollidays food make you sick...xD

Time of Post: 11:35 a.m
Listening to:"Deai" by Mononoke Hime OST
Current mood:Tired =_=#


Tree days have passed and I still don't remember what I was supose to talk on my previous post, a bit embarassing to say this x]

Boy oh boy am I tired yah! X_x''
This week have been quite fun, I've been invited to so many hollidays parties that makes me feel like some kind of celebraty xP
It sure does make you feel wonderfull inside especialy your ego, hehehe though you have to do something to take for this parties, ya know like bake something, I've been baking like mad lately O_o, I'm getting sick of cakes and all sort off hollidays food and hollidays per se haven't begun yet =_=##

In a few hours I'm going to another Christmas party in my brother's "Chad" school, what makes me happy is I already finish what I was suppose to take there, "Rabanadas" its a traditional kind of cake, its made with bread, milk, eggs, sugar and cinnamon, heh I know it might not sound too tasty but in fact it is very tasty, if we ever do a Myotaku party I'll be sure to make tons for you to taste ^_~
Blah its almost time to leave, I wanna go because its always fun that party but I'm starting to have an headacke ~_~...stupid sinosyties(sp?) =_=#

Well I hope you guys are having fun...at least a little bit, since most of your are doing finals...opps ^^;;
For those...Good luck!Gambatte!!*huggles*

Have a wonderfull weekend ahead! *hugs*

[x]Shadow out[x]

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Time of Post: 01:47 a.m
Listening to:"Gravity" by Wolf Rain's OST
Current mood:Overwhelmed


Did I told you how much you guys rock lately? Well you guys do and I love each and every single of you!A million thanks for all your support and cheering me those last days *huggles each of you tight*

So after the sappy moment xP, what I have to say...mmmm...actually I had something to told you but I forgot just a second before typing!Can you believe that? ^_^;;

*tries to remember for 15 min*
Okay...I can't remember so I think I'll continue somehow x]
Oh yeah...I had a wonderfull Sunday, I helped a adorable female puppy return to his anxious/worried owner, I feel quite proud of myself for that ^_^
Heh well since I don't remember what I was going to say I'll tell you what it happened
The puppy was on the street walking by in front of my door, she almost got hit by a car poor thing, I brought her inside even though my mom was telling me not too since she knows how I would tried to convince her to keep her but even I know I couldn't keep her because she's those dogs that gets really big and I already have two dogs (males ones) so if I keep it she eventually got rapped or maybe killed by them, so my good action towards her could become her death so I didn't want that.
I bath her and searched for wounds, lucky she didn't had any, she was soooo sweet, while I was bathing her she was sooo still and kept waving her tail ^____^
Then I picked up a warm and soft towel to dry her up and she fell asleep on my lap...I was sooo getting attached to her, seriously I was, I beguin to think of a way to keep her although I knew I couldn't, but I notice she was so well treated she must had an owner and probably the owner was so sick and worry, so after she woke up I got dressed and start knocking on my neighbours door (especially those ones I knew they had that type of dogs), lucky I knocked on a door and a lady told me the owner was so sick and worried because he couldn't find her anywhere, it was so hard to handle the dog to him though cause she was soooo lovely and sweet, she was always moving her tail and licking my hands...I was happy to see the owner so happy when he saw her but yet deep down inside I didn't want to give her back, heh guess I was a bit jealous he had such a sweet dog xP
Now I really feel overwhelmed and happy that I did that, she's with her owner now ^___^

Aaaand than at evening I chatted with a loooong time buddy till late night, heheheheh 4 am to be precise xP Man that was so much fun!! ^_^

And today I spend 4 and half hours on the postoffice, gosh I can't feel my feet, actually I can cause their hurting....bad! x]
But it sure was worth it. Hope everyone gets it before Christmas *crossers fingers*

Oh man that post didn't make any sense, plus I still don't remember what I was suppose to talk about it...oh well at least you guys know I'm still alive and kicking xP....oh yeah I might change my theme soon, I'm still wondering about that though =P

Have a wonderfull week ahead! *hugs*

[x]Shadow out[x]

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Friday, December 9, 2005

Time of Post: 11:47 p.m
Listening to:"The Story" by 30 Seconds to Mars
Current mood:...

I'm feeling physically and emotional tired today well to be honest I'm feeling like that mostly everyday.
The guilty in charge is nobody else than me, I guess... perhaps my parents for having this crazy ideas of renovate almost every place in the house x] (we're now renovating my bedroom), but that's just the physicall part, the emotional one is all my fault since I'm still struggling with my own self and the situation I told you about it in my previous post... is "on hold".
Everything turned to, I could say... normal as it can be with that person though I do want to talk about it but everytime I try this person just avoid the subject so I'm letting it be for now...

*sigh* Its been raining all day long every day, its too cold to get out and my bedroom is a mess... all that is making me depressed xP
I wish it snowed here...=P

[x]Shadow out[x]

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Monday, December 5, 2005

Time of Post: 04:47 p.m
Listening to:...
Current mood:....

Did you ever been through a situation that you truly believe you were only trying to stop the disagreements and restore good aura that surrounds the ones you love, but then you realize you were the one who unconsciously provoked all the disagreements... you're so weak that instead of solving your own problems, all your distresses, desperation, disillusion, provoked for these exactly problems you decide to start an argument beacause its easier that way to blame someone else, so you banish all this bad karma towards someone you esteems and has nothing to do with what is passing through your mind or heart.... you start acting like an absolute jerk...then you only figure what you've done when its to late...
A simple I'm sorry won't fix what you've done, it would be dishonest to even say that...but as someone used to say:
"Everything in this life has a solution except death, the hard task is how to find the solution"...

[x]Shadow out[x]

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Monday, November 28, 2005

   I wonder why Otaku won't let me comment...

Time of Post: 12:07 p.m
Listening to:”Nothing can be explain (vocal)" by Bleach OST
Current mood:Body is ichy and sore

Hello wonderfull peepz!
Opps...I guess I should be more active here huh?Last time I updated was days ago?...Opps x]
Well don't blame me, blame my house, a few days ago I've remodeled the hallway and now I'm remodelling the living room, its almost finished.Its a pain.Painting the walls was ubber-fun (like it always is x]), cleaning was not that fun =_=#, I always end up so tired that I can't move a finger so I lay down on the floor every evening and fell asleep while watching tv, now not only my entire body hurts, I walk, get up sit down, like an old lady...the floor is too cold and uncomfortable for me, what can I say I'm a bed confy person, hahaha
But its all good the living room is getting so pretty heh, maybe my next interesting thing to do as a update is a house tour and show to you all =), [I snatched this idea from SG, Vicky and Panda, heheheh XP]

Now onto my previous fun post...
Awww...aren't you all cuties? ^_____^
I must admit that I was quite aprehensive to show some info there, though that feeling was washed away when I read your amazing comments, I know I said this many, many times, but I can't help it to say it again, You are amazing, lovable, comprehensible, adorable, cuties personand I love you all so much!!*glomps*
There I said it =P
Oh yeah btw thanx for warning me about the cm mistake SG yeah I would like be a very small person it would be handy cause everyone could like carry me on their hands, backpacks or shoulders and the world would seem bigger than already is...Hummmmmm.... animals like worms, rats, spiders, all type of insects would look bigger too...O_o....okay maybe its not a good idea after all, hahaha and travis I'm 20 years old believe it or not *giggles* aaand my First Aniversary on MyO was on February, yeah long time ago, hahahaha
Anyway there's so many commments I got I would like to reply here but Otaku (or maybe my computer) won't let me see them not even other sites comments so I just replied to those by memory. I have a very short memory. So sorry. I really, REALLY apreciate each and every single of them I do believe me, and friends who updated yesterday and today I read what you wrotte but as much times I try I'm unable to open the comments box *sigh*.Sorry.
Aww man, I have some comments on my last post I still didn't read yet....geeesh this is seriusly bugging me x]
Let's hope Otaku let me open it on my next update.
Don't forget to wish >[x]Red[x] a happy birthday. I hope you have lots of fun today Red!*hugs*
Till next time,
Take care *hugs*

[x]Edit:[x] Nami sorry, you know why. [x]/Edit[x]

[x]Shadow out[x]

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