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Thursday, May 4, 2006

my love for you all is eternalDate:May 4, 2006
Feeling: Very sleepy/tired/sore *yawns*

Hey there boys&girls!
I know, I know I haven't been much around or even visiting lately AND I also said that next time I'd post I'd show you the birthday cards ne? I'm sorry but I won't show them yet, heh. I have so many to tell you but so little time, PLUS my free time will get even shorter now since the schools are all open for signing up for courses and I still have to do some papers to work, boo...
So yeah you'll see me even less here, except perhaps at night when I get back from work some of you who have my msn contact can catch me there =P

Bleh don't you just hate those huge lines with people moaning, yawning and belly growlings and everyone like take a step forward every half an hour? Well I do, its pretty annoying, but I do have my sister's mp3 soo it makes entertained =P

And don't you looove paychecks? I LOVE!Wish I could get a paycheck every week with the amount of money I get every month XP

Oh boy....I have to go in about 10 min, need catch the bus for work again booo, I'm still so tired and sore although I slept a good ammount of hours... 13 hours me thinks... Guess it wasn't enough, heh curse me for being up for god knows how many days till wayyy to late at night XD

soooo...yeah that was a quick random post brought to you by Shadow...


Have a nice day everyone <3

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